Dumbo The Real Jumbo | Flying Elephant Animation Movie
By : Veda

Dumbo, the real jumbo!

We have legs so we run. Which means if we have hands, we should climb. And if possible, even fly!
And what if you had large, large ears like Dumbo? What would you do? Fly obviously! But, is it that easy? Well, to those who are gifted, and have large ears, this could just be a reality!
This then is the story of Dumbo, the flying elephant (or at least a baby elephant) who landed in a circus almost like being born there (you see, it’s the stork who brought it above the circus and promptly dropped it into Mama Elephant’s waiting arms!). Yes, to those wanting something badly enough, god and the universe too conspire to have them come true- even if it’s a jumbo (named Dumbo)!
But why the name Dumbo? Because that’s what the world took him to be due to his super-large elephant ears (yes, larger than normally large elephant ears!) which was also the source of all his embarrassing goof-ups which led him further down the stairs into complete ignominy. And what about Mama Elephant? Surely, she could have helped her godsend of a son. She could but then the circus where she was one of the performing elephants had locked her into one of the prisons not wanting her to instigate her son to do more inadvertent harm.
And what happens to kids where they are forced to stay away from their parents? They become everyone’s favorite punching bag. And the world does it remorselessly because they can get away with it. But then, as luck would have it, the elephant makes friends with a mouse! Yes, the large makes friends with the small. And it’s small which helps the large realize how large, large really is! Yes, the mouse Timothy helps Dumbo realize that the latter can fly!
We have given you a very, very brief excerpt of what Dumbo is all about. Given that the movie comes from none other than the best of makers of animations, Walt Disney, it is a given that the quality of storytelling would be awesome! Also, the voice-overs of all the main characters would also be very known faces like Colin Farrell, Michael Keaton, Danny DeVito, Eva Green, and Alan Arkin.
With a storyline such as this and a creator such as Disney, the movie would certainly be anything but dumb!
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