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Bank Loans

At Veda college we understand that every student wants to pursue his career from a reputed college however in few cases the financial situations of his family become of the hurdle in this dream. Such students can not afford paying the semester or yearly fees of the college and drop their ideas to continue the course. But we feel that the student loan facility is one of the best option for such students to fulfill their dreams.Veda college has partnered with India’s leading student loan and finance agency VARTHANA. Under this association students who wants to avail finance facilities such as loan against the course can apply and check their eligibility within 4 to 5 working days. The success rate is more than 95 % in most of our cases.

We assist for students loans for our animation degree course, all the diploma courses and even short term courses run by Veda college and its extension centre. Those of you who are interested and desirous to apply for student loan can get in touch with our admission Advisors for further assistance.

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