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PAI International Learning Solution’s Students are an Asset to the Talent pool Of Talenthouse India reported by Vicky Todiwala In News from Talenthouse on February 4th, 2013..


The actual news is given as below:

Vicky Todiwala: This Animation College and Gaming Institution was founded on the philosophy that “learning by doing” combined with best industry practices is more valuable than years of theoretical study for Animators and Gaming Professionals.

Foundation of art PAI International Learning Solution’s unique approach to Animation and Gaming arts education is grounded in learning and hands-on instruction. Designed and taught by the animation and gaming gurus in Pune, India our courses erase the boundaries between Animation College or Gaming Institute and the real-world, teaching you the career skills you need to get a successful career and job.

Similarly, Talenthouse India also believes in giving opportunities to the Artist and Designer Community. Any designer would love the fact that his work of commercial art gets its due recognition and respect, that’s where collaboration with an Institute like PAI International Learning Solution’s becomes an asset.

Over the years the students of this institute have earned acclaimed and recognition via their participation through Creative Invites. The most current example would be the designing of Happy Dent pack. Talenthouse India wishes to see more creativity coming from PAI International Learning Solution’s .Till then dear students keep up this great spirit of art.