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VEDA’s Graphic design courses in pune

Pune is a hub of various courses, and Graphic design courses are no exception to it. With the increased demand in the sector of print and publishing industry a talented graphics designer is the super hero of the industry.  That is the reason every designing institute is running Graphic design course in pune to create such artist.

However just running the course of the sake of few admissions is not the key of success in this line. Most of such graphics designing institute in Pune has a very narrow focus on this subject. After seeing the curriculum of most of current Graphic design courses in Pune we clearly see that they are just limited to little software that’s it.

image of web desiging courses in pune at VEDA

These Graphic design courses in pune can give you a certificate but not the confidence to create stunning graphics for the industry Being a leading Graphic designing institute we have launched a course in graphic design after 4 years of consultation and research in this area. Our Graphic design courses is a rich mix of Art fundamentals , water color , Pencil shading , designing principles and software.

Every student admitted in our Graphic design courses in pune complete a showreel in order to complete his degree. As a Graphic designing institute  More than 300 plus assignments ranging from basic to advance makes this course as one of the most sort after course in graphics design in Pune.image of bsc animation courses in pune at VEDA

In our digital modules learners horns their skills through world’s leading graphic designing software like Adobe Illustrator , Adobe Photoshop and Corel Draw with Adobe Indesign. Our Graphic design courses in pune comprise the creative workshop on Water Color , Portrait making , Shading Skills , 3D Object creation and Origami makes this course even better than the best.

If you do not have much time to complete a full length 3 year UG or 2 year PG course in animation you can choose Graphic design courses in pune from VEDA to share your career in this industry.

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This is to inform to all the Public that We do not have any tie-up with SAIF Technology and Visionary aka STAV College , Mumbra for any course.

Our tieup has been ended in Sep 2014 and not renewed after that from Our Office in Pune.
Therefore MCE Society and PAI International  or VEDA College will not be responsible for any communication and dealing happening with STAV College and their personals till our next communication in this regards.
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Inspired from Hans Christian Andersen’s “Snow Queen”, it is about a kingdom frozen in time by a Pricess in whose search her estranged brother romes the entire planet. Made entirely in 3D, this computer-animated feature was the product of Walt Disney through and through.2D & 3D Animation

It was released in the November of 2013 and was met positively by critics and audience alike who consider it to be Disney’s best animated musical piece since the latter’s renaissance era. It accumulated an astounding USD 1.3 billion in box office revenues making it the highest-grossing animated film of all time, the fifth highest-grossing film of all time. By the end of January 2015, it also became the numero-uno Blu-Ray disc iun the US.

Its success can be gauged by the number of awards it earned which include two Academy Awards for Best Animated Feature and Best Original Song (“Let It Go”),the Golden Globe Award for Best Animated Feature Film,the BAFTA Award for Best Animated Film, five Annie Awards (including Best Animated Feature)……..and many more!

You might already be aware of all this but are you aware of the fact that this animated film shall shortly have a sequel! Yes Frozen Fever is set to release in March 2015- not very far from today!

And if the industry has to be believed, it may only get better in the sequel!Nuke

We thought it fit to inform you. Hope you enjoy the show!

And on that note, if animation is what you aspire as a career after 12th, the VEDA institute in Pune is the place to be! This place is about getting inspired- its environs, campus, systems, festivals….everything helps you focus towards y

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No Date Time Sub-Code Year Subject Name
1 06/05/15     10.30 to 1.30     BMG 310      TY Environment Science
2 07/05/15 10.30 to 1.30 BMG 301 TY Animation Principles
2.30 to 5.30 BMG 101 FY Introduction to Computers & Internet


10.30 to 1.30 BMG 302 TY Introduction to Maya
2.30 to 5.30 BMG 102 FY Drawing & Sketching
4 09/05/15 10.30 to 1.30 BMG 303 TY Character Set up & Animation in Maya
2.30 to 5.30 BMG 103 FY Color Theory


10.30 to 1.30 BMG 304 TY Advance Maya
2.30 to 5.30 BMG 104 FY Typography
6 11/05/15 10.30 to 1.30 BMG 305 TY Introduction to 3DS max.
2.30 to 5.30 BMG 105 FY Computer Graphics Part 1:

Adobe Photoshop





10.30 to 1.30 BMG 306 TY Advance 3DX max
2.30 to 5.30 BMG 106 FY Computer Graphics Part 2:

Adobe Illustrator



10.30 to 1.30 BMG 307 TY Character Animation
2.30 to 5.30 BMG 107 FY Technical & Creative Writing
9 14/05/15


10.30 to 1.30 BMG 308 TY CG Film making
2.30 to 5.30 BMG 108 FY Introduction to Multimedia & its Application
10 15/05/15


10.30 to 1.30 BMG 201 SY Introduction to Web Development
    2.30 to 5.30 BMG 109 FY Developing Presentation
11 16/05/15


10.30 to 1.30 BMG 202 SY HTML
    2.30 to 5.30 BMG 110 FY Design Principles
12 17/05/15 10.30 to 1.30 BMG 203 SY Computer Animation Introduction to Flash
2.30 to 5.30 BMG 111 FY Print Media Part 1: Coral Draw
13 18/05/15 10.30 to 1.30 BMG 204 SY Content Digitization
2.30 to 5.30 BMG 112 FY Print Media Part 2: Quark Express
14 19/05/15 10.30 to 1.30 BMG 205 SY Content Authoring on Web using Macromedia Dreamweaver
15 20/05/15 10.30 to 1.30 BMG 206 SY Developing Dynamic Web Pages using Java and VB Scripts
16 21/05/15 10.30 to 1.30 BMG 207 SY Video Production Basics
17 22/05/15 10.30 to 1.30 BMG 208 SY Story Boarding
18 23/05/15 10.30 to 1.30 BMG 209 SY Visual Communication
19 24/05/15 10.30 to 1.30 BMG 210 SY Audio-Editing : Sound Forge
20 25/05/15 10.30 to 1.30 BMG 211 SY Video-Editing Adobe Premier
21 26/05/15 10.30 to 1.30 BMG 212 SY Advance Video Effects

Practical examination will be held after theory exam. Centers of Theory & Practical Examination will be declared 15 days before the examination.
B.Sc. in Media Graphics & Animation all Years from  27/05/2015 to 05/06/2015

Note :

  1. Marks of Practical examination should send directly to Dy.Registrar, Exam 3, at head quarter
  1. Student must be present in the examination hall 15 minutes before the Examinations starts.
  1. Students must bring their Identity card and Hall ticket .
  1. The students will have to contact to the study center for detailed timetable of practical exam & theory exam.

Date : 06/02/15
Place : Nashik                                                            Examination Unit – 3




  1. Practical examination timetable should be prepared by Study Center and communicated to Y.C.M.O.U. at least 21 days in advance.
  2. C.M.O.U. should send all practical examination documents such as appointment of external examiners list, attendance sheets mark sheets etc. to respective centers at least 15 days in advance.
  3. Center coordinator should appoint internal examiners course wise and other staff and send a copy to Y.C.M.O.U. for information.
  4. Practical examination duration of one batch should be of 03 hours.
  5. Practical examination batch should be of 1 to 20 students.
  6. Practical examination in batches should be conducted. For a batch of 1 to 20 students, on half day is sufficient.
  7. Practical examination of one course should be conducted in order i.e. one batch in the first half day, another batch in second half day etc. So 60 students can complete their practical examination in one and half day.
  8. One experiment should be given to one student for performance. If experiment is lengthy, same experiment should be given to 1 to 5 students.
  9. Performance of the experiment should be judged by internal & external examiner both, wherever applicable.
  10. 30 marks for actual performance of the student at the time of examination, 10 marks for viva based on questions related to experiment performed by the student & 10 marks for the practical journal assessment by the internal examiner only. Thus practical mark sheet filled by both the examiners, wherever applicable.
  11. After completion of practical examination of all batches of one course, both the examiners should fill in necessary entries in the attendance sheets and mark sheet dully signed be sealed in the envelope. Then this sealed envelope be handed over to co-coordinator.
  12. Center Co-coordinator should collect all such envelops of practical examination of all courses of his center and send it in one packet to Y.C.M.O.U. by speed post or personally within 05 days from the practical examination is over.
  13. Examiners should avoid overwriting in the mark sheet. If necessary, cross out original marks written incorrectly, sign there and write marks as “Fresh” beside it. Overwriting without signature will not be accepted.
  14. Practical journals should be returned to the concerned students.





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In the world of smartphones there is on app quite unlike others. Talking Tom!2D & 3D Animation

Yes, the animated cat whose antics closely resemble cats in the natural world….it even purrs!

Well over 2.5 billion (2.5 billion and counting!) downloads have taken place till now.

And for those of you who love it, there is a spot of good news here….

Talking Tom and Friends, Outfit7′s all-new animated series based on the entertainment juggernaut of the same name, has been announced as a flagship brand on Google’s new YouTube Kids app!!

To be launched in April 2015, the series will chronicle the adventures, hijinks, and inventions of Talking Tom and the gang as they shoot their own reality television show. The announcement was made on the YouTube Official Blog.

Read on…. http://www.animationmagazine.net/internet/talking-tom-kicks-off-youtube-kids-app/!Foundation of art

And if animation interests you even cursorily, do remember MCS Society’s College of VISUAL EFFECTS DESIGN & ART! This is one place out of this world! What else do you expect out of 24 acres of pure greens with the environment of a “Gurukul”! Wanna know more? Go to www.veda-edu.com

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Dear Students

It is my pleasure to inform you that we are scheduling a Very Special Workshop for all of you from The Foundry – The makers of World leading VFX software “Nuke”

On Tuesday 24th of Feb 2015.

All interested students can attend the same by registering the names to Rajesh sir.
Pref. will be given to first come basis as there is only 1 slot of it.

Please go ahead and grab the deal.

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For those of you who have look for courses after 12th standard, there exists a lucrative field called “Animation and VFX” which is very creative, exciting and if you can master it the way people want it, pay you well…..

Talking about animation, there was a time in the distant past…..two+decades back to be precise, when most of you were not around when there existed only one television channel…..our very, very grand-old Doordarshan (hear of it?? Which still makes staid, old, uninspiring programs for the old and the infirm!)! DTH was then unheard of.UG & PG Animation Degree

In all these bleak times, there was this bureaucratic behemoth called the “Directorate of Audio Visual Presentation” (yes, they actual decided what Indians could see and what they couldn’t!) which surprisingly created a snippet of an animation titled “Ek Anek Aur Ekta” in the year 1974. It dealt with the effects of deforestation from the perspective of a child in simpler times……naivety, innocence and simplicity reeked!

To join courses after 12th, it is imperative to know of the industry. And if it is about Animation, the least you ought to know is what happened in India! After all you would be serving one of the biggest players in the Animation Industry world-wide, one that is your own ie…the Indian Animation Industry!

We may curse it to our heart’s content but cannot deny the fact that our Government ie., the Indian Government and its Bureaucrats were responsible in no small measures in getting animation making into India, at least in the initial stages. Come 1956 and the American Technical Co-operation Mission, a GOI initiative invited Disney Studio head honcho, Clair Weeks to help set-up India’s first animation studio. It resulted in the first animation feature titled “THE BANYAN TREE” in the year 1957.

Things immediately looked up from then on though it was only in the end of the 90s that India firmly got into the animation saddle. Snippets did trickle down every now and then but the real torrent took place only in the late 90s and early 2000s

Yes, young folks in their 30s today who too like you looked for Courses after 12th then have managed to place their feet firmly on the grounds of Animation and VFX. And all this in no small measures due to institutes like VEDA Animation college in Pune! Winners of the Neuker Awards 2014, they have the best of infrastructure, staff and courses which can find you jobs instantly in the happening arena of Animation in Pune.

Continuing from where we left off, it was the opening up of the economy in the early 90s that gave the industry the much needed fillip. An additional factor which has helped this industry was the emergence of the nascent television industry. Today it is no more nascent with big names from the movie industry trying their hands here. Tele serials are no more your staid DIL-MIL-KILL stuff and boast of some very impressive sci-fi and vfx stuff which is right in the arena of the animation industry! One interesting reason for Animation making inroads into the Indian entertainment industry initially was the small budgets of the serial makers meaning they would rather use animated characters than live actors as the latter came with a big tag attached. Today, the opposite seems true with real actors finding competition at the door-step and that too from folks who do not exist in flesh and blood!

Another reason animation has done well in India is that we are never short of stories. Our culture abounds with catchy stories whether real life or mythologies. These deal in every subject from love to separation to wars to……and all worth being told to others in the form of animation 2D, 3D or any as many Ds as you wish!

Students and young professionals who look for Courses after 12th would be better informed that in 1986 a person by the name of Suddhasattwa Basu created the first full length animated tele-serial named Ghayab Aaya! Close to a decade after that in 1992, The Ramayana- Legend of Prince Ram was created.

As of today, there is a whole library of stuff Indians have created in the name of animation. Some of this is mentioned below, like,

Ramayana: The Legend of Prince Rama (1992)

Pandavas – The Five Warriors (2000)

Bhagmati – The Queen of Fortune First Live Action Animated Feature Film (2005)

Hanuman (2005)

The legend of Lord Buddha (animated film) (2005)

image of bsc animation courses in pune at VEDAKittu (2006)

Krishna (2006)

Return of Hanuman (2007)

Dashavatar (2008 film) (2008)

Ghatothkach (2008)

Cheenti Cheenti Bang Bang (2008)

Jumbo (2008)

Bal Ganesh (2007)

Lav Kush – The Warrior Twins (2010)

Toonpur Ka Superrhero (2010)

Ramayana: The Epic (2010)

Koochie Koochie Hota Hain (2011)

Alibaba Aur 41 Chor (2011)

Arjun – The Warrior Prince (2012)

Delhi Safari (2012)

My home is Green (2011)

Chintu Skool (2011)

Sons of Ram (2012)

Once Upon a Time (2013 film) (2013)

Mahabharat (2013 film) (2013)

Delhi Safari (2012)

Bal Ganesh 2 (2009)

Chhota Bheem and the Curse of Damyaan (2012)

Chhota Bheem and the Throne of Bali (2013)

Super K – The Movie (2011)

Lava Kusa: The Warrior Twins (2010)

Baru The Wonder Kid (2010)

The Green Chic – Finding Dad (2011)

Crackers (2011 film) (2011)

Pangaa Gang (2010)

Mighty Raju : Rio Calling (2014)

M.A. in Multimedia Animation

So if this field interests you (meaning beyond viewing Walt Disney cartoons!), VEDA animation and art College of Pune is the right place to be in. There are couple of course after 12th you can join, but mainly B.Sc. Media Graphics and Animation could be a right choice to you. Students for Arts , Science and even commerce background can join these careers after 12th

An interesting aside as far as our college goes is that we are not just into animation but the whole field of fine arts. You start from scratch. Yes, quite literally you scratch paper with pencil to create impressions and then go one to learn animations and VFX. An end-to-end teacher, VEDA’s students have recently won the prestigious Nuker Award in Pune which goes to show in no small measure what they really are.

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An article on what hold for school students who pass Class XII in the field of Web designing! And you managed to pass the 12th Class! Or did you??  Either ways….congratulations!

Hoping you have, careers after 12th in Web designing are on the upswing thanks to this explosion of the electronic media and ways of getting information be it a cell phone, a tab or a palm top. In fact, in times to come things might end-up looking even more promising what with the number of gadgets not showing any signs of decreasing in types! UG & PG Animation Degree

If you are looking for a career after 12th in web designing, you should first know about the field of web designing in some detail. Web designing is the process of creating stunning websites which are graphically super reach and user friendly. Almost all companies , organizations or any business needs a website now a days. Web designers are much in demand in cities like Delhi , Mumbai , Kolkata , Pune , Bangluru , Hydarabad etc

In addition to being an artist, the web designer who like you, the reader may be a 12th class pass-out has to have sound knowledge of software and web products.

And mind you, it is not simply about creating images like a painter. Here the Web Designer has to be an expert at creating websites which people like to visit in terms of ease of use, great presentation including looks, colors and graphics, and of course it you want to sell stuff, an easy interface with a payment gateway!  This goes to show that in addition to being an artist, you should  being a 12th class pass out looking for a web designing job should also know the technicalities of a web designer’s job.

One thing more which weighs heavily when looking for a career after 12th in Web designing is the fact that the number of platforms on which one looks for information, communication and entertainment is so vast and ever changing that one has to keep upgrading oneself for ever! Yes for ever….

As for the field itself where a career after 12th in Web designing can be had, the following are the hot ones:

  • HTML Programmer
  • UI Designer
  • Web designer
  • Web Graphics Designer
  • Web Developer
  • Digital media executive
  • SEO Artist
  • SMO Marketing expert

image of web desiging courses in pune at VEDAAs regards courses, one would be more than informed on visiting our web designing course page

Not satisfied with with just the odd 3-6 months diplomas which are plenty in the market, VEDA college has introduced 3 year courses after 12th which give Govt Approved University Degrees! And that too with training and classes held in one of the best campuses in Pune! Want to know more, visit degree course in animation B.Sc. MGA

Joining this place you would get the best of experience with the best of faculties (yes, they won the Neuker of the year award recently…and from the looks of it, shall do it for all times to come) – and of course the best of work opportunities (besides placing students in known companies, they have made entrepreneurs of students who have started out on their own!)

If you are dead serious about making a Career after 12th in Web designing, you are in the right field at the right time….and if you join VEDA , at the right place.  Put all of these together…and you have a great, great career!

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A classic case of kid brother coming of age!2D & 3D Animation

Animation which till a while back was the stuff for cartoon and humor is now serious business and no longer a laughing matter. Its’ equally famous and dexterous cousin, VFX is in fact the all-time darling of most movies. There just may be a time in the near future where VFX and Animation simply edges out the real-life action from most movies. And speaking of movies, why are we speaking only of movies? Animation has gone far beyond in its scope to include fields as diverse as medicines, automation, aviation, space exploration…………

Communication in fact now has a new name. Animation. And jazzing up animation (and movies too!) is VFX. Given its sheer volume and importance today, it does not do any justice to lump it with the usual flesh and blood stuff. This goes for its exhibition too.

Film festivals. The be-all and end-all of most creative movie-related endeavors now has a section if not the entire thing dedicated to animation and VFX. We bring to you some of the world’s finest and most known Animation film festivals. If you make it here, you have arrived….bigtime!


brussels-cartoon-and-animated-film-festival-anima-2014The Belgian city of Brussels has been the venue of this animation particular film festival ever since it began in the year 1982 with the idea of inculcating interaction between filmmakers and moviegoers+ raise the quality of animation films. For the 3+ decades of its existence, it has been showcasing animated features like films from all across the globe besides Belgium. The categories are split between national and international with no particular distinction between formats and techniques

Categories: Full length films, Short films
Website: www.animatv.be
Facebook: /Festival-Anima





Holland Animation Film Festival

images (7)Belgium’s neighbor, The Netherlands too has been at it from 1985. It’s one and only called the HAFF and as an event is not restricted to a single location though most of it is held in the town of Ulrecht.

Sharing vintage with the likes of Annecy, Hiroshima and Ottawa, the HAFF is one of the oldest festivals of its kind in the world of animation featuring animation full length and short films as also those for the digital media like the internet. An interesting off-shoot is that of applied animation. The festival offers glimpses of the emerging trends and celebrates emerging talents.

Website: www.haff.nl
Facebook: /HAFFnl


Stuttgart Festival of Animated Film

stuttgartThe film festival in existence since 1982 validates the fact that the Germans are not as stiff and aloof as they portray! One of the largest and most important of its kinds ie for animated features, given its reach and depth, is considered the best Animation Film Festival worldwide.

SFAF as it is acronymed focuses more on the artistics side and supports talent likewise.

One lesser known fact! Short films nominated here get an automatic entry into the Oscars!

Categories: Full length films, Short films
Website: www.itfs.de
Facebook: /stuttgartfestivalofanimatedfilm


Annecy International Animated Film Festival 

images (8)In this medley of animated madness, trust the French to put in their might which they do starting way back in 1960 as a biennial event which ever since 1998 has been an annual affair.

In its own right,the AIAFF is known worldwide as the best international animation film festival with its proceedings unfolding over a week which sees the screening of world’s finest animation features. It is not only the screening and related competition but another feature which gives this place its name. Activities related to animation such as financing ie co-producing, financing sale/ purchse of features and matters related to its distribution too are taken up with a great deal of zeal and emphasis,

In short, an Animated Film Festival which caters not just to the arty side but also the seamier, practical side in Animated Film making!

Categories: Full length films, Short films
Website: www.annecy.org
Facebook: /annecyfestival


London International Animation Festival

LIAF_corporate_logo_10cm_w_72dpiA fairly recent event when compared to other Animation Film festivals in Europe, starting as it was in the year 2003. But then it has the distinction of being the biggest Animation Film Festival ever and one which is more of a showcase for talent than one which ranks others work. A non-competitive animation film festival, it includes within its already large scope the latest in terms of language, style, technique and technology. Here Animation is no kiddy monkey business but one which is meant to address a need, tickle the grey cells of the intelligent and stoke one’s imagination in various directions!

Categories: Full length films, Mid-length films, Short films
Website: www.liaf.org.uk
Facebook: /LIAFanimation


These by no means are the only Animation Film festivals of repute but are some of the biggest. With Animation gaining grounds as a medium of choice for all types of communication, it is only a rightful that more such events sprout the world over.

Speaking of Animation Film Festivals, what is the one thing that they demand? Talent and guidance.M.A. in Multimedia Animation

And if you are in Pune, you get both these and more at VEDA, an Acronmy which is synonymous with a great place to learn, a great faculty and an impressive infrastructure which is certain to make you fall in love with Animation! Placed in an emerald-green campus of 24 acres in the heart of the bustling Indian mega polis of Pune, you enter heaven when you step through its gates!

So what stops you from taking the plunge? Go ahead! You never know if your creations get represented at the esteemed forums mentioned above!

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Society is mirrored in the cinemas they see. And what exactly is society? Us, us and us….

Video-Editing-CourseFrom the time man first began to roam the lands to the present, one thing which remains unchanged is the desire to represent pictorially events happening around us. It started with cave paintings to murals to stone carvings…..to digitized cinema. The medium change….but not the theme!

Mentioned below are some of the known, accepted and celebrated film festivals of India.


Dharamshala International Film Festival 


We started our search for Indian Film Festivals from the extreme north. Perched on the lap of the Himalayas in a place with a quaint name and feeling called McLeodganj, this is the most recent edition to the list. It all started in November 2013 with a repeat in June of 2014. And what do cinephiles get to see here? Plenty they say with the best indie films, shorts and documentaries from across the world.

So the next time you feel the urge to discover cinema, keep yourself abreast with the lastest film news and come down to McLeodganj. Here, you get the best shot, of the mountains and the movies!


National Science Film Festival and Competition


The name itself sends off snores! Boringly bureaucratic you may think….but it is not. In fact, it should not. For, a nation more so of the size of India, promoting science of all kinds is a must if we are to develop independently instead of remaining slaves to a colonial hangover. In the face of this fact, this initiative by the Central Govt. is worth applauding. This Indian Film Festival is an important milestone in the list of achievements of Govt of India’s Department of Science and Technology. The first such Indian Film festival was held in the year 2010 with categories ranging from popular science programs, short film to animation/graphic films. The last was held at Kolkata with a special section included therein for students and children.



ViBGYOR Film Festival

images (6)

From the laps of the Himalayas, it is now down to the backwaters in God’s own country, Kerala.

With a high literacy level and a strong bent towards the arts, it is but natural that the locals here too relish movies, of every kind. It is this very reason that Thrissur City is the venue for this very vibrant and throbbing Indian film festival which hosts all kinds of movies including international short and documentary.

A coalition of various film societies and media institutes and the likes started this important film festival in the year 2006 which today has blossomed into one of the most important film events in India.

Keralites do seem to have a lot of time on hand. Five days! Yes, five days is the duration of this film festival with topics including a lot of socio-cultural grounding in real-life themes like identities, rights, gender and sexuality.


Bring Your Own Film Festival

download (2)

 If you dislike order and that too in film making, its presentation and distribution, you would love this!

Completely shorn of the usual bells and whistles like venues, judges and juries, awards and structures, this is then an open, open platform where the only reason people come to is for the sheer love of meaningful cinema sans any other motives. You get recognition if your work is good and even if it is not, no one really judges you, cause’ there are no judges….and the juries are out…at home!

2004 is the year when the sands of Puri in Odisha (yes, Orissa) beckoned the die-hard film fanatics to bring their stuff…. their sleeping bags….and tents! By day time, it is the tent…by evening it is the open sky. Yes, the whole activity happens in a venue full of tents which transforms itself into an open-air, open-to-all theater where everyone who wants his/ her stuff to be screen gets a screen!

Given its sheer informality, this Indian film festival has developed into other area just as interesting like photography, music and sculpture.

And if the film-making bug has bitten you, head to College of Visual Effects,Design & Art ie. VEDA (www.veda-edu.com) in Pune, which in addition to being an Animation and VFX institute of repute, also has an animation film making course for students who want to go in to animation side of film making.Nuke

You would like the animation institute for sure, set as it is in the heart of Pune over a 24 acre expanse of Pune in a place people call the Azam Campus. It is green, clean and has a Dean who believes in work, work and work alone takes you places. Staffed with the best of equipment, staff and software, you get the best at the fraction of the cost you would otherwise pay in any other institute. The animation college is also ISO Certified for its academic quality assurance.