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Ever seen a head-less chicken? It is grotesque and frankly, quite gruesome. Emotions apart, it is a situation which no one wants to be in. Your body is intact but with its most important part, i.e. the head, missing due to which you reach nowhere.

Something quite similar is the case with Animators who do not have a formal qualification! You may be the last word in your field, but when informed about your educational status, most studios treat you like a head-less chicken.

The world and its elder brother may give you all kinds of stories about experience being more important than knowledge. Don’t believe it entirely. Education is education and one does not go very far without it.

Education as a field is like nectar attracting all kinds of seekers. Not all though are genuine. In fact, a majority are the kinds who can be termed “fly-by-night”! Here is where a formal qualification from a recognized body comes in handy. You get education which has a pre-defined curriculum and is backed by a tested and approved methodology as also a certification regarding the teaching infrastructure.

image of bsc animation courses in pune at VEDA

Animation as a field is vast with implications just as vast and varied. To bridge the gap between what is needed and what is provided, government approved educational bodies in this country have started courses with standardized curriculum which gets changed at regular intervals to reflect the situation on the ground.

One such venture which seems to be catching-up fast is B.Sc Animation.

Animation as a career has always been looked upon as something to be learnt on the job with most people taking it up as a hobby. With the recent seriousness that it warrants, people are now looking at it as a full time career which needs to be entered into early in life.

Most B.Sc Animation courses are structured as follows

First year Mostly introductory in fields such as animation, foundation art, Fundamentals of graphics. Fields such as Concept Writing , Sketching , Story boarding are covered at an introductory stage.

Second year With the students already in the course for a year subjects like Audio Video Editing, 2-D Animation, Production Process, Multimedia, Composing, Web Designing Course are introduced with some depth.

Third year At this stage, it is expected of students to be into the grove and are taught about Clay Animation, 3D Animation, CGI Modeling , Lighting and Texturing and Motion Graphics, V.F.X.

Animation as a trade is all about using your imagination and using it wisely. Imagination happens when you keep your thoughts wide open. Using it wisely is when you practice your trade intensively till it becomes intuitive.

Most B.Sc. Animation courses make its student(s) practice each and every subject till it becomes second nature. All the subject mentioned above are backed by intensive practical carrying equal weight as compared to theory.

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