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The article named Degree in Animation - 5 important things you must consider

There is a recent trend among animation students to go for degree courses in animation rather than private certificates from autonomous bodies and private institutes. Top studios and MNCs which are venturing into animation are only looking for graduate and post-graduate candidates for the companies as it helps in further career development and also justifies their job profile.

image of bsc animation courses in pune at VEDA These are the some of the important points that you must follow before taking admission for degree in animation or before considering any animation degree course from a college.

1. Eligibility: You must pass 10+2 to get admission in any animation degree. In addition to it the courses in animation are also open for candidates who have completed Govt. recognized diplomas of 2 years (like polytechnic, ITI, etc.). So check if your eligible qualification matches the requirement of animation degree colleges or no before you enroll. Some colleges may consider drawing or fine art background as one of the mandatory requirement for their animation degree.

2. University: You should always verify the authenticity of the university that is offering the Animation degree through its various study centres. Do go to the University Grants Commission –


UGC website

–  and see if the University is enlisted in the website or it is in the Fake Universities section. Private animation Institutes have also mushroomed in all the cities but they do not offer any value to the degree as their status is like an autonomous coaching class. Beware from such traps before you consider your degree in animation.

You can check the website of Colleges offering animation degree which are recognized by a U.G.C. approved university.

 3. Duration of degree: All the Animation degrees offered as bachelor programe are of 3 years duration. Similarly, the post-graduate degrees in Animation ( PG in Animation) are of 2 years duration. The diplomas and certificates courses offered by Universities are of 1 to 2 years duration.

It depends on you to consider time in hand first, before you choose your animation degree course.

 4. Curriculum: The goal of doing Animation degree of 3 years is to get complete knowledge on the subject and animation pipeline. The acquired knowledge will further enable you to go for higher post-graduate degrees in Animation. The subject of Animation is practical – based as the students need to work in studios after getting jobs. You must take a look on the curriculum offered in the Animation degrees courses. The syllabus should be practical-oriented with theory portions for only understanding concepts. Like our B.Sc. in Animation program the curriculum should have a perfect blend of theory and practical part of animation movie life cycle. 5.Fees: The fees in the Animation degree colleges includes the University fees and the fees taken by the respective study centres providing the courses. Students should go through the fees structure thoroughly and accept it only when it seems justifiable. Now, the students must have got a clear idea of how to choose a University recognised degree in Animation from Animation degree colleges. VEDA as an Animation degree college offers degree courses in Animation i.e. B.Sc. in Media Graphics and Animation  and post-graduate (masters) in Animation i.e. M.A. in Multimedia.

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