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Are you joining an animation course? Have you selected your favourite animation institutes? If your answer is “Yes” then this article is for you. Our experience of 5 years throughout India gets us mails every week on the issue of jobs after completing animation courses. What we find is that students having completed their course in animation haven’t got Job.

In this article we have tried and provided a list of common dos and don’ts for student perusing animation courses of their interest in any animation studio.

What a student should do:

  1. Are you really interested: While planning animation courses check if you really are interested in the entire program or just in a particular part of the course. Many a times it so happens that students take admission in a long duration animation courses but in between they lose interest in topics they don’t find interesting. It is thus very important to keep your interest alive all the while that you do any animation course.
  2. Meet the faculty: Physical infrastructure and a nice ambiance aren’t just the things to consider while taking admission in an institute. You should meet the faculty who would be teaching you the subjects. It is possible that in the very first meet you gauge things like communication skills, attitude and a proactive approach- key qualities of a good faculty.
  3. Check curriculum: Go through the course curriculum to check on the number of theory and practical sessions in your course. Any good animation course must have a right balance of theory and practical content.
  4. Ask for assignments: It is said that ‘practice makes a man perfect’ which holds true here as well. Do as many assignments and projects as you can get hold of to get a good grip of the subject.
  5. Homework is a must: Students who think attending classes at their animation institute suffices are wrong. One must do lots of practice at home as well to sharpen skills and enhance knowledge as animation courses are mostly skill based and require regular practice to clear concepts.
  6. Refer online resources: It is very important that during you animation course you refer other free or paid animation tutorials and videos available over the Internet. Remember your faculty is not the only master in this world of the subject; try gaining additional knowledge from other sources.
  7. Get feedback: Share and show your work/ projects with your peers, industry veterans and experts during your animation course to get feedback and improve upon it.
  8. Attend Events: You may get the opportunity to attend seminars, events and job fairs during your course tenure. Grab this golden opportunity and make new connections in the industry.
  9. Update yourself: It is very important to update yourself with the current demands of the industry during your animation course as it shall help you to face interviews.
  10. Professional Show reel: An animation course is incomplete without an impressive show-reel of your work. Take the help of your peers and teacher to create a good showreel.

image of career after 12th graphicsWhat a student should not do:

  1. Don’t just sit quietly: Just attending classes and going home will not increase your knowledge; ask questions if you have doubts related to your animation course.
  2. Don’t waste time: Internet is a great source of information but can help kill useful time on things like social networking sites, movies and games. Invest your time wisely on the net so that you can gain maximum output and knowledge which will help you in your animation course.
  3. Don’t download things illegal or illegally: Students during their course in animation sometimes download illegal copies of software, plug-ins or tutorials which may seriously system damage your system due to hidden malwares or viruses.
  4. Hesitant to share: Sharing is the new mantra of the 21st century and you, the student should also be open to share your knowledge, tips and success with your peers.
  5. Don’t be late while attending classes: In most animation classes the first 15 minutes sets the tone for the lecture. Missing it you might find the entire session not making much sense to you. It is this advisable that till the time you are in your animation course, try and be punctual all the time.

These are some important do’s and don’ts if you want a successful career in the very first shot. VEDA College of animation in Pune always groom its students in these basics during their animation course so that they go on to become successful animation professional. Do check our course page to find the course that suits you needs. All the best!


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Animation films like Minions and VFX movies like Bahubali have made a place in everyone’s hearts. Creative students are now looking for animation courses in their cities with more confidence though in their minds they are confused as to which animation course is best for them. The reason for this confusion is the presence of animation colleges and private institutes mushrooming around the country offering various animation courses.

Typically these institutes sell their career course or special programmes as a most popular animation course or job oriented course but many times reality could be miles away. We would like to be very clear that doing a 3 or 5 year animation course is not a guarantee to a lucrative job or company offer. Animation and VFX studios within and outside India look for real talent which besides smart degrees has excellent technical skills.

If you are looking for domain-specific employments like Video Editing, Roto Artist, Paint Artist, Flash animator etc, you may choose to go for short term a animation course or VFX course. The advantage with these animation courses is they are short and to the point and can place you in the right industry very quickly as compared to any formal long-drawn animation courses.

We have met many industry professionals, and Directors and CEOs of Animation and VFX studios on this issue to know their views and surprisingly they are not interested in any certification any more. What they are looking is real “SKILLS”!They said. M.A. in animation

If you are looking for domain-specific jobs in the Animation and VFX industry, here are some tips for you before choosing your dream animation course.

  1. Check for specialization: Many animation institutes offer short term animation courses related to particular multimedia industry such as Editing, Post Production, Rotomation etc. Discuss in detail the course curriculum with the course advisor and check whether your specialization is available in the course as well.
  2. Duration: Animation courses can be of any duration ranging from a month to years. Determine beforehand the time you can devote before you sign up any course.
  3. Fees: Normally animation course fee depend on the institute’s infrastructure, technical resource and placement tie-ups. We suggest you inquire about the same with 2 or 3 institutes and be open to ask if there any discount available for your animation course.
  4. Learning material: Animation institutes also offer their self published learning material along the animation course. It is advisable to check the quality of such learning material before you join the course.
  5. Placement: It’s always good to check the kind of placements an animation institute can offer you even if you don’t actually need it. Placement assistance is a complementary feature along with the animation course you choose by many animation institutes.

These are five key points for you to consider in order to select the most suitable animation course.  In PAI College of Visual effects, Design and Art, we suggest any of the following short term courses with 100% job placement assistance.

Where you are seriously considering a course in Animation towards your ambition of becoming a successful Animation Professional, please drop in to VEDA College and discuss the prospects with our course adviser.


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The internet has spawned unthought-about products every which way. Games are one of them…..many of them in fact!

Continuing from the past list, mentioned below is a list of games highly appreciated in 2014 which you may find interesting.


If you are on the look-out for something very interesting and different in gaming, your search just ended…at the right place! It can perplex some and its non-linearity being its biggest plus point, can put some folks off from the very idea of playing it! Anyway, your pick!

In the game designing course at Veda college we host a special competition on Hohokum for our students.

Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare

It has been at the forefront of the best war-games you could ever play. It is the best mix of troublesome creativity and tension and despite not having anything very original and creative to portray about future wars and warcraft, it does go a long way in depicting the filth and muck that goes in the name of warfare and confrontations, and how human ingenuity shall play an important role in segregating between the haves and have-nots with the former being the ultimate winner in every such confrontations. One of the most popular war games. If you are fond of call of duty you will surely like our game designing course also as it has a special guest talk on this game.
game designing course in Pune
Divinity: Original Sin

How could we ever miss out on this one which creates nothing short of a sense of Dejavu…the glorious days of the Ultima list with its arresting visuals and larger-than-life narratives. Far removed from the sense of competition and everything related to it, this particular games has what most don’t have these days: humor! You are taken thru the steps of the game with gentle reminders…and great fun!

We ask our game designing course student to do a case study on the graphics and programming side of divinity.

Dragon Age Inquisition

A truly monumental game, the Inquisition gets under your skin like nothing before…and hence! Its music, most of all takes the cake. Play the game and keep humming the background score much after it is all over. You might in fact forget the game and quite a few things, but the tunes, you never do! Enjoy the most popular action game of the year.

They same the proof of the pudding is in its eating! What stops you?

If you want to make your career in game designing than VEDA College offers a 1 year diploma course in game designing with live projects and placement assistance too. Happy Gaming.


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What is a Web designer? Role and skills unplugged

The next time you come across a great looking website with great, user-friendly features, spare a thought for the web designer….the creative chaps who create the looks, layouts and features of a website. A mix of both computer programmer and a graphic designer, a web designer helps maintain the site and update it technically. They could be individuals or a team given the entire department or simply a part of the task.

Web designers typically are artists given that they have to deal with the looks and feel element of a website though they are supposed to know quite a bit of programming and frequently used software and codes. They are in a sense the architects who design the websites, its looks, feels and features…..and through programming implement it into reality. As such they are a mix of code writers, programmers and artists.

We encourage competition among our web designing course’s students to develop the above skills

Essential activities of a web designer:

  • Bringing to life the ideas of his/ her clients. Being in close proximity to the clients, the web designer is at a vantage position to read the latter’s mind and using skills on software like Photoshop and languages live php and Java convert the same into the graphics which the client expects .
  • Additionally, a film and sound editor+ content writer. Web designers of repute and experience have to handle not only software and languages but given the level of complexity, have to handle things like film and sound effects which have to be shown on the website. These could range from the very basic to the highest that technology can afford.  And if the web-designer is good with technical as also language,diploma and certification in web designing expect him/ her to be an efficient and highly-rated content writer as well! Having all these qualities in one person could be daunting as they require diverse qualities and traits which in person is hard to come by. But if you do, keep them close.
  • Be the client’s tech and work extension. A good web designer, if smart enough can be the client’s confidant as regards all matters in cyberspace and digital marketing.
  • On a more technical note, a web-designer has to do the following:
    • Write and edit content
    • Design webpage layout as per set tech parameters
    • Update such websites and maintain back-ups of site + info therein

During the web designing course at VEDA College our students do the assignments keeping the above criteria in their mind.

If you are seriously contemplating a formal qualification in this, see to it that the course consists of the following matters besides others:

  1. Basic web design
  2. Animation and Multimedia design
  3. Content management and writing including creation and editing of video and audio
  4. Knowledge of CSS and HTML
  5. Fundamentals of SEO

We have two major modules in our web designing course (A) Graphics Designing in which you learn how to create appealing graphics for web and ( B) Web design – Using artwork and graphic to design a user-friendly and effective website.  VEDA College offer free demo classes for web designing course in Pune. Please call us or visit our college to avail the chance.


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Gaming Artist and Game designing course in Pune

Games, be it on a comp or smart phone or tabs have to have some visual appeal for the players to get hooked on to. It is this aspect of the game which most gaming artists help create. The entire spectrum right from the idea germination to sketching it to finally creating is the Gaming Artists’ domain. And with a new device and/ or features coming up daily, the field is very challenging.

The level of complexity can be understood from the fact that one game has to be very flexible to be used with equal dexterity in all mediums. In our game designing course in Pune we prepare students for right game designing fundamentals.

What then are the essential plus points that anyone needs to become a successful gaming artist?

  • An eye for the minutest of details
  • Ready to challenge set order on an intellectual plain
  • Good with others including clients and colleagues
  • Along with mental toughness to take up hours of working, the person ought to be physically strong because there is a lot of bending, half squats etc which needs to be done while working, and you need to work long, long hours!
  • Ability to work on tight schedules as this industry has changing goal-posts.

What do they do?

A good artist can put pencil to paper – or work on a computer – and create a mighty superhero. He might admire his work for some time and then file it away.

A gaming artist is luckier. He brings his characters to life – making them play, fight battles, vanquish enemies – do whatever he wants. It was this desire to create worlds of fantasy that drew Sahil Mathur, an artist at Dhruva Interactive, an animation company in Bangalore, to gaming. “I was so passionate about gaming and animation that I chucked the idea of becoming an IIT engineer,” he says.

Making a video game is as interesting as playing it. “When you show the blueprint of the game to your team leader, it has to be projected as a complete source of entertainment even when it exists in the form of a few sketches on a piece of paper,” says Mathur.

Gaming is about entertainment and only very technically sound people can create interesting content. “The work combines art and technology,” says Vishal Gondal, CEO of India Games.

Not everyone has the talent to undergo an animation/gaming course and become a gaming artist. You must have an artistic bent of mind, says Bijoy Thomas, an art director at Dhruva Interactive.

There was a time when we would play video games at either game parlours or on our PCs. Over the last decade, however, there has been a spurt in newer technologies and mediums supporting the gaming industry, like smart phones, networking sites, consoles like Xbox and Sony PlayStation. A good game designing course must have all these attributes for students.

Regardless of the nature of the game, it’s indeed a mammoth task to develop one. It takes a team hard labour for days on end to design a game. “It means working late every night until the project gets over. You have to take care of each and every detail of the game. If it’s about car racing, you should have some knowimage of game designing courses in pune at VEDA Collegeledge of car engines,” says Vivin Chand, faculty member, MAAC, Preet Vihar branch, New Delhi. Similarly, when it’s a game of cricket, you have to factor ball size, weight of bat and the speed at which it strikes the ball. But all this detailing counts at the stage of programming when the game is put through a game-engine software manned by technically proficient hands.

Most of the game development work is outsourced to India from the US, UK or Korea and companies here work at the execution level. They are given the blueprint of a game and have to develop the idea, execute it and send the work back to the clients. Some companies, however, develop the entire game from the concept-building stage to post-production.

A country where gaming is expected to get on the fast track soon, India had its first national-level game developers’ summit in Hyderabad three months ago, where industry gurus mulled over gaming growth trends and patterns in the country. With some luck, we could have a huge gaming industry at par with the IT sector here soon. We at VEDA animation college schedule visits / guest lectures of industry leaders for our game designing course students.


Skills and Education needed
.   An artistic bent of mind is a must.

.   Penchant for working very hard. You might end up spending 14 hours a day in front of the computer screen.

.   Technologically savvy.

.   Ability to unlearn and relearn to keep up with fast-evolving technology.

.   Good team player because no one can create a game on one’s own. You have to coordinate with a number of people to create a good quality product.

How do I get there?

You should study visual communication in fine arts at a Bachelor’s or Master’s level. You could also get training from any reputable technical institute that offers courses in animation and gaming. If you are aiming to become a game artist, remember that it is a seamless marriage between art and computer science, where art plays a dominant role. If you aspire to become a game programmer, then a degree in computer science with knowledge of C, C++ and Visual Basic can help you get a break with an animation company.

So if you are interested in making your career in game designing course check our course page to get more information or visit us at Azam campus Pune.

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Common Questions about AutoCAD course?

Dear Students as a leading AutoCAD training institute in Pune we get many calls from students based on the common questions related to AutoCAD training and course. Though the questions are simple however it is very important to give a clear idea about AutoCAD training. So we thought to answer all common questions related to AutoCAD course in Pune at our college in a style of blog for you. Hope your doubts will be clarified however feel free to ask us any question related to our AutoCAD training and we will be happy to answer you.

What is the duration of AutoCAD course?

Course duration for AutoCAD is normally 2 months including practical and projects however if you want to learn AutoCAD is fast track mode , you should invest daily 2 hours to finish AutoCAD training in one month.

I am a second year Architecture student…What is the best way to learn AutoCAD?

In many regulated universities, AutoCAD has become an integral part of architectural course and almost all students look for AutoCAD training during or after their course. It is one of the most essential training program you can say for students. Having said that it is very important to learn AutoCAD from any expert institute because although there are lot of training material like free tutorials, eBooks and PDF are available on Internet but they do not cover the entire AutoCAD from a student’s perspective. The serve common topics and same exercises without checking the individual potential of students.

Where in we in our AutoCAD training course in Pune assign personal projects to every student seeing their caliber.

Could you Suggest some simple steps to follow while doing AutoCAD course in Pune ?

We give personal guidance during our Auto CAD classes to each and every student however in general here are some basic guidelines to follow

  1. If you are new to the software first few days just play with the commands and the options available.
  2. Then start learning basic commands functions online via various tutorials available.
  3. Take up simple problems at first and try to draw it yourself.
  4. Start learning other commands in depth and take up more complex problems.
  5. Most important point is practice must always  keep in touch with these software as it may turn to be volatile.

3Ds Max and AutoCAD courses in Pune at VEDA College
I am a civil engineers by profession should I learn AutoCAD course?

It depends in the area you are working in and also what software your company is using for planning and drafting. In India out of 100, we can say 90% companies use AutoCAD for their planning and hence as a civil engineer if you join any short term training course in AutoCAD you can fetch extra perks.

What kind of projects we can do in AutoCAD

Since AutoCAD is a CAD software you can do drawing and design projects related to Architecture, Mechanical Engineering, Civil, Electrical, GIS. Everything that requires engineering drawing and design skills can be done by AutoCAD.


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Games for corporates

The next time you think online gaming is only for kids and those wanting to pass time, think again!

Games can be a way to challenge the dormant grey cells and get them into fighting-fit condition! In fact, games are now used quite extensively world wide by corporate trainers as an established Management Training Methodology!

Want to know why? Read on…..

Here failures can be tolerated

Tough strategic decisions have grave implications with hardly any recourse. A game then is the best way to take decisions, understand, appreciate and learn about the implications without putting an organization and/ or resources to risk. No risk, big returns is what you get from corporate games!

When the fear of failure is removed, quality and speed of decisions improve. The fear can be removed by constant practice in frequent gaming sessions and better decisions taken.

A quiz is answer-based and not implication-based. Implications and outcomes make it harder to forget details as compared to simply remembering correct answers.
image of game designing courses in pune at VEDA
Implication-based results are almost instantaenous!

Despite being relatively new with not many companies including Games in the training curriculum, research by authoritative sources seem to suggest that game-based learning has obvious advantages such as 9% higher retention rate than those who used other methods, 10% higher factual knowledge and 15% higher skill-based knowledge. In fact, the best one is that employee’s self-generated initiative to achieve goals go as high as 20%!It provides instant results and goads participants to take steps pro-actively that demonstrate knowledge and desire to better the situation. Mind and initiative has to be applied to an activity to achieve success instead of simply flicking amongst answers as is the case with most online quizzes. Here the steps to be taken are constant and dove-tail into one another creating a seamless whole.

Implication-based results show very clearly areas where improvement can be achieved.

To play a complicated game, guesswork or simple knowledge alone does not suffice. One has to have indepth knowledge which requires hard, diligent work. Failure in games are the perfect way to identify weaknesses and take corrective steps either by further training or education or a mix of both.

Being life-like games keep the attention of the participants constantly focussed

One learns maximum when the medium is right. A one-side classroom session does not work well with most if the teacher is even slightly boring. Snores and yawns are then the order. Instead, try imagining a real-life situation presented to you and being asked how to figure out the best options and maximize returns? The participants are most likely to be wide awake strategizing on ways and means to do most with least (or whatever is expected). Attention is thus focused through-out with no scope of any deviation(s). On the contrary, imagine the boredom trying to figure out patterns from an excel sheet or bar graph. Often games bring the players in a state of “flow” which is reached after a while and is characterized by high alertness to the surrounding activities all of it focused towards doing the job in hand better. This state can by no means be achieved by activities like quizzes and other one-sided activities.

There you go! Now you know why people play games……for learning! and If you would like to join our game designing course in Pune please check our course page or call us to do a free enquiry.


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Lot of students during our gaming designing course in Pune ask about what is the actual work of game programmer ?

A gaming programmer is the person responsible for writing the program codes. These days with the proliferation of multiple forums like computers, smartphones and tabs to name a few, the work of a gaming programmer has increased to accommodate the game to fit on these platforms.

A gaming programmer in fact is the over-all head of the game development right from idea conception to its execution. There is of course help in the form of designers, graphic artists etc to help with the actual making of the game. The overall feel of the game and its sensibilities invariably are with the Gaming Programmer. In game designing course in Pune of VEDA we introduce our students with the basic profile requirement of game programmer

Till the concept of Games were based mainly on PCs, the Gaming Programmer’s life and work was fairly straight cut with hardly anything new other than ideas itself. But today the scenario has changed so drastically that nothing resembles times mentioned before. Anything that can hold human attention be it a PC, Laptop, Smart phones…..anything, even a foldable screen, can be the perfect hosting platform! Times today are thus very, very interesting for a gaming programmer! Add to this the even better and faster medium, the Internet and a plethora of social networking sites. These almost act as yester-year’s local gaming shops! Get into one and play to your heart’s content! Our game designing course in pune also introduces the core functions of a game programmer as in what is the main responsibility of his job.

What then is it that a gaming programmer does?

  • Conceptualize the game ie ideate! Get the storyboard in place
  • Get the basic animation and storyline in place
  • Appoint the right resources for animation and graphics
  • Calculate the exact costing of a game with everything in place
  • Get the first draft of the game in place
  • Launch a test drive to get responses
  • Do relevant changes and corrections
  • Launch the final copy and keep praying that it becomes a hit!

During the game designing course we also introduce students the basic aptitude skills which are required to become a successful game programmer.
image of game designing courses in pune at VEDA
Aptitude needed here:

  • A passion for online games and relevant challenges
  • Quick learner of software like C, C++ and Visual Basic, and an interest in open source coding.

How does one become a Gaming programmer?

  • Get your basic qualifications in place.
  • Join an organization on a live project and learn the trade
  • Develop ideas which can be changed into challenging games
  • Work, work…..and work some more!
  • Education in animation and graphics like preferably from places such as VEDA in Pune, a top Animation institute!

Pros of this industry:

  • Games having gone from kids stuff to serious things like corporate games of creating and implementing strategies
  • Games can now even be used to teach at any stage from school to B Schools to beyond.
  • Mediums have also changed. You are no more chained to a computer or laptop. A smart-phone is smart enough to do the needful.

Cons of this industry:

  • A high-risk, high-return industry so very risky and very pressurizing with hardly any space for self and family.
  • Games are still stuck to the entertainment genre and movement into other industries is slow.
  • Copying of ideas is endemic to the industry with hardly any control.

There you go! A good idea of what a game programmer has to do! If you are still interested, VEDA animation college in pune offer diploma course in game designing should be of the strong choices you could make to study gaming!

Happy gaming!


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Animation colleges in India……

A very interesting though challenging subject to think of it, given that India is now an acknowledged leader in this sphere.

Not everything that shines is gold and everything that is black as coal….and hence the list below!

After quite some research, we have finally compiled a list of Animation colleges in India which we think have the ability to be called teachers.

Read on……

PA Inamdar College of Visual Effects, Design and Art (VEDA), Pune

Pune’s leading entry to the list of Animation colleges in India known as VEDA till a while back, it is the most distinct of the whole list as its very idea of being around is to teach…and only teach. With a 24 acre ca2D & 3D Animationmpus, this may be the only institute in this list which has a full-fledged cricket ground and sports facility in the entire list. A treat to the eye, this place feel energetic yet cosy and homely as compared to the others which though equally competent, are hard, dry professionals. If it is about art, it is about VEDA. Its staff are the kind of stuff you only get to hear but rarely ever see! Nuker Award winners, solid working professionals with years of experience, they impart solid education on the right kind of software in the technically most advanced studios you ever see. Do a 3-year degree here and you get a Solid Govt and AICTE-affiliated educational degree from the Yashwantrao Chavan Maharashtra Open University and of course, a job instantly! VEDA with all these stars is ranking on top as the best animation college in India.

Animaster Academy, Bangalore

If you happen to be in Bangalore or want to study Animation there, be informed that you are at the right place. Animation colleges in India have a special place for Bangalore given that it is India’s own answer to the Silicon Valley of the US! Animaster Academy is a leading animation college in India which too has a proper infrastructure spread over 10000 sqft with state-of-the-art facilities with high-end computers and latest software. Their labs are equipped with high-end workstations, render farms, light boxes, Dunkey chairs, Wacom pen-tablets, Scanners, Printers and other latest animation through the campus is nowhere near VEDA, the Animation college of Pune!! It boasts of close to 100 UG and PG courses some of which are recognized by the Karnataka State Open University. They have a strong presence in the Animation scene in Bangalore with a whole host of companies such as Tata Elexi and Big entertainment taking in their students.

The Indian Institute of Digital Art & Animation, Kolkata.

Kolkata seems to have lost the first time around but has come back with a bang and IIDAA is proof of that! IIDAA’s very elaborate website maintains that “ West Bengal State Council of Technical Education, Govt. of West Bengal for Diploma courses and Gulbarga University, Govt. of Karnataka, for regular full-time Degree courses. All degree programs offered at IIDAA are approved under the board of UGC-AICTE and Association of Indian Universities.” There you are, another Govt-approved amongst the Animation colleges in India and that too from Kolkata. They hold regular courses in B Sc Animation and Filmmaking besides Masters in the same. And if you thought they were novices, think again! NATIONAL LEADERSHIP AWARD by LOKMAT and STAR GROUP, Mumbai was awarded to them in 2014 collected in person by our Principal Prof. Arghya Roy in Mumbai on the 13th February 2014! Its student works are prominently shown on its website and which seems quite impressive! Also, it boasts of having placed students in companies like Red Chillies Entertainment, TATA ELXSI, ABP and PAPRIKA STUDIOS

ICAT Design & Media College, Chennai, Bangalore and Hyderabad:

Part of the Image Infotainment Limited, it offers a whole range of UG, PG & MScs in Animation and is affiliated with names like Bharathiar University and Birmingham City University. Unlike others like VEDA, ICAT awards a BA Degree in Animation and not a B Sc Degree in Animation. Spread over three cities, they are predominantly in the south of India in Chennai, Bangalore and Hyderabad. Their Advisory board of this animation college includes Oscar-winners + industry specialists. For infrastructure, they have spacious classrooms air-conditioned Labs where every student works on an independent cutting edge PC, library, electronic sources including databases, and a host of global resources in the library. They have own studio floor with Green/Blue Matte equipped with latest digital HD Camera, studio lights and accessories. The college has post-production studio as well. Placements today include TATA Elxsi (Visual Computing Labs), Paprikaas, SONY Pictures, Cognizant Chennai, Lintas London, Tata Interactive

International College of Design, Bangalore:

A very shiny exterior with a beautiful, lively website, ICD is in the Animation capital of India, Bangalore.

Their website mentions that they have an accomplished faculty though not seem too known from the industry. Placements, on the other hand, are in known companies lime TATA Elxsi (Visual Computing Labs), Paprikaas, SONY Pictures, Cognizant Chennai, Lintas London, Tata Interactive.

Like ICAT, here too you have a mix of BA and B Sc in their degrees given to Animation and allied studies. The BA Degree is from Bangalore Univ whereas the B Sc is from Bharathiar University, Coimbatore. Both UGC recognized! And if you still want a qualification, you can always go for the ELIA short for European League of Institutes of the Arts (ELIA).

As regards their infrastructure, they have a spacious facility with Art studio, Prototyping laboratory

Auditorium, Digital design laboratory, 3D rendering and editing laboratory, Photo-studio, Library. Their USP could be an attached hostel facility hardly a distance from the main animation institute. As per our review expert, you can consider this animation college as one of the good choices for visual and animation courses.
UG & PG Animation Degree
National Institute of Learning and Academics (NILA), Gurgaon

The new kid off the block, NILA is a brainchild of the Batras of Delhi, otherwise into various industrial activities. Being an autonomous institute, they provide an independent qualification, a B.Sc in Animation and Visual Effects. The added advantage of this animation institute is that being a comprehensive facility for hotel management and allied services, students in addition to their basic qualifications get the right exposure to etiquettes, social skills and grooming which takes them to the next level in employment in good organizations.

As regards infrastructure of this animation college in India, they have a Fully air-conditioned campus with wifi, computer labs and the right Animation labs and a Croma room on a 28000 sq ft covered campus in Gurgaon in Haryana near Delhi

Faculty too seems good though no known names seem to be on the list. As re their USP, if you are in Delhi or its environs, this place is quite well located with the metro station close by. Same goes for other essentials such as eating joints, hotels, hospitals and market

They have been placing people in places such as Media Vision and Infusion Design Pvt. Ltd.


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Student life in an animation college in India

The animation crowd is young. With the maximum ageing being approx 35, what is it they would want from their campus in an animation college in India and life in general?

Find out…..image of bsc animation courses in pune at VEDA

  1. Open green, clean campus:

Animation is an art despite the extensive use of technical products. It needs open spaces without intrusions like cars and shops where one can sit quietly and let the creative juices flow. In Pune, there is only one such place. Azam Campus with VEDA Animation college therein. Within the city, yet not within the city! No high-rises, no cars….nothing but the soothing sound of silence and the wind blowing in your face! Your dream animation college should be a one which boost your creative talent.

  1. Canteen where you sip tea and…….

Gossip, exchange ideas, curse the faculty and generally have a ball! A young crowd is a rest-less crowd which gets its share of rest only when they exchange thoughts over umpteen cups of chai…..and vada-paavs! And it is in these sessions in animation colleges in India that you find friends, partners….and rivals! People go their way from here but the remembrances never leave you and especially of the canteen.

  1. Uncluttered libraries and quiet corners

For want of peace and quiet, in an animation college in India, there cannot be a better place than the library, more so if it is so huge that it takes a while to go around it. Talking of libraries, there are libraries and libraries and then there is the DMI’s public library….big is an understatement here. Huge might be the right word…might. Sitting in a quite corner, you study, dream and sometimes take a quite snooze. After all, who really is going to catch you? Years later, when you look back, you feel those were the best days of your life…..

  1. The cricket ground and gym….

What is life without cricket! And what is cricket if not played on a proper ground. Gully cricket is not for students of animation colleges in India. Those are only for gully boys who don’t have anything better to do! For the serious students of animation colleges in India, studies can be taxing. What better way to relax than play cricket and that too serious cricket! A cricket ground does not always mean cricket. You can just walk around or jog or simply amble and spend time. And for the seriously physical kinds, there is the gym to sweat it out so that you muscle your way into animation!
UG & PG Animation Degree

  1. The hostel!

How can a student of any animation college in India ever forget the hostel! It is here that you make serious friends….and girlfriends, enemies and camaraderie besides getting ideas and exploring possibilities to things after the animation course ends. Every waking hour during the course, students of animation colleges in India spend in the hostel. This is not the second home. THIS IS HOME! How can you ever, ever forget the times you spent here! Every day here is a new adventure. You either make friends (or make enemies…..or make girlfriends!), meet people, get ideas, get across situations…..there is no end to the world inside a hostel in an animation college in India.

Student life…..!

Remembering it always leaves you with moist eyes! Those who have not seen these days have missed simply missed life!