M.A. in Animation : A new and emerging career in animation.

It is said people go places. To get the full import of it, you ought to be one who has in fact veered miles away from your original track. But it does happen with people and more so these days when the concept of career itself is going a metamorphosis of sorts. Doctors end up being yoga instructors, Sportsmen end up teaching, CA sell music….an endless list. Getting added to this ever-increasing list are Graduates of Arts, Commerce and Science who want to get into animation!

And why not? What is so wrong with it? Everyone has an artistic side, be it in writing, painting or something else and given a chance and provided you are good at it, this could very easily turn into a major vocation and a money spinner! It would thus be in the order of things where we speak about a course after graduation which if attempted whole-heartily can given fantastic results…. their are many animation courses like Masters in Animation, more so MA in Animation, a super specialization in Animation which is likely to give your animation career or job a major boost!
You can do lots of animation courses even after doing graduation in commerce, science or in any other subject , and Masters in Animation is the course which gives you specialization with a degree in your hand which has much more worth as you know.Animation college provides the atmosphere where you can enhance your animation skills like seminars on animation, animation competitions etc.
Masters in Animation (or MA in Animation, a specialization in Animation) adds to your Bachelor’s degree in the following ways:
VFX Shot of a Film
Super Specialization in Animation, VFX, and other areas
Since you have an obvious disadvantage in not having a degree in the subject, this qualification i.e. MA in Animation would be of great, great help. It will bridge the gap between a degree-holder and you. In fact, it would more than fill-up in your favour given that the subjects here need extra hard-work compared to a degree course.

  • Further study always better than on-the-job knowledge: In this condition i.e. without a Degree in Animation, most aspirants given our penchant to stay away from studies to the extent possible web designing course at PAI college of VEDAwould prefer an on-the-job training. It seems fun and you get paid! But that is all you get. Animation and Multimedia,  being the vast subjects that they are, can’t possibly be covered in your day-to-day working. In fact, most job learning cannot progress beyond a certain band where people get stuck. To get out of it or for that matter to stay out of it, one has no option but to got for a course like a MA in Animation. It gives an all-round view and asks you to exert yourself to learn more.
  • FEducation with an excellence at veda collegeor the money you pay, you get good education: A MA in Animation though recognized in India by reputed institutes and Universities does not involve a huge outlay of resources. In fact, given the dearth of students who mistakenly do not understand its worth and stay away, most institutes conduct these classes rather economically priced. You get money’s worth at throw-away prices!
  • Tech changes fast and it makes sense to pursue it with a proper course: Another point in favour of a MA in Animation is that the field of Animation reflects its most important support, IT and changes just as quickly. Technology being fickle, it makes sense to pursue the same from places authorized by authorities. Otherwise, you always run the risk of being left out high and dry!
  • For certain jobs like teaching and govt. posts, they invariably ask for a Masters: If you plan to apply to a govt body, you have no option but to do a recognized course such as a MA in Animation etc. as they insist on ever qualification being certified by the correct bodies.

Here you are….a list of reasons why you should do a course in MA in Animation! If you are convinced, don’t waste anymore time thinking…Act instead!
P.A.Inamdar College of Visual Effects Design and Art run master degree in animation, have a world class infrastructure and great ambiance and easy to your pocket also.

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Animation is an art which contains various forms of art. Students who are in learning process, have to study all these subjects or form of art like sketching, painting, acting,  learning 3D softwares and above all they must have good observation skill. They should study or observe their nearby world; how a person is walking, birds are flying or a leave fall from a tree…etc.

PAI College of Visual Effects Design and Art, an animation college, do such activities so that its students can have understanding of various forms of animation and learn to observe. And in this series a workshop has been organized for B.Sc. in Animation, third year students, from 19th Feb. 2016 to 22nd Feb. 2016, to share the production workflow for animating an acting shot, on “Acting Shot Walkthrough” for the students who have covered MAYA Animation Module by Mr. Rohan Page, faculty for 3D Animation in the animation college.

Following topics has been covered in the workshop:-

– Importance of planning for animation shot
– Ingredients of a good animation recipe
– Actors Vs Animators
– Workflow of Acting Shot
– Process & Rules of Lip Sync
– Different stages of acting shot

As well as theory, practical activity was also given to the students. They had to work-out on a dialogue i.e. “I have to go to the….Umm… Wheez Palace “

On the dialogue students have to work on :

Mood of the character,
Pitching of the dialogue,
Short back-story of dialogue,
Students had to act out on given dialogue to create a video reference.

And finally the outcome of the workshop was:

– Students understood the thought process over working on Dialogue shot.
– Students were able to think good about situation, back-story, and mood of a dialogue.
– It was a first time that student had to perform an acting on a given dialogue, hence the performance was average.
– Students have been instructed to work more towards creating a good video reference and submit it to instructor for comparing their first performance & final version of performance.

Students did observation, acting, study of mood of the character, and many more activities which is very essential for an animation course or will be very helpful to make career in animation. Such activities must be organized by the animation college which runs degree courses like, B.Sc. in animation or M.A. in Animation.

And at the last, what students think about the workshop, some of their views:

Abhishek Singh Rajput : I learnt how to express our expressions, this was my best session in my third year.

Tenzin Gelek : I have learnt that acting is important for an animator.

Shaaz Shaikh : It was fun getting involved in the activity conducted by the instructor and helped me to explore the animation field, be it the dialogue, animation or acting for the actual performance of our respective characters to be animated in future.

Nirmala Baghel : I learnt workflow, dialogue, animation. How to animate character according to the given dialogues. How to animate expressions and walk cycle of the object according to the situation.



Seminar on “Design Skills” has been scheduled on 16th March 2016, Wednesday from 11a.m.

The Faculty is Mrs. Trupti Martin, a passed out from Sir J.J. College of Art Mumbai University, and also studied for applied arts from Abhinav Kala Mahavidhyalaya.
she has a great professional experience in the field of design and developing identities, and specialization in design and visualization. She worked with the great brands like Bajaj Finserv Ltd., Master Card, Infosys Ltd., Forbes Marshal Pvt. Ltd., Wipro Lighting, and many more.

Mrs. Martin has worked with some of the big studios of Pune like, Design Direction & Indi Design. Now she has her own studio “Reyes Design Temple”, where she is pursuing her own dream towards entrepreneurship.

It will be a great session to understand the concepts of the design, which will be worthy for your designing or animation course whether it is graphic designing, web designing or B.Sc. in animation or even for your upcoming career in animation. So all the students are requested to attend the seminar.

PAI College of Visual Effects Design and Art, being an leading animation college in Pune, has do activities like organizing seminar or workshop on animation or design to develop the skills of it’s students.

A session to prepare yourself for the upcoming interviews, “Personality Development Class” has been scheduled on this Saturday 12/March/2016 at 10:30 a.m.


The session will be based on the criteria of interview demanded by all the companies. You can learn a lot of things which will be helpful to clear a interview you will face in the upcoming days.

All the students are requested to attend the session.

PAI College of Visual Effects Design and Art has received mark sheets for,

M.A. in Multimedia – First Semester – July 2015

from Karnataka State Open University. Names of the students whos mark sheets have been received are as:

  1. Manpreet Kaur Saini
  2. Mayur Prakash Walmik
  3. Moulisha Rana
  4. Nikhar Jain
  5. Pooja Hood
  6. Suvanjan Biswas
  7. Tejashri Choudhari
  8. S. Sadhiq
  9. Brian Dean Madanamootoo
  10. Divya Pankaj Oswal
  11. Naina Hemant Sonar
  12. Immanuel L. Zote
  13. Lienthangvung Buongpui
  14. Anes Errol David
  15. T. Arun Kumar
  16. Tunkikar Sumit Shyamrao

All the above students are requested to contact Mr. Ravi Tekate, H.O.D. for the mark sheets as early as possible.

For the B.Sc. in animation first year students, lectures for the “Creative Content Writing” have been scheduled by PAI College of Visual Effects Design and Art.

As content writing plays key role not only for the newspapers or books but in the present scenario, creative contents are required in multimedia field also, like for websites, social media promotion, etc. YCMOU has included a particular subject called “technical and creative writing” in B.Sc. in animation degree course in animation.

For the students of B.Sc. in animation first year, lectures on the above topic have been scheduled from 16th March 2016 Wednesday to 19th March 2016 Saturday at our college, lectures will be taken by Mr. Purushotham, who has expertise in content writing and also working with PAI college of Visual Effects Design and Art.

All the students of the B.Sc. in animation, first year students are requested, to attend the lectures compulsorily.

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An open session will be organized on every second Saturday of the month from 9:30 a.m. to 10:30 a.m., where our Principal sir Mr. Rishi Aacharya will interact with the students.

On 12/March/2016 our principal sir will talk with students from 9:30 a.m. to 10:30 a.m., which will be a good platform to talk on issues or suggestions related with your studies or course.  Students from all the courses like, M.A. in animation, B.Sc. in animation, diploma courses, certification courses etc. are therefore requested to attend the session and interact without any hesitations.

Industry experts are coming to Pune, to talk about the future of animation in India and to elaborate some latest releases of Toon Boom Harmony and Storyboard Pro and how this software can be beneficial for the industry.

On this Monday March 7, 2016,  7:30 PM at Hotel Sun & Sand, Bund Garden Road, Pune, experts from Toon Boom Studios,  Stacey Eberschlag, trainer in Toon Boom Studios and Bernard Boiteaux, sales director at Toon Boom Studios, having more than 15 years of experience in the industry, are coming to talk about the Toon Boom Studio’s latest releases and future of animation industry in India.

Stacey Eberschlag, will explain about the new releases of Toon Boom Harmony and Storyboard Pro, will also demonstrate how these would be beneficial for the studios in term of production, quality, efficiency and  of course profitability.

Bernard will talk about the present state of the animation and multimedia industry, the future of animation and other opportunities for Indian animation digital content market.

This would be a worthwhile for the studios as well as animation colleges in Pune and  animation institutions in Pune can also find some worthy information by attending this event. Specially, institutions which runs degree courses in animation with diploma or certification courses in animation  like, B.Sc. in animation or M.A. in animation, for them this is a  must-attend event.


PAI College of Visual Effects Design and art has organized weekly Free English coaching classes for its students.

Today, English language is must for everybody whether you are a businessman, a professional or a student. If you do not know English language, even during your study you may face difficulty as today almost all the study materials are available in the English language only specially in institutes like an animation colleges, or it would be difficult to face interview or if you got job, it will be a big question to make communication with your colleagues or senior as most of the companies or institutions has English speaking people.

With the language you have to be enough smart physically as well as mentally to make a growth in your career. Students along with his or her skills, if has good communication skills and knows English with proper knowledge of grammar as well would reach out great heights in the career.

Keeping all these things, PAI college of Visual Effects Design and Art, a leading animation college in Pune has organized Free English Coaching classes for it’s students of all the courses like, B.Sc. in animation, M.A. in animation, web design course, graphic design course, VFX courses, game designing course, photography course, digital marketing course, etc., who would be great professionals of the animation and multimedia world.

Started today i.e. on 20/Feb./2016, on every Saturday from 11:00 am to 12:00 p.m. class will be conducted by Mansi Sharma. She has reach experience of more than 5 years in grooming English grammar, business English, group discussion, personality development or many more.

All the students are requested to attend the class on regular basis and learn the language which is very important for your upcoming career.


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Internal test for the B.Sc. in Animation- final year  are scheduled in March 2016, animation principles, theory of animation, Autodesk MAYA and Autodesk 3Ds Max topics will be covered.

Exam Schedule :



Date Time Software Marks
05/March/2016 10:30 am – 3:30 pm Autodesk Maya 20
06/March/2016 10:30 am – 3:30 pm Autodesk 3Ds MAX 20



Date Time Subject Code Subject Name Marks
21/March/2016 10:30 am – 1:30 pm BMG 301 Animation Principles 100
22/March/2016 10:30 am – 1:00 pm BMG 302 Introduction of MAYA 80
23/March/2016 10:30 am – 1:00 pm BMG 303 Character Setup & Animation 80
24/March/2016 10:30 am – 1:00 pm BMG 304 Advanced Maya 80
25/March/2016 10:30 am – 1:00 pm BMG 305 Introduction to 3Ds Max 80
26/March/2016 10:30 am – 1:00 pm BMG 306 Advanced 3Ds Max 80
27/March/2016 10:30 am – 1:30 pm BMG 308 CG Film Making 100


Exam for Paper BMG 307 -Character animation will be held in First week of April (as the subject gets completed)

All the students of B.Sc. in Animation final year are requested to attend test without failure.


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