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The University of Bradford, located in the city of Bradford, West Yorkshire Northern England came about in 1966 but its origins date back to the early 19th century. There are two campuses: the main campus located on Richmond Road and the School of Management, at Emm Lane.

The student population includes 10,525 undergraduate and 3,050 postgraduate of which 22% are foreign from over 110 countries. For the B.Sc. in Animation, the University of Bradford has, for the year 2015, 280 seats

The B.Sc in Animation from the University is also called “B. Sc (Hons) in Computer Animation and Visual Effects of 4 years”. This is a full-time course of 4 years which includes one year of placement and is highly suited for International Students.

UG and PG animation courses in pune at VEDA

You may be tempted to ask, why the University of Bradford for the B.Sc. in Animation?

Well. the answer is

–   Of the pass-outs in the year 2012, an astounding 92% were employed or took up further studies- within 6 months of graduating! And those who found employment got a stating remuneration of in excess of £15,000.00.

–   Access to some of the most advanced software including Autodesk Maya, Motion Builder, the Foundry’s Nuke, Vicon Optical Motion Capture and Mudbox. Entrants may indulge themselves in professional-style production projects as part of their course replicating the real industrial experience.

–  One year in appropriate employment and which in the past included Disney Interactive and Redstar.

–   The Alumni of this institution are now important figures in the animation and games development fraternity with some doing work for features such as Avatar, Tron: Legacy, and the Batman and Harry Potter series. Some also have found employment in organisations such as Escape Studios, DreamWorks, Red Star 3D, Framestore, NCS Creative, Cubic Motion, Pinewood, Universal Live, and broadcasters such as the BBC and Channel 4. Still others have found employment as games designers, artists and testers, animation apprentices, 3D modellers, editors, graphic designers, new media consultants.

The four year B.Sc. in Animation from Bradford University begins with an introduction to 2D and 3D computer animation on industry-standard resources so as to familiarize the studentsB.sc animation course at VEDA animation college with the technologies of the trade. Also taught would be to observe and draw, photography, visual communication theory and digital imaging.

Into the second year, the students would be expected to recreate elements such as fire and rain through scripting; work with motion-capture technology; create live footage from composite graphics as also experiment with effective use of audio alongside your visual project work.

The third and final year would involve a flexible course allowing the students to select projects of their choice so as to become a specialist therein.

Admission criterion to the B.Sc. in Animation would include

–          A minimum 160 points from 2 full A levels, there being no specific subject requirements.

–          GCSE English Language and Maths at grade C.

–          English language requirements would include an IELTS score of 6 or its equivalent.

–          A personal interview based on the statement furnished by the aspirant and fulfillment of admission criterion. For the same, the aspirant must carry his/ her latest portfolio to readily demonstrate their skills and abilities as well as interest.

The University of Bradford does seem a great place to study B.Sc. in Animation.

Where you aspire to get an education on similar lines in India, VEDA would be the right place to approach. We hold B.Sc. in Animation of 3 years duration affiliated to the YCMOU University and would be more than happy to answer all our queries.  The college provide best academic facilities to the students with 100% placement assistance.  VEDA  animation college also conduct certificate course and Diploma course in 3d animation.

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On the southern coast of England, Portsmouth is the second largest city in the ceremonial county of Hampshire.  It is notable for being the United Kingdom’s only island city located on the Portsea Island.

University of Portsmouth has an excellent reputation for quality teaching and sustained, high levels of student satisfaction. Under the leadership of Vice-Chancellor Professor Graham Galbraith who joined the university in Dec 2013, the University came to be known as the most trusted destination for national and international students.

 UG and PG animation courses in pune at VEDA


 As animation courses are much in demand all over the world, the university of Portsmouth also runs a B.Sc. in animation program under the name “BSc (Hons) COMPUTER ANIMATION”.  On the topic of learning animation, we at VEDA Animation College also lay emphasis on acquiring a University-affiliated animation degree rather than a private animation course from a local animation studio.  The B.Sc. in animation program of the University of Portsmouth is a 3 years animation course with G451 UCAS code and 1 Year Placement.

Students who are planning to join this university for B.Sc. in Animation course have two options to pursue, namely

(A)To focus on the artistic side of graphical animation or

(B) To focus on logical side of computer animation with the help of programming, logic and scripting. 

One way or the other, a student does get exposure towards the artistic and technical side with theoretical fundamentals of animation during the course.

According to the official website of the University, the minimum criterion for applying to the B.Sc. Animation Course is a minimum of 260 points in the A or equivalent level out of a band of 260-320. English language proficiency needs to be a a minimum of IELTS band 6.0 with no component score below 5.5

The 1st Year of this Animation program contains modules like Foundation in 3D Modelling, Foundations in Graphics, Skills and Principles for Animation, Tools for Animation and Visual Communication. The University also has a special module of E-Portfolio which is very important for students these days.

The II Year in the Animation course is mainly dedicated to Ancillary Animation and Software Skills Project, Commercial Asset Production for Real Time and Modeling Lighting for Computer Animation. The University also has an option to choose programming and scripting skills.

B.sc animation course at VEDA animation college

Creative Media, Creative Professional Portfolio and option to choose Animation and Setup for Computer Animation, Design for Computer Animation, Interdisciplinary Group Project, Motion Capture Applications, Real Time Interactive Group Project, Rendering Pipeline etc., are available in the final year of B.Sc. (Hons) in computer animation at Portsmouth University.

More details of this course is available on this page.

B.Sc. Animation in Pune at VEDA College

For students who wish to peruse their degree course in animation, we at College of Visual Effects,Design & Art run a 3 year degree which is affiliated with YCMOU University. For more details. please visit our course page


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Ever seen a head-less chicken? It is grotesque and frankly, quite gruesome. Emotions apart, it is a situation which no one wants to be in. Your body is intact but with its most important part, i.e. the head, missing due to which you reach nowhere.

Something quite similar is the case with Animators who do not have a formal qualification! You may be the last word in your field, but when informed about your educational status, most studios treat you like a head-less chicken.

The world and its elder brother may give you all kinds of stories about experience being more important than knowledge. Don’t believe it entirely. Education is education and one does not go very far without it.

Education as a field is like nectar attracting all kinds of seekers. Not all though are genuine. In fact, a majority are the kinds who can be termed “fly-by-night”! Here is where a formal qualification from a recognized body comes in handy. You get education which has a pre-defined curriculum and is backed by a tested and approved methodology as also a certification regarding the teaching infrastructure.

image of bsc animation courses in pune at VEDA

Animation as a field is vast with implications just as vast and varied. To bridge the gap between what is needed and what is provided, government approved educational bodies in this country have started courses with standardized curriculum which gets changed at regular intervals to reflect the situation on the ground.

One such venture which seems to be catching-up fast is B.Sc Animation.

Animation as a career has always been looked upon as something to be learnt on the job with most people taking it up as a hobby. With the recent seriousness that it warrants, people are now looking at it as a full time career which needs to be entered into early in life.

Most B.Sc Animation courses are structured as follows

First year Mostly introductory in fields such as animation, foundation art, Fundamentals of graphics. Fields such as Concept Writing , Sketching , Story boarding are covered at an introductory stage.

Second year With the students already in the course for a year subjects like Audio Video Editing, 2-D Animation, Production Process, Multimedia, Composing, Web Designing Course are introduced with some depth.

Third year At this stage, it is expected of students to be into the grove and are taught about Clay Animation, 3D Animation, CGI Modeling , Lighting and Texturing and Motion Graphics, V.F.X.

Animation as a trade is all about using your imagination and using it wisely. Imagination happens when you keep your thoughts wide open. Using it wisely is when you practice your trade intensively till it becomes intuitive.

Most B.Sc. Animation courses make its student(s) practice each and every subject till it becomes second nature. All the subject mentioned above are backed by intensive practical carrying equal weight as compared to theory.

Also see what exciting portions a learner covers in B.Sc. animation course in Pune

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The joystick is destined to bring more joy with the Gaming and Animation industry in Pune going through a record growth phase!

According to Nasscom, there are more than 30 gaming companies apart from individual developers in Pune alone. Read this Times of India Article 

One instituimage of game designing courses in pune at VEDAte which raises a toast to the Gaming and Animation industry in Pune is College of Visual Effects,Design & Art, more known by its acronym VEDA which since the year 2010 has been training would-be animators, designers and visualizers to grow the industry by leaps and bounds. Situated on 24 acres of lush greens @ Azam Campus near MG Road in Pune, this then is the perfect setting to create masterpieces in the world of Gaming and Animation.


Come, see for yourself what the VEDA teaches you. Check our Dilpoma in Game Design Course to earn highly professional skills in Game designing.

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Web designing, as is known is a creative field where only skills or knowledge do not make one a great designer. It is a mix of quite a few inborn talents + some training + some attitudinal shifts that makes for a great designer. Training for web designing and an attitudinal shift are some things which our web designing course in Pune can bring about.
Read on….
We start with the inborn talents. These include Simplicity: Leonardo Da Vinci was the stuff of legend. His personal accomplishments were equal to that of half a dozen individuals put together! Yet, his designs and idea were put out in ways which everybody could understand! This goes to show the worth of making the final product simple. Complicate it and most people will stay away!

Clarity of thoughts: Too many objectives to be achieved in too little a space leads only to one thing. A MESS! An unclear website or one catering to unrelated needs can be irritating to a browser. Even if the objective is small, have clarify. People may like you just for that. In our Web Designing Course in Pune we stress our students to think think and think again before they plan their first stroke of Design

Ability to observe: Ever seen Leonardo’s Mona Lisa? She smiles. Or does she? This is the power of observation and the ability use it. After you have observed, what do you do? You decipher ie you derive something of value. For the latter to take place, one needs a well-developed sixth.

Research, research and some more research: Research on its own never killed anyone. On the contrary, it brought out certain facts which made things easier for all. Research who the audience is, what their preferences are and what they look for and design a website accordingly. One’s personal preferences, how-so-ever good, may not be of great help here.

image of web desiging courses in pune at VEDA

Ability to write: Research, experience, ideas etc. are mere words in the absence of the ability to write them down in an understandable manner. Writing can involve observations on who the audience is, what they want and how to go about it including a help guide.

Reflect the basic premise of your thoughts: Trying to sell a product or service while giving the feel of something else may irritate visitors which through social media network can generate un-necessary bad publicity.

Have a unique well-defined USP: Where the website proposes to deal with an already-saturated subject, what may help is a unique style statement in terms of appearance, browsing experience, services offered etc. A beautiful color scheme with correct graphics and collage all done-up to reflect something positive and re-assuring may do the trick.

Next, we take up the issue of knowledge acquired from external sources:
Knowledge of latest like HTML5: What we see on screen on any website is the dressed-up window which we admire for its color, content, layout, designs…….In this dressing-up, the tailor is an application called HTML5 which takes the raw data that the machine understand and puts it across in a different language that we humans understand. Akin to an interpreter who works seamlessly and tirelessly in the background, it is what makes our browsing experience what it is, good, bad or ugly!  Check out what we cover in our HTML section of web designing course.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO): You make a website for the world to accesses and try-out your services. It is, at a certain level a carefully done-up window of a shop where people come, see the product and if it suits them, go into the shop and purchase it. What if no one came to your window despite its being very creative, innovative and informative? It would be a sheer waste of time, money and efforts. Here is where the concept of a “Search Engine” comes in.

image of internet digital marketing courses in pune at VEDA

Google, the most prolific of search engines has continually changing complex algorithms which it employs to rank a site and give it visibility. To be present on its cross-hairs all the time, the website has to continuously innovate and understand what it takes to be at the top. This innovation and staying ahead is termed “Search Engine Optimization”. It demands patience, knowledge and most of all, being innovative.  Our special Digital marketing course trains students on the latest updated SEO concepts.

Theoretical knowledge of graphics: You should be clear about what you want to show on the website. That said, how it should appear is also as important. Web designing course in Pune now see to it that their students in addition to being web designers also have knowledge of elements of graphic designing. Keeping this in mind we have framed our Graphic designing course with a good combination of theory ( Fundamental) knowledge.

Social media……and the art of marketing! Our life, wherever we are and whatever we do is slowly and inextricably getting sucked into the vortex called Social Media. If an organization or entity (very much including individuals!) is not on it, you might as well call them Neanderthals! People go online and discuss everything these days ranging from politics, FMCG, innovation and lot more…….if you don’t want to be left out, jump into the sea of social media and learn to navigate on your own!
Innovate, implement and Enjoy!

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All PTU enrolled students can collect their B.Sc in Animation Degree Certificates from VEDA Pune Office. Contact Mr Ravi Tikate for collecting the same.

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Graphic Designing as a field is the representation of a written idea or simply an idea using letters, visuals (both pictures and illustrations) and space which could be a sheet of paper, a wall or even a computer screen.

What sets it apart from plain writing is the liberal usage of visuals.

Probably the first and most telling graphic designs were made by painter, inventor, scientist and philosopher Leornado Da Vinci. He even designed an army formation resembling a tank complete with typography which could be understood by most along with illustrations!

Coming to the idea of typography in graphic designers, it means setting the letters in such a form so as to be understood by all in the correct context. They include usage of the correct font, its size, color, spacing, layout, grid and other similar characteristics which aid in making the overall presentation on an idea as correct as possible. Typography can make the difference between a good, bad and great graphic design.

With the advent of computers, things are a lot easier. Choosing between fonts, their sizes, colors etc are a lot easier now. Even fitting the whole thing into a central theme is not as tedious as before when a graphic designer has to consider each and every aspect separately which could at times be opposing ideas!

The best example coming to mind of a graphic design replete with typography are advertisements with a logo, artwork, text and elements of design which in composition, bring out an idea.

Pune, with its liberal spread of graphic designing courses and graphic designing colleges seem to have their hands full with work increasing tremendously and which is expected to stay so for some time.

image of graphics designing courses in pune at VEDA

Common uses of graphic design include logos and brand building), printing and publication of newspapers, books and magazines and advertisements, posters, billboards, website graphics and elements, signs and product packaging.

There was a time when everything to do with advertising, graphic designing and brand building found its way to Mumbai. Not anymore. Graphic design courses in Pune too have come of age with the latest in terms of talent and hardware being available locally. This is seeing to it that work now gets done here itself which saves a lot of time, money and hassles and in addition guarantees employment to the locals.

So, the next time you need to get any graphics designed, you very well know where to go!

Image Courtesy : http://www.hdphotogallary.com/

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Exam for all VEDA students is scheduled on Saturday 19th July 2014. Marks scored in this test will be considered for final result evaluation.
Attending the exam is compulsory for all the students

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A chance to visit Autodesk Panorama event in Singapore.

Let loose your creativity…..Design the future….The future is Now!!!

SW Systems is Association with Autodesk Presents 3D Student Design Challenge 2014

for B.Sc Animation 3rd Year and MA Multimedia ( 1st and 2nd year ) Students in India.

Participate and Win a chance to visit the most awaited event Autodesk Panorama in Singapore.
Other exciting prizes – Motorbike, Smart Phone, Laptops and more… 

There is no fees for participation.

Competition Rules:-

Group of 2 to 3 students can submit the drawing for the competition either from each department or interdisciplinary (most preferable) from each college.
The registrations will be open until 18th August 2014 which is FREE OF COST.
Submission of the drawing/project has to be done by 15th October 2014.
For this knowledge of 3D software is necessary for Mechanical – Fusion, Civil & for Architecture Streams – AutoCAD and
Revit (Structure & Architecture)
3Ds Max and AutoCAD 
For more information click 3D Student Design Challenge 2014
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Walt Disney, ILS and Pixar. Oft heard names in the field of animation and with good reasons too. All these are ultimately foreign organizations.

And in India? Well, things are not as bleak as you may think. In fact it is pretty good given our talent and the price advantage we offer!

Mentioned below are some names which have done us proud in the world of animation and VFX. These by no means are the only ones. The field being such, there is always room for newer players which we hope comes in fair numbers to increase our output and employment

  1. Pentamedia Graphics

With a staff strength close to 2000 at a time not far back, Pentamedia Graphics is well represented the world over with offices located in Singapore and in Manila. Its Indian operations take place from Chennai from where they do stuff in the field of post production, 2D and 3D Animation, VFX and such movie making services. If you have seen the Academy Awards nominated Gulliver’s travels and Pandavas, you would very well know what is being spoken about. Their motion-capture activity in the movie “Sindbadh” simply takes the cake!

  1. Toonz Animation India

Thiruvananthapuram in Kerela is famous for its beaches, gold (INR 10 lac crores at last count) and…..Toonz Animation; so famous that the Capital of Kerala is now synonymous with toonz worldwide!

And not without reasons! With a staff strength in excess of 500 artists under its employment, it works for names like Disney, Hallmark and Paramount Studios quite regularly. Due to its work, its volumes and clientele, it has a standing of repute in South Asia as a Toonz Specialist.

In India, two of its products, “The return of Hanuman” and “Adventures of Tenali Raman” have brought it accolades. They handle both 2D and 3D movies solo or in conjunction with normal movies. Last heard, orders from all corners of the world are raining down on them!

B.sc animation course promotion banner

  1. Heart Entertainment

The south of India does seems to be upping the ante as far as animation and special effects go. Our next contender on this list is a Hyderabad-based organization which goes by the name, Heart Entertainment. Animation. VFX being big business which is anything but everybody’s cup of tea, they sure had their heart in place to have taken up the herculean task of producing a 90 minutes cartoon strip aptly called “The Hercules”.

Heart Entertainment does have more than its heart in place. They have started a parallel training organization called Heart Animation Academy and do a lot of work for animation and film studios in the west as was the case with Warner Brothers’ “Hysteria”

  1. UTV Toonz

UTV doesn’t require an introduction in the world of entertainment. This Mumbai based entertainment behemoth is quite agile despite its size almost akin to the cartoon characters it hosts through its subsidiary UTV Toonz the latter coming into being in year 2000. Like its parent movie company, UTV Toonz has made its presence felt all across the world especially in the mature markets of North America and Europe. In the former, it has recently bagged a USD 10 billion order. Their hands are full with orders it seems. In the US, they have Kong: The Next Generation and in Canada, they work for Cinegroup’s Clootie and Dunpling. Even places like Luxembourg is registering their presence with a feature called “Snow Queen”!

They do seem to be going places with some very, very good work.

  1. Maya Entertainment

Mumbai has always had its fair share of cartoons and it seems to have led to a deluge of companies here which product world-class animated stuff. Maya Nagari, as it is also called, does have an Animator by the name, Maya Entertainment which is doing wonders in the world of Animation. Founded in the year 1996, it has been growing by leaps and bounds in terms of work. In addition to animation work, it also has training centers in the Middle East and Asia. Employing close to 500 people, it works for Giants like Sony, Google and Rainbow with an annual billing close to USD 1 billion!

Its body of work include animation for movies like “The Mummy” and “Stuart Little” besides a very special character called “Wabo” developed for the United Nation’s water conservation efforts which helps educates its viewers worldwide on the importance of potable water and its conservation.

This by no means is an exhaustive list and we shall from time to time tell you about organizations in India which produce world-class stuff at our kind of prices!

Watch this space for more..…..