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By : Veda

Immensely helpful tools For Freelance writers!

So you have made the decision to break the shackles of a 9-5 job and become a free-spirited freelance writer! Congratulations, it’s one decision if taken considering all factors in mind which shall see you grow in time. BUT it is one mode of working with its own set of immense pitfalls which need to be addressed well in time so that you remain committed to your cause and complete everything on the table, well in time!

One thing which has come as a great boon to humanity, very much including freelance writers is the digitization of means of communication and the world of internet, cloud, and cyberspace! With these in place, a plethora of sites and apps have come up using which one can not only save time and money but also increase one’s productivity immensely! We mention a few below!

The best of writers too need to read. What you read translates directly into how and what you write. The best of bloggers too have their own set of folks whom they look up to not just for the right information but also the style of writing and ways of presentation. Feedly thus is one place where blogs have been segregated interest-wise. Register and you get blogs on your subject/ interest practically every day. Read them and get enlightened without the worry of going from site to site trying to read the best of stuff. you see is an aggregator of news and articles which gets you all the possible information which figures anywhere in the world!


Enter the site above and the landing page says

Focus@Will. Reduce distractions at work. Music scientifically optimized to help you focus

In just a few words, it is amply clear as to what this site does. Music, as we all know, either distract or attracts us towards work. If you are the kinds who finds music bringing you into focus, register at this site. You are given a limited free offer post which you pay and avail the services. At INR 700.00 a month, it may see a wee bit expensive by Indian standards though. And the best part is that you can select music according to different times of the day and different settings of work! So what you get in not one size fits all! Your music shall change with your moods and work pressures!

For those freelance writers who need to do repetitive work, this site is a sheer god-send! Imagine if at the end of each article you were to write a lengthy “terms and conditions” and had to do it each and every time! Yes, you could cut and paste things but wouldn’t it be just as good if you could configure the same on a website and use it by writing just an abbreviation (like T&Cxxx!). You could do this anywhere on the globe give that this is a cloud-based application! For most writers, such things are standard stuff. So, this site can be of great, great use!

You were to Madagascar and this was the photograph that you got in the jungles there. What if you want to send it to a friend on the fly- right there with the action right in front of you! You could either download it from your camera onto your comp and using the latter add to the obvious ring. Or, you could transfer it to skitch, an awesome product from evernote and do the same right there from your camera – without the need to do anything else. And send it to the world right away! Cool, isn’t it! And this is where it comes in handy for most freelance content writers! Use it to make a point or to point out things which would be difficult to describe in words!
  • Keep notes with Google Keep!

If there is one thing Freelance writers do that is keeping lots and lots of notes. And they do it all the time in all possible places on all possible gadgets. Result? In the normal order with very limited synchronization, it means only one thing: CONFUSION! But now with Google Keep, you can make notes on a mobile phone, link it to your email ID and see it on ANY gadget anywhere! Not it even has a voice-activated avatar so that you needn’t even type stuff! As for keeping notes, it is one of the most comprehensive which takes care of all your needs- IN ONE PLACE!

  • Focusbooster

Freelance writers are notorious for slacking on work and then overworking themselves to the point of exhaustion when the deadlines are near. And they do this all the time. To keep up with productivity, write well and enjoy both work and free-time, a system call Pomodoro was introduced somewhere in the 1980 for software development. Over time with digitization and mechanization, the Pomodoro methodology has been adapted in the form of apps which guide you on how much and when to work and how long to slack. This results in a huge improvement in productivity and ends up helping completing the work well in time with enough time to spare for other commitments in life. Focus Booster is one such application for sure!

Original writing is something rare in the cyberworld and it has started to affect the quality of information available. To know if the article you wish to peruse is original or not, use copyscape to know before-hand if the same is original as it claims or not. You just need to post the article here and the next thing you know if who was its originator and who all have been using it!

What is the thing worse than copying? It is creating a poor copy with lots of spelling and grammatical mistakes! And folks do it all the time little realizing how it affects the quality of their work. Freelance writers, if you want your articles to be taken seriously enough, invest in Grammarly (the paid version of course!). It helps you check everything from grammar to sentence formation, punctuation to overall language quality. What you shall get at the end of the Grammarly checking are sentences and articles that folks feel like reading and referring. With quality going through the roof, it’s a matter of time before the famed Search Engines too take notice and give you a high ranking!

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