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Career in Video and Audio Editing
Videos and audios are an integral part of your life. Watching television and listening to radio are your favorite past times. There is also little doubt that media and entertainment are the most exciting and sought-after industry in the world. Every one like you has an inert desire to be part of this thriving industry. With the help of internet and advancement in video software, you must have tried hands in shooting a music video and short film and uploading them on the web. Modern mobile and smartphone have helped in exercising your hobby but to really excel in this medium; you need to have proper training.

A career training course in audio and video editing will help in realizing your dream. You need to know the professional aspects and technicalities before taking a step forward.

Something you need to know
Video and audio is used in a number of medium from film, television programs, serials, documentaries, presentations, interviews and so on. The art of capturing a video and later editing it to desired form by adding more sound or effects is actually what audio and video editing is all about. Tools required for video and audio editing are microphone, camera, computer with programs Final Cut Pro, AVID, Adobe Photoshop, Creative Suite, Affect Effects and Premiere. In-built studios will all these facilities are available in the training institutes. But, using any camera in your hand and editing the output in some software will never make you a video and audio professional. You need to learn the practical as well as theoretical aspects of it.

Video-Editing-CourseMany avenues for you
• Sound Designer
• Sound Effects Editor
• ADR Editor
• Music Editor
• Sound Editor
• Motion Designer
• Video Editor
• Video Production Editor
• Animation Editor
• Digital Editor
• Videography Editor
• Video Visual Effects Editor

Remunerations available
The media houses, film production companies, advertising agencies and visual effects studios are the largest employers in the audio and video editing sector. According to international labor statistics, there will be an increase of 11% in the next 5 years. Annual salary for an experienced operator can vary from $30,000 to 45,000.

Technicians in India are still an unorganized lot and have a huge difference in salary in respect to other departments in the industry. But, thinks are looking up for now- international studios that are setting up Indian offices are paying them according to international norms. There is a huge potential for these industries in the market and there is no stopping for the right.

Resul Pookutty, Oscar-winning sound designer rues that the situation of Indian technicians are pathetic. Nobody knows about their work as there is hardly any media coverage over them. But, he is happy being part of the changing scenario as more technicians are finally getting noticed and youngsters are showing interest in the field.

The market
Audio-Editing-CourseThe audio and video editing market is huge and has one of the highest potentials in the age of communications. Advanced gadgets and internet helped it to reach the mass audience. The only drawback that the industry faces is the lack of man-power and persons with adequate skills required in the field. Along with the organized sector, there is a huge unorganized sector consisting of video operators for wedding and other functions. There are many amateurs who practice it as a form of hobby, too.

InfoComm International, a trade association conducted a market survey. They intended for a growth of 40% for the western markets. Along with traditional forms, increase in demand from the corporate, IT and education sector such as advancement in technologies in conference room has seen to its growth.

As you learned about the big prospects in this field, you might be thinking to be part of this industry. To get the proper training for a successful career, VEDA can guide you In this regard. Being one of the biggest multimedia and effects institute in the country, we have trained many who have secured job in many national and international studios. We have the most advanced video and audio training courses where you can learn the many aspects to make a career in audio and video editing.

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Video editing is a rewarding career both in terms of creativity and monetary compensation. Video editors find employment opportunities in film production houses, broadcasting studios, and advertising agencies. These editors have an important role to play in creating the ultimate footage or film that is produced. Job of video editors has been simplified since the use of digital cameras for shooting. This being a specialized job requires you to go through a video editing course from a recognized institute.

Video-Editing-CourseChanging Profile

A video editor is responsible for the ultimate production that we view in a cinema hall or on television screen. Long hours are spent on viewing unedited versions by an editor before the final production is made. In reality, several shots are taken for a sequence keeping allowance for mistakes that might have taken place during a shoot. Earlier when films were taken with rolls, these editors has to sit literally with scissors cutting unwanted portions. The procedure was same for feature films, documentaries, television productions, and advertisement footages.

The job of a video editor has become simplified with usage of digital cameras for shooting. With digital shots, editing is easier as it is not longer necessary to use a pair of scissors for editing. Elimination of digitised portions is done conveniently without using any cutters. An editing course has likewise made changes in its training procedures. With usage of digitised equipments and advanced techniques, a video editor’s job though has become easier, has become more technical. Inclusion of sound effects is an integral part of a video editor’s job. At every level of editing it is essential to include sound effects in perfect synchronicity to a particular scene. Background score is also included during editing process of a film or advertisement production. This is essentially the aspect taught in a composting course. As video is a combination of sight and sound its editing involves thorough understanding of both.

The Beginning

Audio and Video Editing Course Video editing courses are offered as post graduate courses of at least two years. These are conducted by both government and private institutes. Leading cinema production houses and television channels also impart training in video editing. After completing a course in editing, a candidate ideally begins his career as an apprentice or assistant in broadcasting stations, production houses, and advertisement agencies. It is necessary to work as an assistant or apprentice for a considerable length of time for gaining experience. Experience is the key to become a successful video editor. With more experience you understand the intricacies and finer points of this trade. With talent and experience you could work your way up from an assistant to senior positions.

An established video editor also has the option of working independently. This allows you in working for any production house or broadcasting studio depending on your preference and choice. Advertising houses also offer exciting careers in editing, more so because of the online advertisements being made. These test the ingenuity of video editors to the limit as the target audience is focused and knowledgeable.

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It is said that ‘A sketch is an outline of something, the groundwork of a picture.’ Whether it is a live sketch or a basic design, it is essentially the foundation of the whole picture. Just as painting would be lifeless without any colour, similarly, the world of animation will have a loose foundation without sketching.

Animation is the display of a sequence of images of 2-D or 3-D artwork that create an illusion of movement.  The most common method of presenting animation is as a motion picture or video program, although there are other methods.

Current tools for creating animation are extremely complex. This makes it difficult for designers to create animations Simple animation systems exist but severely restrict the types of motion that can be represented. Animation is a popular medium for entertainment, education, and communication.UG & PG Animation Degree

Sketching is an interesting, yet a powerful element of the entire designing process. Sketching is like a road-map for your journey towards a good design or basic frame on which your great design has to stand. Any creative process requires a lot of thinking and re-takes. Though we have discarded pen and paper for digital technology, the former is still the first step towards starting any creative process. Sketching as a function has slowly shifted to becoming a polishing tool. It gives the animator enough space for re-doing, altering and creating a rough product on paper. The final touches can be then worked on with the help of our latest technology.

VEDA  is an institute which provides us with the Fine arts knowledge , with the help of our very talented Ratan Gaikwad Sir. These lectures are held 5 days in a week for about an hour. It helps us to improve our sketching techniques and skills.

The sole purpose of the sketch is to guide our creative thinking towards our goal and don’t let it slip around in different (unwanted) directions. Sketch after sketch, the animator  improves and reaches  the final and the best layout for its design. This is an essential step in the design process. Although, you can create concepts on the computer as well, but sketching on paper is more effective and less complicated and manually it is faster too. Sketching lets one get all the obvious ideas out of the way and helps deliver more innovative concepts. There is no quicker method for exploring multiple visual solutions than manual sketching. Hand-drawn sketches play an important role in the field of digital arts. The larger a project is, and the more concepts a client will need to see, and so sketching will eventually end up even in the commercial process of animation  What one imagines is also put up on a paper.

An animator is required to have a keen eye for colour  sense , size, proportion ,perspective and visuals and regular sketching practice is the key to acquiring these skills. Whether one can sketch well or not need not matter. However, any designing process  whether fashion, architecture, graphics, interiors or moving on to 2D- 3D animation,  the pencil and paper are still the most powerful tools today. Hence I conclude by saying that sketching plays an important  and powerful medium in animation.Foundation of art 

Saniya  Motiwala
{B.Sc (MA) }

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