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By : Veda

Which are the best ways to learn the Pay Per Click ads?

For anyone familiar with searches on Google, there is one innovative feature which is also the way Google is using its enormous reach to earn it humongous sums as revenues. It’s called “paid ads” and could either be on top of all the lists displayed or on the side as a scroll-down banner. Either ways, what that means is that not every service of Google are generic and that these ads have to pay to be there + they are there ahead of the competition (yes, there is competition even in the paid spaces!). When-ever a visitor types in the keyword into google’s search feature, a list is shown which displays first the paid searches and then the organic ones. Google does not earn money for simply featuring the ad on a search. It earns money as and when a visitor clicks on the ad. Whether or not any further transactions took place is not Google’s look-out as it concerns itself to just showing the advertisement and making it tantalizing enough for the right audience to click on it.

Next, the question: How to design/ make relevant PPC campaigns such that it becomes successful? Well, from experience, there are certain things that can be learnt with respect to designing the perfect PPC campaign. In doing so, we need to do the following:

Understand the scope of the campaign as also intended target audience
Is it a sales campaign you intend to launch? Or is it a campaign to increase existing sales? Campaigns could be as many as the stars in the sky. To make the PPC campaign, one must first be clear about the scope of the campaign itself and who its intended/ targeted audience would be. A detailed analysis of both are needed basis which keywords search begins. If either/ both these factors aren’t taken into account, there is every reason to believe that the campaign will either not give the desired results or may give incorrect figures.
Do an extensive keyword search
Once you are clear about the scope of the campaign and its target audience, do an extensive keyword and keyphrase search which covers practically every aspect of the campaign- even if the keywords searched are not in the list of ones used frequently by the target audience/ visitor. In the keyword search, use long-tailed keywords not frequently used as they cost less in PPC campaigns. Also, situations and scenarios other than the usual should be thought about because clients may try searches in lesser acknowledged angles. For example, a shoe-seller can benefit not only from words like “tough shoes”, “leather shoes”, “black leather shoes” etc but also from words and phrases like “compare black leather shoes”, “leather shoes on sale”, “leather shoes used by school students/ office workers” etc. These increase the scope of attracting the right kind of visitors besides increasing numbers overall. Some of the sites which help you get the right keywords include,,,
Bid for keywords judiciously
As mentioned above, an important element of how to learn PPC campaigns is to identify and buy keywords in a manner which maximize returns at minimum costs. A mix of high-traffic words/ phrases + those which fit the need but have smaller foot print should be chosen.
Track the performance of the campaign vis-à-vis selected keywords and keep changing keywords as per need
You pay through your nose and still do not get the kind of traffic on your website that you expect! Instead of breaking your head, use tools like; to find our where things are and make relevant changes.
Be ready to mid-course corrections and higher payouts!
Campaigns, especially those dealing with sales and marketing may sometimes need some severe mid-course corrections, extensions and changes. Be ready for it both in terms of content and payouts. In terms of content, if the keywords search has been extensive as desired, there may not be much to be done. Otherwise, in terms of payouts for oft-used and heavily priced keywords, you may have to loosen your purse-strings further!
Have multiple landing pages that are informative and interesting, and in-line with the planned campaign!
A great PPC campaign may result in a lukewarm visit to your website over time if the latter is not informative enough or perceived as being boring or not visitor-friendly. If the feedback to the same is to this effect, change things drastically- and fast. Also, have multiple landing pages so that your visitors do not go to competition. Otherwise the whole purpose gets defeated.

Speak with the experts and ask for help where need be
Pune abounds with the best digital agency for the best PPC campaigns. If the efforts seem formidable or you are inexperience or the scope of your PPC campaign seems vast, visit Pune’s top digital marketing agencies for the right kind of help in every sense, right from keywords search to PPC campaigns to monitoring results and even enhancing it. And yes, there exist top digital marketing agencies in Pune for PPC campaigns!

So friends, on how to learn PPC campaign and how to make the best PPC campaigns, we have given you all the right information. Hope you find the same to be helpful!

Best of luck for your PPC campaigns!

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