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The examination deadlines for you all college and school students are fast approaching. The time for board exams and other entrance tests are also around the corner. The school-passing pupils and also college-going  students like you are gearing themselves up for the academic hurdle. These examinations decide the future of your career course and also testifies the knowledge that you all students have received during your curriculum. After passing the examinations, it is also vital for you to decide on the future course of study according to the exam results.

As the examinations are nearing, you are busy with the last minute revisions. You must be searching for ways to revise your entire curriculum and make best preparations for the test. Here are some valuable tips for you to revise and make last minute preparations for the examination.

Photography      1. Make a study schedule: A chart consisting of your daily study routine should be prepared. All the subjects and their allotted time of study need to be chalked down according to the difficulty level and importance for the part in the examination. The schedule should be strictly followed and time should also be allotted in the chart for physical exercise and mental refreshment. You should also require an adequate amount of sleep to rejuvenate all the knowledge that you have gained in the day.

2. Try to remember the content in parts: There are some parts in the content of your subject that is very difficult to remember and has some complex formulae to understand. The best way is to write them along with learning as that helps more to retain the part in your memory. Writing writing an essay, it is always helpful to break them into parts by introducing, explaining and concluding the subject. Every big content must be divided in to parts for them to easily remember and retain for the examination.

3. Always take a note while studying: The best practice to remember the content while study is to quickly take a note of the part. Writing the text once will help you to keep the subject part in your memory more. Writing along with reading provides more impact and hep retain the text for more time in the memory. As difficult portions are always best to write down in parts to simplify them into segments and help to prepare for the final hurdle of examination.

4. Take a pre-test: Giving maximum number of examinations will help you most in preparing for the final one as you will be familiar with the pattern of the test and time allotted to complete it. You will feel more confident after giving each test and try to score better with every attempt. The test will also help you understand the portions that are important in the examination and need special attention. You will also be familiar with the question and answer pattern which will help you to crack your final hurdle.

VFX5. Always stay positive: It is always necessary to keep a positive mindset while preparing and giving the examination. Otherwise, it will have adverse effects on your results in the test. Along with studying, it  is important to have a sharp body and mind as that helps you to retain maximum knowledge in your memory for a much longer period. During the break, it is advisable for you to practice your hobby as this will rejuvenate your energy and help you to focus more on the preparation of the examination.

So, now you are aware on how to make the final preparation for the examination. While revising your subjects, what are the portions that are important and how best to cover up the difficult portions of your syllabus. You also are now aware that taking notes or writing will help you to retain the difficult portions of your subject and help them to retain in your memory for a long time. It is also important have a positive approach throughout the exam by doing exercise, eating healthy, taking adequate sleep and enjoying your hobbies during your break when studying.

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‘A’ for Animation!

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The article named Degree in Animation - 5 important things you must consider

There is a recent trend among animation students to go for degree courses in animation rather than private certificates from autonomous bodies and private institutes. Top studios and MNCs which are venturing into animation are only looking for graduate and post-graduate candidates for the companies as it helps in further career development and also justifies their job profile.

image of bsc animation courses in pune at VEDA These are the some of the important points that you must follow before taking admission for degree in animation or before considering any animation degree course from a college.

1. Eligibility: You must pass 10+2 to get admission in any animation degree. In addition to it the courses in animation are also open for candidates who have completed Govt. recognized diplomas of 2 years (like polytechnic, ITI, etc.). So check if your eligible qualification matches the requirement of animation degree colleges or no before you enroll. Some colleges may consider drawing or fine art background as one of the mandatory requirement for their animation degree.

2. University: You should always verify the authenticity of the university that is offering the Animation degree through its various study centres. Do go to the University Grants Commission –


UGC website

–  and see if the University is enlisted in the website or it is in the Fake Universities section. Private animation Institutes have also mushroomed in all the cities but they do not offer any value to the degree as their status is like an autonomous coaching class. Beware from such traps before you consider your degree in animation.

You can check the website of Colleges offering animation degree which are recognized by a U.G.C. approved university.

 3. Duration of degree: All the Animation degrees offered as bachelor programe are of 3 years duration. Similarly, the post-graduate degrees in Animation ( PG in Animation) are of 2 years duration. The diplomas and certificates courses offered by Universities are of 1 to 2 years duration.

It depends on you to consider time in hand first, before you choose your animation degree course.

 4. Curriculum: The goal of doing Animation degree of 3 years is to get complete knowledge on the subject and animation pipeline. The acquired knowledge will further enable you to go for higher post-graduate degrees in Animation. The subject of Animation is practical – based as the students need to work in studios after getting jobs. You must take a look on the curriculum offered in the Animation degrees courses. The syllabus should be practical-oriented with theory portions for only understanding concepts. Like our B.Sc. in Animation program the curriculum should have a perfect blend of theory and practical part of animation movie life cycle. 5.Fees: The fees in the Animation degree colleges includes the University fees and the fees taken by the respective study centres providing the courses. Students should go through the fees structure thoroughly and accept it only when it seems justifiable. Now, the students must have got a clear idea of how to choose a University recognised degree in Animation from Animation degree colleges. VEDA as an Animation degree college offers degree courses in Animation i.e. B.Sc. in Media Graphics and Animation  and post-graduate (masters) in Animation i.e. M.A. in Multimedia.

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The web has plenty of resources for animation students and professionals and also enthusiasts alike. Now, very few are resourceful and are just a Nuke      marketing gimmick of the parent sites. The animators need guidance in every step from learning, creating, marketing their work. Animators are also on the lookout for the right jobs for them based on their portfolio. For these specific requirements, there are very few genuine websites which are really useful for them.

Here is a list of the 10 most useful websites for animators  on the net:


11 Second Club is a animation competition website. It has updates and news of the industry. The website has over 1,25,000 members. There are resources for animators which will help you to create animations for the competition. generally, contests on themes are held in every month.


Animation World Network with the initials of AWN is one of the most popular websites for animation students and professionals alike. The website in visited by students, professionals, producers, ethusiasts and kids too. It covers all the sectors present in the animation industry.


Cartoon Brew is a highly resourceful blog for animation industry. It has news, events, film releases and related blogs. The website also features top animators, authors writing on the animation industry. It has extensions over feature films, TV serials, music videos and short films.


Animation Forum is the most popular forum for animators. With an existing 13,000 members, the forums have topics ranging for professionals and students. They have regular posts through co-ordinators and members with useful information from the users; for the users.


CG Society is the largest resource for CG artists and has the biggest forum for digital animators and artists. With numerous numbers of members and co-ordinators, this website works as a platform for portfolio showcase for professional and amateur digital artists on the web.


Big Cartoon DataBase is the database for cartoons on the web. The data is ideally synchronized and is available in yearly, popularity and creator parameters. The database is vast and has also many otherwise lost resources of the past. It also includes 3D, 2D and many other available mediums.


Animation Industry DataBase is the on the lines of Internet Movie DataBase, while the former is for the animation industry and the latter is of real-life action film. It has an authentic database including all the animation films in all the available mediums from all over the world.


Toonopedia of Don Markstein is the web encyclopedia of all related to cartoons, comics strips and animation. Founded in the 1999, the website has evolved as the digital of all things related to toons or cartoons. It has a huge database of books related to cartoons and animation.


CG Tantra is an online platform or forum for computer graphics and animation. It has included all the mediums like 2D, 3D, digital and also mixed media. The website also provides animation related news, resources, articles, videos and much more. It also has plenty of registered members.


All About Animation is the resource place for all things related to animation. It has updated in types of news, articles, videos, and film releases. The website also features interviews and guiding tips of top and recognized animators and professionals working in the animation industry.

© images of respective sites

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Gaming PC – A must have thing for Gamers

With the advancement of high-end video games, the games need a better configuration and features to give the players an ultimate experience. In, the recent times, there is a sudden surge of specially-designed gaming PCs and every gamer or gaming student and professional should have one. Learn and make a career in Game designing 

image of game designing courses in pune at VEDAGaming PC Buyer’s Guide

To know more, read this blog.

Top Ten Factors for Choosing a Gaming PC


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VFXAs a VFX student or professional, you need to know some points that you can in your work. Here are set of 10 points which will help to create breath-taking visual effects.

To know more, read this blog.

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Top Animators Did you spend most of your childhood watching animation on various channels in the television? Did the animated characters came to your dream and you wanted to be like them? Were your notebooks filled with drawings of these cartoon characters? Did you want to make animation films when you grow up? If the answers for all these questions are YES, then you are at the right place at the right time. Animation film making is your coveted field of study and you will gain maximum success and work satisfaction in it. But, before you take the final plunge, let us tell you something about the vocation and about the people responsible for shaping this art form over the centuries. As the famous animator John Lasseter said, “Animation is the one type of movie that really does play for the entire audience. Our challenge is to make stories that connect for kids and adults”; animation has the widest audience from young children to old people. We present you with a list of the top animators, whose works has M.A. in Multimedia Animation influenced animation that we see today.

Émile Cohl

Émile Cohl: One of the earlier exponents of the art of animation, Frenchman caricaturist Émile Cohl is sometimes referred to as “The Father of the Animated Cartoon”. In 1908, he released the first animation movie called “Fantasmagorie” followed by two more films “Le Cauchemar du fantoche” and “Un Drame chez les fantoches”.

Winsor McCay

Winsor McCay: He is credited to have been the pioneer of animation filmmaking in United States. Though, he initially found success in making comic strips, he gradually turned into animation in later days. Films like “Little Nemo” and “Gertie the Dinosaur” made in the years 1911 and 1914 respectively, became very popular in those times.

Ub Iwerks

Ub Iwerks: He is the UG & PG Animation Degreecreator of the most famous cartoon character ever-Mickey Mouse. Along with Walt Disney, Iwerks co-founded the Walt Disney Company. He is also regarded as the pioneer of using special visual effects in the animated cartoons. He made the film “Steamboat Willie” entirely by himself. Being a versatile genius, he also won two Oscars for his work in developing cinematography and visual effects techniques.

William Richard

Richard Williams: He is one of the famous animation personalities in the world. He donned many hats of an animator, writer, illustrator, teacher and director during his long career. Starting out as an animator, he directed Oscar-winning films like “A Christmas Carol” in 1971 and “Who Framed Roger Rabbit” in 1988. He also authored a book named The Animator’s Survival Kit in 2002 for all animation enthusiasts.


Peter de Sève: One of the most renowned animator and character designer in the modern times. He originally worked as an illustrator but went on to design characters for award-winning movies like “A Bug’s Life”, “Finding Nemo”, “Robots”, “the Ice Age trilogy”, “Hop” and “Arthur Christmas”. He also received multiple awards like Annie and the National Cartoonists Society Magazine Illustration Award.


Osamu Tezuka: Referred to as “The Father of Manga”, he is the inventor of the manga style of art that is today worldwide popular. He has worked as a writer, animator, producer and actor over his illustrious career. He worked in many films in different proportions such as “Astro Boy”, “Black Jack”, “Princess Knight”, ” Phoenix”, “Kimba the White Lion”, “Message to Adolf” and “Buddha”.

Ishu Patel

Ishu Patel: Regarded as an eminent animation scholar in the world, he has been training budding animators for more than 45 years. He has taught in prestigious animation schools like National Film Board of Canada and National Institute of Design in India. He also produced his own style and made films like “Bead Game”, “Afterlife” and “How Death Came to Earth”.

NIna Paley

Nina Paley: She is an independent animator and filmmaker, who have gained success in the recent times. A comic artist in the beginning of her career, she turned to animation and produced many films of distinctive narrative styles. “Fetch!”, “The Stork”, “The Wit and Wisdom of Cancer” and “Sita Sings the Blues” are her popular works.

image of bsc animation courses in pune at VEDANick park

Nick Park: The most famous clay animator of our times, he took claymation to a whole different level. Starting out as a childhood hobby, he made a career in claymation. All budding clay animators look up to him for inspiration. He made many claymation films but “the Wallace & Gromit series”, “Creature Comforts”, “Chicken Run” and “Shaun the Sheep” are popular worldwide.

Glen Keane

Glen Keane: He is considered as one of the most successful animators in the world. He is associated with all the famous animated movies like Beauty and the Beast, The Little Mermaid, Tarzan, Tangled and Aladdin. He has also produced and directed some animation films. Apart from being an animator, he has also worked as an author and illustrator.

So, you have learnt that animation has a long history and it has developed in its forms and styles over the years. From being just an art form, it gradually gained market and now is regarded as one of the biggest industry in the world. In the modern age, more and more artists are turning in to this medium and aspire to become the best animator. Different animation softwares are developed for high-end results and find answers to the wildest imagination.

We in VEDA are offering our flagship courses in traditional as well as computer graphics animation teaching basic arts, animation skills and related software programs. Here, you will learn all the different tricks involved to make an animation film. We also provide online animation courses in 2D and 3D using the latest software used at the industry in our state-of-the-art studio. We also provide training workshops in the field for everyone wanting to know: what is animation? There is a huge scope in this career of animation filmmaking and the industry is highly short of skilled animators. As one of the leading animation institutes, we wish to create the best animators in the country. Go to our Courses page, to find more about different careers in animation. Image © www.creativebloq.com

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Designing a Professional Visiting Card

Professional visiting card designs

For any working individual- one who runs his own company or a paid working professional; a professional visiting card is the first step at work. Any kind of business or job needs networking and visiting card is the oldest and most powerful medium. The advantages of having a professional visiting card are many. It will initially create a positive image of your firm and later help in connections with clients which ultimately results in more business. Making a perfect design and putting proper information in the Graphic Designing visiting card is necessary to provide an impact through it.

The rules to be followed while developing a professional visiting card are:

Doing proper homework
First decide about the outcome of the card and why you want to make it. This will work as your marketing tool, so preparations are a must. Many factors to be kept in mind while designing a visiting card like the quality of paper, the adequate size, making a proper layout, deciding on the color and text, putting a brand logo, using many suitable templates, giving out necessary information, some features to make it stand out and finally proofreading before sending them to the print. You should plan these steps properly and never compromise on the money as it will affect your business prospects.

Deciding on the paper
Different types of business cards are available on the market but you should choose the one that suites your purpose. One can choose among glossy-this is the most expensive and gives you a glossy effect. They are commonly used by designers and photographers. Next comes the matte paper finish which gives a silky and smooth surface. These are much in demand for their refined looks. Engraved visiting cards are the most beautiful but some also prefer embossed ones. The latest trends are the ones with textured effect which gives your visiting card, a complete new look. You can also go for the regular stock which are used in bulk and are readily available.

Taking the right measurements
It is important to decide on the correct size of the visiting card. Various sizes are present in the market and you can also have them custom-made to suit your requirements. The general measurements are done in inches and millimeters. Some standard sizes are slim which is 3.5” x 1.75”, then extra slim which is 3.5” x 1.5”. The square sizes are 2” x 2” and 2.5” x 2.5” and another size of 2” x 3” is also available. All countries have their standards for visiting cards. You can classify them as landscape, portrait, square and special cuts.

Designing the perfect layout
Layout of the visiting card should be made keeping in mind; the clarity and lucidity of the text and the design. You should remember than the main purpose of the visiting card is to have your primary information. It must be easy-on-the–eye and the clients should gram the information in just one glance. One should initially work on two or three layouts and then finalize the one that looks best. Another important factor is spacing and you should decide on the distance between the logo and the text.

Selecting the appropriate colors
The thing that catches the human eye first is the color. You should be careful and it should comply with text and design of the visiting card. The most common colors used are pink, gray, green, blue and purple. One can use different shades of them and more to suit the purpose. It is appropriate to use color that matches your logo to give a complete look to the visiting card. Colors used is finally viewed in through printing-the different sets that are generally used are one-color, two-color and four-color.

Graphic Designing Making an eye-catching logo
For any company or organization- having an appropriate logo is mandatory. The logo works as a symbol or brand for the firm. You should work on the logo to make it as effective as possible. The logo should combine pictorial and tagline that defines the company. The designs should be intricate and clear and can be easily understood with the naked eye. Different color combinations can be used to make it colorful such as single, double or many colors. Lucid fonts should be used that compliments the logo.

Using available templates
To make your work easy- various kinds of visiting card templates that represent specific industries and are made to cater to the target audience are available. You can get some for free and many high-end templates can be bought online. You can get a huge bunch of them just by searching them on the internet. The popular ones are custom-made for the corporate, health, media, sports, entertainment, art and design. They are made in different color schemes that should the nature of their work. There are many design firms that make professional visiting card according to your needs.

Some value additions
Your visiting card should have something to give it a different look and some additional features to make it stand out among other cards. One could think of many options that can be added like getting a perfect tagline to represent you work, a photo that goes with the logo, using the back side of the card, getting your social networking links. You can also add some value to it by adding some information needed for your clients and make the visiting card in various shapes of key-holder, pen-stand and scale to make it more purposeful. The shape of your visiting card should define the brand it represents.

Checking for mistakes
This is the step that most people ignore and pay the price for that. Before sending you business card for print- one should check the list. Thorough proofreading for any grammatical and spelling errors; checking the correct logo, text and other images are included and finally the all the printed portion are well within the designated area. Wrong printing will result in financial loss and the purpose for visiting card of reaching the right client though networking will not be served as wrong information is printed on the visiting card.

Giving it a professional look
The easiest way to give your visiting card a professional look is to get it done by experts. They will charge a minimal fee for a top class output. You can see other visiting cards to get an idea about the same. One should never try to get the visiting cards in cheap as it will not serve the purpose of helping your business grow in the long-run. Foundation of art You should also remember to distribute you visiting card through proper marketing and professional meeting and not give it to just anyone.

After knowing so much about visiting card, you must have thought of making a professional visiting card for yourself. But the different formats for visiting card and the designs used for creating the best business cards should be learned. There are various techniques and programs available to help you make the best business card. We at VEDA can teach you all the styles and tools necessary for them and tell you about graphics and different design principles needed to make a logo, brochure, letterhead along with the visiting card.

To learn more about design and graphics, go to our Courses page.

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Top Animation Portfolio sites, you must see

Digital Painting: All You Wanted to Know About It

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For any creative person, the portfolio is his creative self. Without it, they do not exist. So it mandatory for any creative individual to create an unique portfolio including their best work; to help them get a job or to reach the clients. The portfolio should be attached with a nice resume to give a complete outlook about yourself.

image of bsc animation courses in pune at VEDANow you can create your own website to display your portfolio but can also opt for cost effective online sites which are specially designed for displaying portfolio. They also give you the opportunity to network your job among your colleagues and get the required net traffic which would otherwise never reached your personal website. Some also help you to host your websites on their portals.

So, here is list of the top 10 online animation and design portfolios on the net:

Top animation Portfolio sites

CG Hub is the most popular portal for computer graphics artists. It is an online place to share creative work that ranges from animation, concept art, games, illustration, games, 3d graphics, etc. Numerous tutorials and tips are also shared among its community members to help them build a better portfolio needed to be part of this entertainment industry.

Portfolio Websites

CG Tantra is the biggest online forum for animation and graphics artists in India and the subcontinent. Topics like visual effects, gaming, digital art and animation is discussed in its forums. Portfolios are shared with the industry experts and they organize regular seminars to discuss about the future of the animation and visual effects in entertainment.

Animation Portfolio websites

CG Society is the online platform for digital artists from around the world. Online contests and jobs are posted regularly to help the community. Members also share their upload portfolios to get it evaluated. Though it is popular among digital artist, it has valuable resources for animators, gamers and special effects artists.

Animation Portfolio websites

ZBrush Central is a computer graphics modeling and sculpting community online. It is supported by Zbrush, which along with Mudbox are the most popular 3d sculpting and modeling programs available. Members share their work done in the Zbrush software and share tips and tutorials to help them get better in the art.

Animation portfolio websites

Deviantart is the largest online community for art enthusiasts. Artists exhibit their works in many categories like photography, traditional art, digital art, literature, flash, filmmaking, animation and many more. Additional features like resources, tutorials, journals, portfolio, polls and groups are also provided in the portal.

Animation Portfolio websites

Behance specializes in providing online portfolios to different users to suit their requirements. It is mainly used by creative professional s to share their work and display them for their clients to see. It has also collaborated with some art and design schools to create online galleries for the work of their students.

Animation Portfolio websites

Krop is one of the largest online platforms for animation artist and design professional. They can upload their portfolios and resumes. It also has a dedicated job portal and blog to help the community members in networking their work and reach to the clients in an effective manner. It caters to fields like photography, animation and motion graphics, etc.

Animation Portfolio websites

Carbonmade is the largest online design portfolio platform where users can upload their portfolio and resume. Though it was initially aimed at graphic designers, it has become popular among illustrators, web designers, products designers and photography professionals. Users can get custom-made portfolios to suit their choice of work.

Animation Portfolio websites

Cargocollective was created with the aim of providing a platform for creative professionals to display their work. It helps to create an online portfolio and resume matching the clients’ requirements. You can also host your personal website and get the requisite networking with other professionals and get their valuable feedbacks to improve your work.

Animation Portfolio websites

Youtube is the largest video-sharing website in the internet. An user can register and create a profile where they can upload their work. It is used by everyone from students to entertainment companies to display their work. All creative professionals use the medium to reach their audience like animators, graphic s and visual effects artists.

Now, you can choose which will suit your requirements and post it there. But, before you upload your portfolio, you need to create an appropriate portfolio to catch the viewers’ eye. For that you need guidance.

We at VEDA will guide you in creating an animation portfolio. As a top multimedia and visual effects institute; our students create portfolios in graphic design, website design and visual effects also. We will guide you through the entire process of planning, creating and displaying your creative content in an easy and effective manner.

So, don’t think much and enroll in many of our Courses to walk out with the best portfolio.

© images of respective sites

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Be a better animator
Practice, Practice, and go on practicing…

However I should add one more point, ” Winners don’t do different things, they just do things Differently.” That’s the secret..

This is the golden advice any mentor can give any aspiring animator. Learning has no age, no easy way but however a smart way can be followed. The quickest way to improve your skill is to practice.

VEDA is giving you set of exercise which you can flow to be a better animator than others in less possible time.. Master those & you are all set to be a world class animator.

UG & PG Animation DegreeFollowing are the exercises:

Level 1 Exercises:

These are basics of animation.. I know.. you might do them with closed eyes & your 2d animation faculties have helped you to master it but Do not discount their simplicity!

These are the principals of animation & all other animation principles are dependent upon them. They are worth your time and effort.

Remember a beautiful, big house has a very strong base.. So practice even if it looks too simple.

Here they are then:

1. Ball Bouncing in place, no decay (loop)
2. Ball Bouncing across the screen
3. Brick falling from a shelf onto the ground
4. Simple character head turn
5. Character head turn with anticipation
6. Character blinking
7. Character thinking [tougher than it sounds!]
8. Flour Sack waving (loop)
9. Flour Sack jumping
10. Flour Sack falling (loop or hitting the ground)
11. Flour Sack kicking a ball

Guys take it easy… slow down.. Remember having strong based houses last long.. if you really done with level 1 exercises.. Hit the level 2.. The exercises are:

Level 2 Exercises:

1. Change in Character emotion (happy to sad, sad to angry,etc.)
2. Character jumping over a gap
3. Standing up (from a chair)
4. Walk Cycle [oldie but goodie!]
5. Character on a pogo stick (loop)
6. Laughing
7. Sneezing
8. Reaching for an object on a shelf overhead
9. Quick motion smear/blur
10. Taking a deep breath [also tougher than it sounds!]
11. A tree falling
12. Character being hit by something simple (ball, brick, book)
M.A. in Multimedia Animation 13. Run Cycle

Take it easy guys, if you are really mastered these two levels.. hats off.. your basics are very clear now.. Welcome to level 3. The exercises are:

Level 3 Exercises:

1. Close up of open hand closing into fist
2. Close up of hand picking up a small object
3. Character lifting a heavy object (with purpose!)
4. Overlapping action (puffy hair, floppy ears, tail)
5. Character painting
6. Hammering a nail
7. Stirring a soup pot and tasting from a spoon
8. Character blowing up a balloon
9. Character juggling (loop)
10. Scared character peering around a corner
11. Starting to say something but unsure of how
12. Zipping up a jacket
13. Licking and sealing an envelope
14. Standing up (from the ground)
15. Pressing an elevator button and waiting for it

All done with that also.. You are now a champ animator, however I have some more to get you tried with.. here is the Level 4:

Level 4 Exercises:

1. Character eating a cupcake
2. Object falling into a body of water
3. Two characters playing tug-of-war
4. Character dealing a deck of cards out
5. The full process of brushing one’s teeth
6. A single piece of paper dropping through the air
7. Run across screen with change in direction
8. Sleeping character startled by alarm then returning to sleepy state
9. Opening a cupboard and removing something inside
10. Putting on a pair of pants
11. Opening the “world’s best gift” and reacting

For more expertise try using a very heavy character/object next to a very light character/object in the above exercises. Enhance the differences the weight change makes!

image of bsc animation courses in pune at VEDAThings to keep in mind:

A-) Reading these exercises will do as much for you as reading about push-ups would do for your physical muscles: NOTHING. If you want the benefit, you must animate them. Take a deep breath and just do it. Its for your own good.

B-) Do not forget: “You’re not supposed to animate drawings [3D models]. You’re supposed to animate feelings.” If a character isn’t thinking, they aren’t alive, and the animation has failed.

So feel them.. talk to them.. make them talk to the world.

C-) Keep it simple! There is no reason to over complicate any of these exercises.

D-) Do your best. There is no reason to do these exercises poorly. Give it your all. Don’t u want to be the best Animator!!

As always, have fun. Push ups are not fun. Animation is supposed to be. Be joyful in your work!

Image Courtesy: Google

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Steven Spielberg appreciates Indian animation studentAnimation student from Bangalore






A 19-year-old Bengaluru student was paid the ultimate compliment of his student life when on Wednesday when his hero Steven Spielberg wrote him a letter of appreciation after his own animated work caught the legendary film maker’s eye.

The handwritten letter of appreciation from Spiel¬berg sees him use the word ‘impress’ not once, but twice and calling his short film ”sweet” and “respectful”.
“Getting this letter from my childhood hero was such a shock,” said an super excited Krishna Bala Shenoi, second year student of Animation, who couldn’t contain his excitement.Video-Editing-Course

“Getting this letter from my hero was such a shock, I was shivering. My knees were wobbly. I am so thankful to Steven Spielberg for being gracious enough to have taken the time to write me such a kind letter. I am convinced that his goodness isn’t restricted to just his films,” says Krishna Bala Shenoi, Second year animation student.

The letter of Steven & the work of Krishna will motivate thousands of Indian animators & especially students studying animation as a career, to continue work with enthusiasm & make India proud on every creative platform.