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Animation and Designing is one of the most exciting & attractive career fields. These days traditional way of designing and animation has changed to its use for communication, entertainment, education etc. It is widely used as one of the powerful tool. Animation is a powerful tool which is used to create realistic effects of the particular event which has never occurred. It is a resourceful tool which can be easily used by broad audience of all age groups.

Animation allows you to give life to any concept. Simply it can give a soul to your dream character.  Techniques used for Animation can give real effects which might be impossible to perform lively. Like shown in a very famous movie called Life of Pi , that the boy  who is the hero of the movie is stuck in the boat which is exactly in the middle of ocean, with all  wild animals with him and the movie goes on. Now technically it is impossible to have any human with wild animals and later to shoot with them is not possible at all. But we make all these things, events happen at a fraction of cost with no life risks involved. We use animation and visual effects to create such realistic effects.

So to take career in animation one needs to have formal education in this regards. Earlier a very traditional way of animation was used. Where animators, designers or artist used to draw multiple designing’s or art work on paper and later those images were shot and given movement by giving sequences. That was typical 2D animation. These days also few animation studios work in a traditional way. They still use paper, pencil, clay etc for animation. However most of the animation industry is turning towards technology. i.e. 3D Animation. Most of the animation studios use 3D software’s to create films, cartoon movies, TV commercials, various advertisements etc.

To take up career in animation one needs to start up with formal education. So that the student who is willing to explore this field can get all knowledge right from basics to advanced in one go. Skills studied in degree course in animation i.e. B.Sc. Animation can give detailed knowledge and skills required for jobs in animation studios.  Skills acquired can be used to create video games, cartoon movies, animation movies, various advertisements etc. By working on all these domains one can do specialization as per interest and can take a specialized job in special effects, modelling, compositing, 3D animator etc.

As we all know Indian animation industry is changing globally. Indian animators, designers are in huge demand for their exclusive skills.  Hence it is extremely important for person to present him/her with all technical and artistic skills. One can surely get benefit by having degree in animation. By doing degree in animation one can get equip with technical, artistic skills along with portfolio which is a must for their potential employer.

So….are you ready to take up challenge? Are you ready to explore the world which is full of opportunities? Then what are you waiting for?  Come and spend one day with our artists at our animation college. They will take you through the exciting world of animation and designing. P A Inamdar College of Visual Effects, Design & Art  wide variety of courses in animation which can surely take you towards your dream job.

If you are ready to take one big step towards your career then visit us on


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In today’s globalization technology has played a major role. Digital dominance has spread its wings in the sectors like animation, designing as well. In today’s digital revolution future animators always have a better opportunity to excel. There are plenty of opportunities available in various animation companies, studios. But an opportunity popping up does not mean that one can easily get a job.

So from where to start?

If you are a fresher then it will be little difficult for you to take up a right solution for your career. Animation, Designing and Multimedia industry is hugely in demand for the professionals.  In India these courses are in huge demand after professional or technical education. However, to take a decision for your career (though complicated) is made simple here.

How you will be hired

Answer:  you need experience and knowledge  online-animation-course

How you will get experience or knowledge?

Answer: of course by doing Degree in animation

An authorized animation degree program is the best, authenticated and proved way to get hands on industry relevant experience. This is required to enter confidently into massive animation industry.

So what are the advantages of joining Animation College?

You will always get leverage for having accredited degree by UGC

  • Industry relevant hands-on experience
  • Active placement department for Job opportunities
  • State of art infrastructure to work on your digital portfolio
  • You can use latest software’s and tools
  • And this list goes on..

Apart from above mentioned reasons most of the animation studios or companies are willing to hire those who have received professional training or sometimes these animation studios or companies share their technical requirement with a particular college and get their students trained accordingly for placements with them.

So to help students with their best animation college we have shortlisted top three animation institutes in India.

These best animation institutes are ranked in top three due to following factors;

  • Syllabus
  • Student Passing out rate
  • Placement opportunities
  • Salaries offered
  • College Fees and other expenses
  • Trainers Reviews
  • Infrastructure
  • College reputation
  • Students feedback

So now it’s your turn to decide something productive for your career. Be realistic and careful as you consider each and every option. Speak to our experts to understand more about this industry and various options available, visit us at P A Inamdar College of Visual Effects Design and Art, Pune.


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Animation, Designing & Multimedia industry is spread across the globe. To cope up with increasing demand for trained animators, designers it is important to have right technical knowledge.  To full fill this requirement animation degree and post graduate degree programs are available across India. Following are the details about top animation institutes where one can surely start for formal technical and skillful education.


P A Inamdar College of Visual Effects, Design & Art

Veda Logo in Footer

The animation college tops the listing. With its establishment in 2010 VEDA Institute is second home to more than 1500 students enrolled in Degree course in Animation. VEDA institute tops the list of post-secondary institution where UGC Approved Degree in Animation and Masters Degree in Animation is offered in Animation, Designing, Multimedia and Art. Along with degree course in Animation, the animation school also offers wide variety of short term programs in Graphic Designing and Web Designing, 3D Animation and Specialisation and Film Making, VFX , Film editing , Photography, digital marketing etc.

P A Inamdar College of Visual Effects, Design & Art is the preferred choice for students not only from India but from abroad also for its facilities given to the students. College is reputed for its magnificent infrastructure and is also a part of one of the oldest Educational Trusts in Pune, India. College campus is spread across 24 acres with lush greenery. Students can avail facilities like hostel accommodation,24*7 tight security, medical assistant, sports facilities, Canteens, library etc.P A Inamdar College of Visual Effects, Design & Art has been selected as Institute of the Year for 2016 by Higher Education Review Magazine  P A Inamdar College of Visual Effects, Design & Art is the right option for those who aim high for their career.


National Institute of Creative Communication

nicc logoThe institute was established in 2005. This college is situated in Bangalore, Karnataka, India. NICC offers variety of courses in Animation, Communication Design, Product Design, Interior Designing, Visual Art, Photography etc.  Degree courses and post graduate are UGC recognised. Along with it NICC is affiliated to European League of Institutes of the Arts (ELIA).

ICAT – Image College of Arts, Animation & Technology

Icat_logoICAT – Image College of Arts, Animation & Technology was established in 2003 by considering massive opportunities available in animation and designing. College is situated with its their state-of-art campuses in south India namely Bangalore, Chennai, and Hyderabad. At these locations college offers various undergraduate, post graduate diploma programs and Master’s degree program. As per students interest they can choose from 13 UG programs, 8 PG Diploma Programs, and 2 master’s degree programs.


Birla Institute of Technology – BIT

bit_logoBirla Institute of Technology started up with Animation and Multimedia department in the year 2005. With the Bachelors and Masters Degree programs they are also offering P. HD. in Animation are offered at two of its campuses one at Jaipur and another at Noida.

The institute in NCR Region is been rated as the best school of Animation Studies and also rated with IDC, IIT. Bombay, FTII, Pune and NID, Ahmedabad by the Hindustan Times a survey done by the C4 forum , the Animation programme has been designed by the experts of the animation, is a blend of art and technology.


Apeejay Institute of Design, New Delhi

apeejay logoApeejay Institute of Design, New Delhi was established in 1998. College is based in New Delhi, where they offer various Bachlors ,Master’s Graduate & Post Graduate Level Prorams. Along with these degree programs college offers short duration certificate courses in Fashion, Interior, and Photography etc.



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Animation is a art of moving images. Very popular and much in demand in West and now getting popularity in mainstream Indian visual market. As mentioned Animation entered in West in early 90s and to provide quality animators and artist various institutes in west started with good number of animation courses list.

The objective of these animation courses is to groom an artist for this visual medium and and to begin with you can opt basic course from the published animation courses list of the institute.  We would like to recommend you that you must Animation-courses-after-12thhave good hand in drawing to be a good animator. Many people are interested in 3D animation and they give excuse that doing 3d animation has nothing to do with art and drawing. That’s not the fact, remember whether you are selected 2d animation or 3d animation from the animation courses list of any institute you must clear your drawing fundamentals.  I surprise when I see the institutes guaranteeing about animation career and do not have any space for drawing and sketching in their animation courses list.

When I took the charge of P A Inamdar College of Visual Effects Design and Art college as a principal I made a point  that our programmes must have the essential drawing and sketching skills closely connected with the First year of B.Sc. Media graphics and animation degree programme.  However It is not necessary that you can enter into animation only through B.Sc. animation. Please refer the below mentioned animation courses list of our college which gives you a fair idea about various animation courses and their entry level.

List of Animation Courses Entry Point
Building Drawing Skills
for animation
Class V to VIII
Building Advanced drawing
skills for animation
Class XI to XII
B.Sc. Media Graphics
and Animation
After H.Sc. 10+2 in any subject
Diploma in 3D Animation Undergraduate or postgraduate
Master’s Programme in Animation After B.Sc. Media Graphics
and Animation.
Certificate course in Maya animation H.Sc. and above.

Please note that the above animation courses list and their entry qualifications are indicative. In case you are interested to pursue any animation courses from P A Inamdar College of Visual Effects Design and Art College, you can meet us in the college with an prior appointment.

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Look around you with eyes wide open and what do you see? Gadgets, gadgets and more gadgets! Consequently, apps, apps and more apps! And on these gadgets, what is the one thing that explains most things very, very easily? Animation! Be it Talking Tom, Minions or any other application, the first and most prominent application of animation is in the making of cartoon characters. That besides, Animation as a field finds application in practically anything and everything where depiction is needed be it as humans, animals, phenomenon….anything!

Which brings us to the next part of our discussion. How does one learn Animation ie get specialization in Animation. Given the very scale of the field, it is not possible to learn essential parts on the job because Animation the way we see it today is far, far bigger than that. We have thus to inquire about a course in Animation, Masters in Animation. To put it otherwise, A MA in Animation.finding college of animation

That is easier said than done. The Digital Age shows a lot and sometimes at the expense of showing the negatives. Everything is done with a view to show only the best with the seamier sides being tucked away from frontal view.

What then should be the questions you should put forth before joining any institute which professes degree in Animation? Read on…..

  1. Campus and infrastructure

    Be it a Bachelor’s in Animation or Masters in Animation, the first thing you should ask for to be shown in person is the institutes’s campus, infrastructure or labs. A Bachelor’s in Animation or MA in Animation is an undertaking that has more to do with the working on machines, software and systems and cannot under any circumstances be done in isolation.  More important than even the class rooms, cafeterias and playgrounds are the Labs where one is required to work with humongous machines time in and time out.

  2. Campus and infrastructure

    This industry despite its depth and vastness is hemmed by one thing, Teachers. And the reason for the same is its vintage. It has been around only close to a decade in its present form. As such, its most effective teachers are still students. That said, if you could get hold of students who mean business and are ready to teach, you ought to be called only one thing, Maharashtra Cosmopolitan Education Society’s (MCES) PA Inamdar College of Visual Effects, Design and Art! The faculty is young, dynamic with hands-on industry experience and of course, the right degrees and qualifications.

    You mean you still need to look around?

  3. Extra-curricular activities

    One should never under-estimate the power of extra curricular activities. Nine to Five is no thing in the world of animation teaching. Be it a MA in Animation (also called Masters in Animation otherwise), you have to go out and learn from the environment around you. Doing so is stimulating to say the least! Sitting a while under a neem tree watching the cats fight gives you more ideas than hours spent indoor in front of the comp. The world of masters in animation is about bringing your imaginations live for people to see and admire. And that happens mostly in the open.MSc-animation

    Another fact about extra-curricular activity. How long can you be with your books? 3-4-5-6 hours? What after that? Boredom and the feeling of saturation. The way out of boredom while pursuing a Animation course is to play sports, games or indulge yourself in plays and theatrics! All these have one thing in common- they demand an incredible amount of space to say the least. And Azam Campus where Maharashtra Cosmopolitan Education Society’s (MCES) PA Inamdar College of Visual Effects, Design and Art is situated has ample amount of open spaces! You sing, dance, play games…..indulge to your heart’s content. And then come back to class for some more lessons! The effect of these combined is that you have healthy students who produce quality work and go on to become pioneers at their work!

  4. Placements and interaction with industry!

    All roads in the world lead to Rome is the saying. In the world of education in Animation, this holds. All education is finally to get a vocation, an employment, a job. MA in Animation or any course in animation finally is about a career in Animation. Period. Institute worse-off than mushrooms after the rains will tell u knowledge is more important but if it can’t guarantee employment, u r being taken up the garden path! Maharashtra Cosmopolitan Education Society’s (MCES) PA Inamdar College of Visual Effects, Design and Art too has gardens in its Azam Campus and if you loiter here long enough, you do go up….in life. With firm tie-ups with the best companies, getting employment after successful completion of Masters in Animation is never an issue. What could be is one’s own initiative and capability.

If you are through scratching the dandruff of your head trying to figure out which Animation college to join for a Masters in Animation, institute which provides quality education at extremely affordable prices while talking of issues such as infrastructure, software, libraries, blue and green rooms etc.It is the Maharashtra Cosmopolitan Education Society’s (MCES) PA Inamdar College of Visual Effects, Design and Art! 24 acres of lush greens and no high-rises. Only high morals and equally high ambitions! From any class room here you see gardens not streets jammed with cars and vehicles! Ideas in such places you get in plenty and equally the opportunity to convert them into effective animations! Visit Maharashtra Cosmopolitan Education Society’s (MCES) PA Inamdar College of Visual Effects, Design and Art at


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Image of Fine Arts

Fine Arts is very important for Animation students. Animation in its traditional and basic form is an art domain. Having knowledge of perspective and anatomy sense along with other related concepts in a necessity for animation students. Foundation in Fine Arts teaches you the technicalities in the field and also guides you to be a master draftsman. The Foundation course in Fine Arts will teach you the topics that give you complete knowledge of arts as given below:

Introducing Fine Arts:

In this part, students explore the role of artists in society and investigate career paths including the following: professional artist, gallery and museum programming, arts administration and art education. They also get to know the importance of Fine Arts. History of the subject is also taught during this period.

Perspective:Foundation of art 

Learning perspective is a necessary for an artist, even if their work is not concerned with realistic representation, for it teaches students about the element of space in two-dimensional art. This gives a complete idea of the art form and gives the relation of different kind of perspective to make the art form look more lively.


The importance of this anatomy class is to complement these studies and offer students new tools to help them understand the connections between exterior forms and deeper structures. Through this subject, brief discussions of relevant historical figures and events that have contributed to the science of anatomy.


In this course, the students will learn to observe and study the evolution of its mutations and synthesis with other style and the rise of an altogether new style. The students should be made aware of art as a human experience. The teachers should be able to expose them to the wide range of artistic expressions, the media and the tools used.

Applied Fine Arts:

The main objective of this course is to introduce practical exercises in Applied Art (Commercial Art) is to help and enable the students to develop professional competence in making Model Drawing Lettering, layout preparation and poster so that they can link their lives with productivity. This further explains the commercial aspects of fine arts in modern scenario.Graphic Designing 

Now, after knowing that fine arts is a very vital form in animation study and also forms the main backbone of the field. Fine Arts helps you get a deeper and more aesthetic knowledge of the field. The students and professionals who are willing to do a foundation course in fine arts can go for the Foundation Certificate in Fine Arts along with B.Sc. in Media Graphics and Animation from VEDA.

Click to know more about Fine Arts and Foundation course

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Animation is an upcoming career option for students after 12th. Along with the entertainment industry, animation has become a billion dollar market. After finishing animation course,  you can go for many career opportunities like animator, draftsman, graphic designer, 3D artist, lighting artist and UG & PG Animation Degreemany more careers.

To know more, read this blog.

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The image is of a logo of top ten

Did you always wanted to do a course in Animation and Multimedia? Have you been fascinated by this modern medium of art? Have you dreamt of being a animator or a graphic designer? If the answers to all these questions are yes, then you are at the right place. Animation and Multimedia is a booming career and will soon surpass the billion dollar limit along with the entertainment. In this age of publicity and technology, multimedia and animation has new scope and will usher new age of advertisement in the coming years.

You are confused about which course in Animation and Multimedia to go for? There are many courses available in the market but very are genuine and follow the industry guidelines in their curriculum. Here is a list of top ten Animation and Multimedia courses in India, which will guarantee job after the completion of the course:

M.A. in Multimedia Animation 1. M.A. in Multimedia – It is a 2- years Post Graduate – level program intended to teach students how to create, deliver and present contents in a variety of different media. The Master of Multimedia aims to produce graduates with a broad range of multimedia production skills, in addition to an in-depth understanding of how multimedia is revolutionizing the current industry. Students will be taught the fundamental skills associated with production of multimedia projects in industry standards. Students can go for jobs in higher levels after completing this course.

To know more, click here.

2. M.Sc. in Multimedia – This program is a full time course spanning over 2 years, that includes one semester of foundation process, two semesters of intense 3D project oriented training by industry experts, and one semester of extensive live project/studio internship. The course is specifically aimed at providing intensive knowledge of animation design and visual effects, and subsequent application to 3D modeling, character animation, character rigging, texture and lighting, compositing, visual effects and more. This post-graduate degree has a huge scope and is ideal for students wanting to do specialized courses in this field.

UG & PG Animation Degree3. B.Sc. Media Graphics and Animation – This is 3 year degree course in media, Graphics design and animation. This course is a recognized degree course by Yashwant Rao Chavan University and approved as a bachelor degree status in media and animation all over India.

To know more, click here.

4. B.A. in Animation – It is one of the top game and animation school in India offering focused, career oriented, high quality programs in the fields of Game Design / Development, Animation and VFX. The school has developed each of its courses after thorough research, experimentation and with inputs from Toolbox Studios, Rolocule Games and other industry experts. The school offers B.A. in Animation which guarantees huge scope for the students in the future.

5. Diploma in Animation – This diploma in animation consists of two modules. The first entry-level Module provides students solid foundation in Drawing. As a result of studying this Module you will gain a valuable fundamental of Art. The second module will develop and enhance skills to 2D animation, Corporate Intro and Texture Making. Using a wide range of teaching methods, our approaches to study include practical exercises, projects and show Tutorials on Projector, all of which are designed to ensure insight into real life Industry situations. There is ample scope for animation diploma holders in the industry.

6. Diploma in Multimedia – Saa Institute of animation has quickly become known to the entire animation, multimedia, web designing and digital fine arts industry. All our courses have been designed to provide flexible learning to the students. In its 1-year Diploma in Multimedia course, topics like Graphics, Desktop publishing, Digital art photography, Communication & soft skill, Transferring digital photographs, Advertising along with practical projects are taught. Multimedia offers huge scope in the present market.

image of web desiging courses in pune at VEDA7. Diploma in Web Designing – Compufield offers diploma in web designing course for students as well as professionals. Web Designing has a huge market and is an evolving field with huge scope for students. The students are completing the course can go for freelancing.

To know more, click here

8. Diploma in 3D Animation – The Diploma course in 3D Animation can be taken up as a 20 or 10 months course, based on the students’ requirements. By completing this course successfully, the students can enter into the world of animations as a Game Level Designer, 3D Animator, 3D Modeler, Character Designer, Rigger, Lighting & Texturing Artist, and Layout & Background Artist. This course has huge opportunity for students who wish to apply for 3D and VFX studios.

To know more, click here.

9. Diploma in Editing – This diploma in editing course is ideal for students who wish to work in VFX and 3D Animation companies. There is huge scope for such professionals in the Indian as well as foreign market.

Click to know more about

Audio-Editing-Course Video-Editing-Course

10. Course in Game Designing – The course on Game design includes writing the concept for the game and setting up a system of rules. It defines the players’ interactions with the objects and the characters within the game along with the story. There is ample scope for gaming professionals in this modern age of gaming.

To know more, click here.

Now, you got an idea of  the best Animation & Multimedia Courses available for students in India. After completing their courses, students must appear for studios and companies in their respective field. Respectable jobs with smart salary is awaiting for talented and hard-working animation and multimedia students.

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Top 5 Animation bachelor degrees in the world


Are you fascinated by animation from childhood? You want to graduate with an animation degree and work in the top animation and VFX studios of the world? Then, you are at the right place. This article will help you select the top animation colleges offering bachelor degree courses in general as well as distance learning mode. There are many colleges who are presently offering bachelors degree but very few are University recognized and give placement opportunities to the passing students.

This is a list of the top 5 animation bachelor degrees available for students worldwide.

Icon image of Indian flag


CanadaUG & PG Animation Degree

Bachelor of Animation (Sheridan College)

About the program –

In your first two years of Sheridan’s Animation program you’ll study the principles of animation, learn the art of storyboarding, and hone your life-drawing, layout and painting skills. In Years 3 and 4 you’ll be making films. You’ll learn the entire process from start to finish — working in 2D, 3D or stop motion.

Icon image of American flag



Major in Computer Animation (Ringling College of Art & Design)

About the program –

In Ringling College of Art and Design’s deep and specialized four-year Computer Animation degree program, you will develop skills in modeling, lighting, motion and sound – while learning how to tell a story. At the same time, you will gain command of the technical skills required in today’s highly competitive animation industry.

Icon image of English flag




Bachelor in Animation (University of the Arts, London)

About the program –

Animation is creative, exploratory and playful. Students of BA (Hons) Animation will become versatile and innovative and they will understand how traditional skills underpin new digital technologies and platforms; and where and how those skills can be applied and exploited. They will also learn how to negotiate different ways of working, to collaborate, and test ideas.

Icon image of Japanese flag




Animation Degree (Kyoto Seika University)

About the program –

It is a four years course Students first realize the importance of motion and then acquire methods and technique to express it. They simultaneously develop their ability to draw people and scenery in detail. Furthermore, polishing their abilities to employ the latest digital tools, students gain expertise in diverse specialized aspects of animation, such as planning, directing, filming, and using sound effects.

Icon image of Indian flag




B.Sc. in Media Graphics and Animation (Yashwant Rao Chavan University)image of bsc animation courses in pune at VEDA

About the program –

It is three years bachelors degree course in media, graphic design and animation. This course is recognized degree course by Yashwant Rao Chavan University and approved as a bachelor degree status in media and animation worldwide. After completing your degree in media graphics and animation, you will have several lucrative job options in various multimedia streams.


Now, you have a clear idea of the best animation degrees available for you. You can choose from these to see which program is suitable to yourself and which curriculum will give the right knowledge and expertise to get jobs after completion. The course duration and the fees structure will influence your decision to go for the right choice.

Image © google


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An Animation Degree after 12th can be a Smart Choice

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The article named Job-oriented Animation courses after 12th_image


Are you in a dilemma of what career to choose after 12th? Are you wanting to know which are the areas of study which guarantees a well-paid job after doing the courses? We have a solution.3Ds Max and AutoCAD

VEDA is a top animation college in Pune offering job-oriented courses after 12th. The students are completing the course after also placed in top animation, graphics and VFX companies of the country. VEDA offers a whole lot of courses in different modes such as Autonomous which are offered by the college, Diploma courses given in association with top universities and degree courses in both graduation and post-graduation levels of  University recognized by the UGC.

The information about the different courses are given in detail:

1. Autonomous Courses

– The top autonomous courses offered by VEDA are Animation & Media Graphics Professional and Web Design Course.

It is 3 years certificate course in Animation and Media Graphics for students who cannot take admission in university-affiliated degree courses in media graphics and animation and also postgraduate degree courses in multimedia. In this course, you will learn to make animation films and creative graphics. Animation and Media Graphics are important aspects of the entertainment industry.

After finishing the course, the students are placed in top animation and gaming studios from the country.

This web design course after 10+2 is of 1-year duration, which will help you learn all the insights in designing websites and many more. In short, this Web Design course teaches you how to design beautiful and most powerful websites from concept to final outcome.

After completing the course, the students are ready to work in top design and development firms in the country.

2. Diploma courses:

The most sought-after diploma courses offered by VEDA are 2D Animation course and 3D Animation course.

You can go for this 2D Animation course after 12th. Through this 1-year classical animation course, you will learn to work with moving images while working on some of the most popular systems of hand-drawn animation. Animation filmmaking has one of the highest growth markets in the present times.

After finishing the course, the students can work in the top Animation studios in India.

You can also opt for this 3D Animation course after 12th. In this 1-year long 3D animation course, you will learn to make stunning 3D movie clips. Popular and growing trend of creating computer generated 3D animation films require more and more 3D animators in the country. Diploma course in 3D Animation gives you the right skills you will require to be a part of this enthralling industry.

After completing the course, the students can work as a 3D modeller, texture artist, lighting artist and animator.

3. Degree Courses:

VEDA offers Bachelors degree in Media Graphics and Animation for students passing 10+2.

You can go to University recognized degree course after 12th.This 3 years degree course in media, graphic design and animation is offered by Yashwant Rao Chavan University.

After finishing the course, the students can go for a masters degree or can work in the best Animation and Media Graphic firms in the country.

The students of VEDA get placed in the top media and animation companies in the country through its various RSAs and also operates a placement cell to prepare the students for a job interview and overall personality development.

Image © Google

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