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Be a better animator
Practice, Practice, and go on practicing…

However I should add one more point, ” Winners don’t do different things, they just do things Differently.” That’s the secret..

This is the golden advice any mentor can give any aspiring animator. Learning has no age, no easy way but however a smart way can be followed. The quickest way to improve your skill is to practice.

VEDA is giving you set of exercise which you can flow to be a better animator than others in less possible time.. Master those & you are all set to be a world class animator.

UG & PG Animation DegreeFollowing are the exercises:

Level 1 Exercises:

These are basics of animation.. I know.. you might do them with closed eyes & your 2d animation faculties have helped you to master it but Do not discount their simplicity!

These are the principals of animation & all other animation principles are dependent upon them. They are worth your time and effort.

Remember a beautiful, big house has a very strong base.. So practice even if it looks too simple.

Here they are then:

1. Ball Bouncing in place, no decay (loop)
2. Ball Bouncing across the screen
3. Brick falling from a shelf onto the ground
4. Simple character head turn
5. Character head turn with anticipation
6. Character blinking
7. Character thinking [tougher than it sounds!]
8. Flour Sack waving (loop)
9. Flour Sack jumping
10. Flour Sack falling (loop or hitting the ground)
11. Flour Sack kicking a ball

Guys take it easy… slow down.. Remember having strong based houses last long.. if you really done with level 1 exercises.. Hit the level 2.. The exercises are:

Level 2 Exercises:

1. Change in Character emotion (happy to sad, sad to angry,etc.)
2. Character jumping over a gap
3. Standing up (from a chair)
4. Walk Cycle [oldie but goodie!]
5. Character on a pogo stick (loop)
6. Laughing
7. Sneezing
8. Reaching for an object on a shelf overhead
9. Quick motion smear/blur
10. Taking a deep breath [also tougher than it sounds!]
11. A tree falling
12. Character being hit by something simple (ball, brick, book)
M.A. in Multimedia Animation 13. Run Cycle

Take it easy guys, if you are really mastered these two levels.. hats off.. your basics are very clear now.. Welcome to level 3. The exercises are:

Level 3 Exercises:

1. Close up of open hand closing into fist
2. Close up of hand picking up a small object
3. Character lifting a heavy object (with purpose!)
4. Overlapping action (puffy hair, floppy ears, tail)
5. Character painting
6. Hammering a nail
7. Stirring a soup pot and tasting from a spoon
8. Character blowing up a balloon
9. Character juggling (loop)
10. Scared character peering around a corner
11. Starting to say something but unsure of how
12. Zipping up a jacket
13. Licking and sealing an envelope
14. Standing up (from the ground)
15. Pressing an elevator button and waiting for it

All done with that also.. You are now a champ animator, however I have some more to get you tried with.. here is the Level 4:

Level 4 Exercises:

1. Character eating a cupcake
2. Object falling into a body of water
3. Two characters playing tug-of-war
4. Character dealing a deck of cards out
5. The full process of brushing one’s teeth
6. A single piece of paper dropping through the air
7. Run across screen with change in direction
8. Sleeping character startled by alarm then returning to sleepy state
9. Opening a cupboard and removing something inside
10. Putting on a pair of pants
11. Opening the “world’s best gift” and reacting

For more expertise try using a very heavy character/object next to a very light character/object in the above exercises. Enhance the differences the weight change makes!

image of bsc animation courses in pune at VEDAThings to keep in mind:

A-) Reading these exercises will do as much for you as reading about push-ups would do for your physical muscles: NOTHING. If you want the benefit, you must animate them. Take a deep breath and just do it. Its for your own good.

B-) Do not forget: “You’re not supposed to animate drawings [3D models]. You’re supposed to animate feelings.” If a character isn’t thinking, they aren’t alive, and the animation has failed.

So feel them.. talk to them.. make them talk to the world.

C-) Keep it simple! There is no reason to over complicate any of these exercises.

D-) Do your best. There is no reason to do these exercises poorly. Give it your all. Don’t u want to be the best Animator!!

As always, have fun. Push ups are not fun. Animation is supposed to be. Be joyful in your work!

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