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Walt Disney, ILS and Pixar. Oft heard names in the field of animation and with good reasons too. All these are ultimately foreign organizations.

And in India? Well, things are not as bleak as you may think. In fact it is pretty good given our talent and the price advantage we offer!

Mentioned below are some names which have done us proud in the world of animation and VFX. These by no means are the only ones. The field being such, there is always room for newer players which we hope comes in fair numbers to increase our output and employment

  1. Pentamedia Graphics

With a staff strength close to 2000 at a time not far back, Pentamedia Graphics is well represented the world over with offices located in Singapore and in Manila. Its Indian operations take place from Chennai from where they do stuff in the field of post production, 2D and 3D Animation, VFX and such movie making services. If you have seen the Academy Awards nominated Gulliver’s travels and Pandavas, you would very well know what is being spoken about. Their motion-capture activity in the movie “Sindbadh” simply takes the cake!

  1. Toonz Animation India

Thiruvananthapuram in Kerela is famous for its beaches, gold (INR 10 lac crores at last count) and…..Toonz Animation; so famous that the Capital of Kerala is now synonymous with toonz worldwide!

And not without reasons! With a staff strength in excess of 500 artists under its employment, it works for names like Disney, Hallmark and Paramount Studios quite regularly. Due to its work, its volumes and clientele, it has a standing of repute in South Asia as a Toonz Specialist.

In India, two of its products, “The return of Hanuman” and “Adventures of Tenali Raman” have brought it accolades. They handle both 2D and 3D movies solo or in conjunction with normal movies. Last heard, orders from all corners of the world are raining down on them!

B.sc animation course promotion banner

  1. Heart Entertainment

The south of India does seems to be upping the ante as far as animation and special effects go. Our next contender on this list is a Hyderabad-based organization which goes by the name, Heart Entertainment. Animation. VFX being big business which is anything but everybody’s cup of tea, they sure had their heart in place to have taken up the herculean task of producing a 90 minutes cartoon strip aptly called “The Hercules”.

Heart Entertainment does have more than its heart in place. They have started a parallel training organization called Heart Animation Academy and do a lot of work for animation and film studios in the west as was the case with Warner Brothers’ “Hysteria”

  1. UTV Toonz

UTV doesn’t require an introduction in the world of entertainment. This Mumbai based entertainment behemoth is quite agile despite its size almost akin to the cartoon characters it hosts through its subsidiary UTV Toonz the latter coming into being in year 2000. Like its parent movie company, UTV Toonz has made its presence felt all across the world especially in the mature markets of North America and Europe. In the former, it has recently bagged a USD 10 billion order. Their hands are full with orders it seems. In the US, they have Kong: The Next Generation and in Canada, they work for Cinegroup’s Clootie and Dunpling. Even places like Luxembourg is registering their presence with a feature called “Snow Queen”!

They do seem to be going places with some very, very good work.

  1. Maya Entertainment

Mumbai has always had its fair share of cartoons and it seems to have led to a deluge of companies here which product world-class animated stuff. Maya Nagari, as it is also called, does have an Animator by the name, Maya Entertainment which is doing wonders in the world of Animation. Founded in the year 1996, it has been growing by leaps and bounds in terms of work. In addition to animation work, it also has training centers in the Middle East and Asia. Employing close to 500 people, it works for Giants like Sony, Google and Rainbow with an annual billing close to USD 1 billion!

Its body of work include animation for movies like “The Mummy” and “Stuart Little” besides a very special character called “Wabo” developed for the United Nation’s water conservation efforts which helps educates its viewers worldwide on the importance of potable water and its conservation.

This by no means is an exhaustive list and we shall from time to time tell you about organizations in India which produce world-class stuff at our kind of prices!

Watch this space for more..…..

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VEDA invites T.Y BSC-MA(10 AM Batch) and BSC-MM(1 PM Batch) for a 3D Movie session to be conducted on Saturday 5th of July 2014 at VEDA College. All other students interested for this session can Contact Mr. Nikhil Pandit for reserving their seats.

The session will start sharp at 10:00 AM.


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Switch on any gadget with a User Interface in the form of a screen and most of time, if not all, there is a possibility that you shall see one or the other animated character!

Besides the fact that most of these characters are out-right cute, are there any other reason for their popularity?

Well, there certainly is. Read on……2D & 3D Animation

–          Increase in the volume of business. You could remember the names of some of the animated movies made 2 decades back. Today, you would require your fingers to count them. A decade from now, even that luxury would be gone! Riding on a year-on-year growth close to 10% on a base of USD 220 billion in 2013, this is one industry which promises humongous growth which can mean only one thing. More jobs and more employment and more fun!

–          Increase in the complexity of business. A decade back, all that you saw in the name of animation were movies from known studios like Disney, Industrial Light and sound to name a few. Now, animation has a younger brother larger than itself called Sci-fi. Actually, it was always around. It got into prominence in the last few years due to systems, software and needs which have grown so huge that it was not possible to replicate it in reality. Movies like the Terminator series, Total Recall and the likes involving sci-fi of the foreseeable future depend heavily on animation and VFX which adds to the movie’s worth as also aiding the studios’ bottom lines.

–          Gadgets. Humans are not satisfied with movie screens, TV screens and computer screen anymore. If we had our way, everything which could show information would have a screen like a watch, a book, a mobile phone, a wallet, a match box……the possibility is endless. Try making animations for each of these formats…and understand the potential it holds in terms of employment! One word comes to mind. Humongous!

–          Cost cutting. If there is one thing which an animation (2D, 3D or as many Ds you can add!) can do which real action movies with real actors in real locale can’t, it is costs reduction, besides of course stretching the canvas and narratives into crazy dimensions. You can’t replicate actors, locations and set-ups as these are part of the movie. But these are rarely used in animation where all the action happens in a closed studio! The end result? Cost saved, time saved, efforts saved and add to the fact that these animations can be scaled-up or down to suit the medium be it a film screen or a tab screen.M.A. in Multimedia Animation 

–          Areas of application:  Simulators. Used by practically all the countries in the world to train prospective drivers, airline/ air force pilots and locomotive pilots is one example of using animation to train people without putting lives at risk and wasting money training on the real thing. Even the displays on most aircrafts these days which fly on the fly-by-wire mode use a lot of animation to get the information across to pilots. For that matter, any activity which needs prior planning like building a house and doing the interiors too use animation to form what is called a “walk-through” experience.


With respect to movies and entertainment, the way animation seems to be replacing real-life images, there may be a time in the foreseeable future when the need for real, flesh and blood actors may be done away completely and we may just be cheering another Archie Andrew kind of character who may live even after most of us have walked away into the setting sun.

To quote a Chinese curse, “may you live in interesting times”! How interesting it is just depends on one’s perception. Imaging asking an actor who has just lost his job to an animated character, for an autograph!

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This is to inform you that VEDA have decided to give you an opportunity to be in 3Ds Max classes also while you are doing Maya as it is going to be an excellent opportunity for you all to learn another popular product of Autodesk Inc.

Currently we are running a batch of 3ds max from 1 PM onwards.
You are also requested to join the same batch and the missed out portion will be covered by Nikhil Sir in free timings and on Saturday special classes.

Please comply from immediate effect.

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All Jamia and PTU student’s monthly test is Scheduled on Saturday 28th June 2014

It has been noticed that most of the students are not appearing for the internal test, considering that it has no relevance with their final examination result.3Ds Max and AutoCAD 

For your information, VEDA has the authority to evaluate you on the basis of your attendance and internal assessment marks.
For every subject you appear we have 30 Marks out of 100 that are called Internal Assessment marks.
Important Note – Student who fails to pass the Internal Exam will be considered fail even if he passes the external exam.
It is compulsory for every Jamia and PTU student to attend exam with out fail.

VEDA wish you all Good luck for your exam.

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Directorate of Advertising and Visual Publicity
Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, Govt. of India

Presents  Design an Advertisement contest for general public.Graphic Designing 
Create a Colorful Design of 25 X 33 Cms or 825 Sq.Cms on theme “Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikaas”  (Together we move, together we grow)and Win Cash prize along with a Letter of Appreciation from the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting.
First best advertisement design would be published in News papers across the county on 15th August.

For more details click Advertisement design contest

Last date of Art work submission is 15th July 2014.


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VEDA Welcomes all First year students!! It is our pleasant duty to ensure that your interest in the course and the related activities is enthusiastic.

Hence a group discussion along with your fellow students to keep abreast of your achievements during the past one month.
This Group Discussion will be proceeded by Ms Mukta.
Details for the same are as follows;Foundation of art 
Date:- 28/06/2014
Time:- 01.00 PM 
Venue:- Class Room No-107 at our college.
Kindly make a note that such discussions are important for timely improvement. Hence we look forward to seeing you.

For more details feel free to contact Ms Mukta ( 9130777939 ).

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KSOU has declared semester examination dates for July 2014.

Click here  KSOU Examination Date  to see and download KSOU Examination Date Sheet.M.A. in Multimedia Animation 

Separate information will be sent for students who have failed in previous Jan – Feb 2014 examinations and would like to reappear in July 2014 examinations.

Contact Ms Rukhsana Sayyed ( 9881449499 ) in case of any doubt or query. Revert to us for any further information.

VEDA wishes you all the best for your exams.


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This is to inform you all that your B.Sc Media Graphics and Animation Second Year classes will start from 1st July 2014.M.A. in Multimedia Animation 
Attendance on the first day will be strictly monitored and those who remain absent will be liable for a fine of Rs.100/- per day .

Important Note – Syllabus once taught will not be repeated for any student.

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The employment prospect in the field of animation and allied activities seems humongous!

The, our third installment in the field give you a lowdown on some more possibilities where you want to join the interesting and lucrative field of animations.

Read on…..and take the right steps…

Background Painter:

Dholakpur, Chotta Bheem’s village. It just reminds you of your own Grandpa & Grandma’s little village, high up in the hills with clouds and greenery to give company. Even to the adults and elderly, the village setting is a reminder of times when life was a lot easy. To bring about such details is then the handiwork of one they call the “Background Painter”. Depending on the requirements, most background painters work either in animation studios or film production studios and at times even in gaming studios. Besides being proficient in using computers and various software(s), a background painter ought to be good at sketching, drawing and painting.


As the name suggest, these are the folks who make the toons! Yes, they are the ones who draw and sketch the toons, and draw the models based on which the final toons are formed. The drawing can be by hand or through a computer though the basic requirement of knowing how to draw and illustrate remains.

In addition, they can be called to create and color background scenes and color patterns. As regard qualification, given the way animation and VFX has progressed, most employers insist that their future employee have a recognized qualification in illustration, anatomy, photography, graphics, drawing and painting among others along with a year or two of work experience in a relevant industry.

Character Animator:

An animator in its truest sense, they give the fluid-like motion to animated character like Chotta Bheem when he beats up Kalia Pehelwan! Bringing to life cartoons, animations and drawings seems easy but in reality is anything but easy. For this, in addition to knowing the right software like Flash, lightwave, Maya, they need to have a good hold over anatomy. Understanding how the body works, be it of humans or animals along with a good sense of geometry is the least one needs in this trade. Most of these come with experience which makes work experience very, very crucial as well.

They work in a team and see to it that every aspect of an animation strip is in sync with each other and the environment.

Given their specialization in a wide area, they have a huge field to themselves, be it film and video production, advertising, PR, software publishers, computer systems designing, graphic designing, game designing etc..

Effects Animator:

As is obvious from the name itself, these are the folks who add features both natural and otherwise to animated films and give it the effect. This is one field where the knowledge of painting, sketching etc takes a back seat and really needs to have a thorough knowledge of software(s) such as Nuke, Renderman, Mantra, and Houdini besides others. The raw stock in this trade called “art and design” comes from the art-related department which are then given the effect using a mix of 3D, 3D, lighting etc by the effects animator. They are part of a team consisting of art directors, creators, etc responsible for delivering a particular look.

Given that VFX both in 2d and 3D is the in-thing, this field has a good growth potential in places like animation studios, ad agencies, film and video production units, gaming companies and web and graphic design firms.

Do these jobs sound interesting? If so, do contact us at http://www.veda-edu.com/ to know more!

And yes, the hunt does not end only here! There is more to animation than meets the eye!UG & PG Animation Degree

So, keep your eyes peeled for more interesting info regarding careers in animation and VFX!

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