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Industry experts are coming to Pune, to talk about the future of animation in India and to elaborate some latest releases of Toon Boom Harmony and Storyboard Pro and how this software can be beneficial for the industry.

On this Monday March 7, 2016,  7:30 PM at Hotel Sun & Sand, Bund Garden Road, Pune, experts from Toon Boom Studios,  Stacey Eberschlag, trainer in Toon Boom Studios and Bernard Boiteaux, sales director at Toon Boom Studios, having more than 15 years of experience in the industry, are coming to talk about the Toon Boom Studio’s latest releases and future of animation industry in India.

Stacey Eberschlag, will explain about the new releases of Toon Boom Harmony and Storyboard Pro, will also demonstrate how these would be beneficial for the studios in term of production, quality, efficiency and  of course profitability.

Bernard will talk about the present state of the animation and multimedia industry, the future of animation and other opportunities for Indian animation digital content market.

This would be a worthwhile for the studios as well as animation colleges in Pune and  animation institutions in Pune can also find some worthy information by attending this event. Specially, institutions which runs degree courses in animation with diploma or certification courses in animation  like, B.Sc. in animation or M.A. in animation, for them this is a  must-attend event.


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PAI College of Visual Effects Design and art has organized weekly Free English coaching classes for its students.

Today, English language is must for everybody whether you are a businessman, a professional or a student. If you do not know English language, even during your study you may face difficulty as today almost all the study materials are available in the English language only specially in institutes like an animation colleges, or it would be difficult to face interview or if you got job, it will be a big question to make communication with your colleagues or senior as most of the companies or institutions has English speaking people.

With the language you have to be enough smart physically as well as mentally to make a growth in your career. Students along with his or her skills, if has good communication skills and knows English with proper knowledge of grammar as well would reach out great heights in the career.

Keeping all these things, PAI college of Visual Effects Design and Art, a leading animation college in Pune has organized Free English Coaching classes for it’s students of all the courses like, B.Sc. in animation, M.A. in animation, web design course, graphic design course, VFX courses, game designing course, photography course, digital marketing course, etc., who would be great professionals of the animation and multimedia world.

Started today i.e. on 20/Feb./2016, on every Saturday from 11:00 am to 12:00 p.m. class will be conducted by Mansi Sharma. She has reach experience of more than 5 years in grooming English grammar, business English, group discussion, personality development or many more.

All the students are requested to attend the class on regular basis and learn the language which is very important for your upcoming career.


image courtesy: www.lacasitaindia.com

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Internal test for the B.Sc. in Animation- final year  are scheduled in March 2016, animation principles, theory of animation, Autodesk MAYA and Autodesk 3Ds Max topics will be covered.

Exam Schedule :



Date Time Software Marks
05/March/2016 10:30 am – 3:30 pm Autodesk Maya 20
06/March/2016 10:30 am – 3:30 pm Autodesk 3Ds MAX 20



Date Time Subject Code Subject Name Marks
21/March/2016 10:30 am – 1:30 pm BMG 301 Animation Principles 100
22/March/2016 10:30 am – 1:00 pm BMG 302 Introduction of MAYA 80
23/March/2016 10:30 am – 1:00 pm BMG 303 Character Setup & Animation 80
24/March/2016 10:30 am – 1:00 pm BMG 304 Advanced Maya 80
25/March/2016 10:30 am – 1:00 pm BMG 305 Introduction to 3Ds Max 80
26/March/2016 10:30 am – 1:00 pm BMG 306 Advanced 3Ds Max 80
27/March/2016 10:30 am – 1:30 pm BMG 308 CG Film Making 100


Exam for Paper BMG 307 -Character animation will be held in First week of April (as the subject gets completed)

All the students of B.Sc. in Animation final year are requested to attend test without failure.


image courtesy: www.firstcovers.com

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On the occasion of “Shivaji-Jayanti” , Maharashtra Cosmopolitan Education society has organized a rally.

As every year, MCE Society, Azam Campus organizes rally on the occasion of Shivaji Jayanti, this year on 19/Feb/2016 Friday, around 5000 students and staff of the educational institutions of the society gathered at Azam Campus to take part in the rally. Scene of “Escape of Shivaji from Agra fort” was also represented by the students of the Art College.

“President of the M.C.E. Society Mr. P.A. Inamdar has inaugurated the rally which was marched from Azam Campus at 8:30 am and ends at Lal Mahal, Shanivarwada.  Along with the various bands, students, principals and other staff members of all the educational institutions like PAI College of Visual Effects Design and Art or School of Art took participation in the rally”, as said by the secretary of the MCE Society Mr. Latif Magdum.

Every Year, on the occasion of Jayanti of personalities like Dr. B.R. Ambedkar, Mahatma Phule and other, a rally has been organized by the society to remember their great work and thinking.

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Look around in India and there is one that you shall always admire- people’s imaginative uses of whatever Mother Nature of Father Destruction throws at us! And uses here does not mean only consumption uses but also those for decoration and communication! Rags to things broken and worn to completely useless thing otherwise consignable to dust bins are used with great artistry here.

BFA courses in Pune and especially a Degree in BFA from Pune University helps students understand their innate capabilities and how best to bolster it with expert knowledge under the guidance of trained faculty and teachers. BFA Courses in Pune teach you all about fine arts, painting, engraving etc. They also teach you finer dinternational student banneretails to identify good art from mediocre stuff and history too in order to help people understand art and its source better. Art being an inner calling, BFA courses in Pune teach you how to identify objects worth depicting and what exactly to depict.

BFA courses in Pune like the one held at Maharashtra Cosmopolitan Education Society’s (MCES) PA Inamdar College of Visual Effects, Design and Art teach you everything in fine arts with a contemporary touch so that the students get employment of their liking or can work on their own in diverse fields.

These days BFA courses in Pune have gone beyond the normal pen/ sketch-pen/ brush and paint stuff to matter digital and matters in cyberspace! With a little bit of extra efforts, most students of BFA can get the following jobs:

  1. 3d Artist
  2. Art Critic
  3. Art Teacher
  4. Animator
  5. Art Director
  6. Creative Director
  7. Drawing Teacher
  8. Editor
  9. Furniture Designer
  10. Freelance Workers
  11. Graphic Artist / Designer
  12. Music Teacher
  13. Production Artist
  14. Senior Graphic Designer
  15. Sr. Art Director
  16. Set Designer

And talking of the places where one can get employment, it could be:

  • Art Boutiques
  • Fashion houses & cloth designers
  • Ad agencies
  • Art Studios & theater groups
  • Educational Institutes
  • Publishers
  • Television production houses
  • Websites making and digital marketing

Freelancing can be attempted in:

  • Painting
  • Photography and video-graphy
  • Art Direction
  • Fashion modeling and cloth creation
  • Television serial production and all its various aspects
  • Product & advertisement designing

The above are only some of the fields that a BFA student can attempt. With the sky being the limit, it is only one’s initiative that may come in the way. With the economy opening up and services going online, further short-term classes can be taken for distinct areas and a career built therein.

Where there is a will…..there will always be a way. And if there is none….make one! For more details,you can visit animation colleges like PAI College of Visual Effects Design and Art, one of the best college in Pune.


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Ability means very little in today’s world if not accompanied with a formal degree from a recognized body, mostly a university unless you are Leonardo Da Vinci….and people recognize you!

Also, an innate ability too could do with some formal education. Art is one such ability. You could be the best but what makes you think you  know all? You could well be knowing very, very little in a very vast field.

BFA, short for Bachelor of Fine Arts then is the remedy where one has the right abilities and attitude and wants to hone skills to do better. Your skills need recognition like a certification or better a degree from an established fine art college or animation college.  And for those of you readers in and around Pune or wanting to come to Pune for education the BFA Pune University is the best thing to happen to your career…..more so where you attempt the same from a place called Maharashtra Cosmopolitan Education Society’s (MCES) PA Inamdar College of Visual Effects, Design and Art at Azam Campus! Everything from the campus infrastructure to the teaching staff is designed such that you will surely come out an Artist of the highest order!

The BFA Pune University is of three years duration and requires a minimum schooling of 10+20 i.e. Higher Secondary. In essence, what the BFA Pune University does is to hone the student’s aesthetics senses by applying various means such as drawing, illustrations, paintng, use of colors likeBFA in painting water colors, oil paints, making portraits, landscapes, object drawing etc. A student going thru the rigors becomes conceptually strong and develops critical abilities to differentiate between good work and work that is mediocre. One other thing that this course teaches is the history of arts. For the layman, history of arts may sound un-necessary and boring but it is not so and students are taught this with lots of stress.

What can one expect to become after completion of BFA Pune University?

Fine arts has the following openings:

  1. Join an art studio/ advertiser/ digital media company/ publisher/ digital promoter. Any one with requirement for any art work be it on the computer, print, digital media can employ a BFA Pune University graduate! Even commercial artists for collages, outdoor media works etc can employ them.
  2. Join a design company/ software industry/ product manufacturer etc where design work needs to be done on the product or for its promotion.
  3. Join a specialized agency like newspaper organization or the likes and become an art critique
  4. Become a freelancer and either sell own works or of others for a commission. Other works can also be done as a freelancer where one has a specialization.


At the end of it, what line one chooses is more to do with what one wants to become, his/ her aptitude and attitude towards work and growth in life!

Earnings/ Remuneration:

BFA Pune University does guarantee a good education but freshers should ready themselves mentally to accept whatever comes their way and not try and negotiate from day one. Earnings be it in employment or freelancing can start with Rs 5000.00 which with time and experience increases exponentially. But for that one needs to work very hard and very smart.

Joint a degree course like B.F.A. in Painting from PAI College of Visual Effects Design and Art, Pune, hone your art skills and make a great career in animation.



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Opening your eyes (and in fact even in your sleep!), the first thing that most get to see either on a smartphone screen or a news paper or TV in almost all cases are ANIMATIONS! Be it selling a product or concept, explaining a situation or giving an idea as humongous as that of a tsunami or an earthquake, it invades with its presence.

Today there is practically no industry which does not use animation in some form or the other. That being the case, there is a huge demand for animators. That being the case, there are all manner of people who think they have it in them to attend an animation course in an animation college in Pune or any other place and try their hands in animation. But then who ever said, everything that is yellow and shines is gold! It could just be imitation jewellery! Or worse still, you may be allergic to gold (that does not normally happen though!)

Before you take the plunge and end up in any one of the animation courses in India, we would like to give you cause to pause and think…..and think hard as it is hard money someone is putting on your behalf with the expectation that you would do well and rise above the others.

  1. Placement

    You are doing this course because you want employment. Nothing much comes out of charity which you do not intend to get into in any case. Someone is footing the bill, a huge one at that so you might as well ask from the animation college/ animation  institute about their animation placement track record. The industry is on the growth path and so are the number of dubious institutes which show you a large carrot and give you just that in the end!

    Go thru their track records not simply by looking at the animation institute’s website. Check all relevant details and websites and talk to employers to gauge the animation college’s reputation in terms of student aptitude.

  2. Campus & Infrastructure

    When you join an animation course in an animation college, you expect to learn and enhance your knowledge in an art form much in demand and very, very technical in nature. For that the first thing you need is good infrastructure and a full-fledged campus….PAI College of Visual Effects Design and Art in Pune is one such animation college in Pune which has the distinction of being one of the best animation college in India AND has just that, a campus worth dying for. Spread over 24 acres in the famed Azam Campus of Pune, it is right in the city….and it is not! Clean, green and very well maintained, it gives you Degree, Diploma or certification courses from one of the best colleges in India a campus you instantly relate to. No high-rise and flashy buildings here. Only calm and collected set of buildings which contain everything from the green room to blue room to studios to libraries. You name it…and you get it! Can anyone else boast of this? Unlikely. So friends, the next question after placement ought to be about the campus and related facilities. Institutes exist all over India in cubby holes calling themselves Animation Institutes. They are just that….cartoons! You want the real stuff, you know where to go, don’t you?

  3. Certification from the right place

    Employment in India still means a certificate from a decent place. Your first job after your animation course or animation degree could be due to campus placement. What after that? With holes-in-the-wall animation institutes dotting the city and the country, getting a job after the first employment can be tough if your certification is from a place not recognized either by the industry or the Govt. An animation institute of the repute that PAI College of Visual Effects Design and Art has given the fact that it gives a recognized Degree from Yashwantrao Chavan Maharashtra Open University besides well-established Diplomas can certainly open doors for you….even those tightly closed!
    o for those you are most comfortable with ie a government-recognized degree. They take their own sweet time to recognize an institute but when they do, they do a great job!

  4. Staff

    Animation is of recent vintage in the annals of the Indian Industry and thought process which makes it impossible for most institutes to get quality teachers. Most animation colleges are known to even cannibalize their own staff to teach stuff they were never trained in or for that matter even employing their own students as teachers. Animation institutes such as these make a mockery of education and that too something as technical and tough as Animation. But then by the grace of the almighty, you have PAI College of Visual Effects Design and Art!

  5. Extra-curricular activities and industry interaction

    The best animation institute(s) in India will never ever make you sit in one place and ruminate like a cow! No…never. Animation is a dynamic activity and most of it an art which can never be learnt in full where the student is made to sit in one place doing the course over and over again. Moving out into the open, in the morning/ evening sunshine or under the neem tree in itself has a feeling of freedom which no classroom can ever replicate. And practicing and attending class rigorously may or may nor make you an animator but it WILL make you extremely boring to be around with. PAI College of Visual Effects Design and Art in its 25 acres of greens and low old-style charming campus has just the right solution- a full-sized cricket ground and facilities for other sports! Open spaces where you can roam, study, do theatrics….the works! There are humongous libraries on the campus which can be the envy of most other institutes given its size and collection. And if you are bored of studies and sports, PAI College of Visual Effects Design and Art has some or the other event and Olympiad through out the year be it to do with IT, Cloth donation, Tree growing, Health….you dream of it and you join it!

    Animation colleges, courses and institutes in Pune are available by the dozen. PAI College of Visual Effect Design and Art ranks way above them. Any why not? It is after all one of the best animation colleges, courses and institutes in India!

    But then as they say, the proof of the pudding is in its eating…..and for that you need to visit PAI College of Visual Effects Design and Art, India’s best animation college!

    image courtesy: http://lakeplacidfilmforum.com/


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Today’s students, they are smart, they are more tech savvy, they don’t prefer to sit in a classroom and learn only what their teachers teach them but they are also getting the answers from guru “Google”. And the competition they are facing in this day to day changing world of technology to achieve their goal, it’s  not the smooth path to walk on. Yes, they have to face all these difficulties to make this world better.

They are strong,but because of this cut-throat  competition there would be a time where they are weaken, they may feel anxiety, anger, fear, or many such conditions can stand in front of them. To avoid such situations they require some activities that make them strong enough to stand and resolve the situation.

PAI College of Visual Effects Design and Art being a leading animation college in Pune, has organized a Free NLP workshop to strengthen the intellectual ability of the students, named as “NEURO EDUCATION Workshop”. A two day session in which students learned how to:-

  1. Diagnose a problem
  2. Learning process
  3. How to study
  4. Memory muscle
  5. Handling exam anxiety (various emotions)
  6. Communication modal
  7. Career myths

Students from the animation college participated whole heartily and they have cleared some of their doubts as:-

  • They want to know what is their potential
  • How to further develop their potential
  • How to use these potential for career development
  • Motive is not cleared, sole purpose to complete the college is to get the job.


Students from animation field require such session as a healthy mind can produce creative ideas and an animation college should have arrange such value added seminars. A session which will help them to strengthen their intellectual ability as well as students can also overcome problems like, anxiety, lack of concentration, lack of communication, fear of unknown future etc. that will help them in their upcoming career or to achieve their goal and to live a happy life.