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The examination deadlines for you all college and school students are fast approaching. The time for board exams and other entrance tests are also around the corner. The school-passing pupils and also college-going  students like you are gearing themselves up for the academic hurdle. These examinations decide the future of your career course and also testifies the knowledge that you all students have received during your curriculum. After passing the examinations, it is also vital for you to decide on the future course of study according to the exam results.

As the examinations are nearing, you are busy with the last minute revisions. You must be searching for ways to revise your entire curriculum and make best preparations for the test. Here are some valuable tips for you to revise and make last minute preparations for the examination.

Photography      1. Make a study schedule: A chart consisting of your daily study routine should be prepared. All the subjects and their allotted time of study need to be chalked down according to the difficulty level and importance for the part in the examination. The schedule should be strictly followed and time should also be allotted in the chart for physical exercise and mental refreshment. You should also require an adequate amount of sleep to rejuvenate all the knowledge that you have gained in the day.

2. Try to remember the content in parts: There are some parts in the content of your subject that is very difficult to remember and has some complex formulae to understand. The best way is to write them along with learning as that helps more to retain the part in your memory. Writing writing an essay, it is always helpful to break them into parts by introducing, explaining and concluding the subject. Every big content must be divided in to parts for them to easily remember and retain for the examination.

3. Always take a note while studying: The best practice to remember the content while study is to quickly take a note of the part. Writing the text once will help you to keep the subject part in your memory more. Writing along with reading provides more impact and hep retain the text for more time in the memory. As difficult portions are always best to write down in parts to simplify them into segments and help to prepare for the final hurdle of examination.

4. Take a pre-test: Giving maximum number of examinations will help you most in preparing for the final one as you will be familiar with the pattern of the test and time allotted to complete it. You will feel more confident after giving each test and try to score better with every attempt. The test will also help you understand the portions that are important in the examination and need special attention. You will also be familiar with the question and answer pattern which will help you to crack your final hurdle.

VFX5. Always stay positive: It is always necessary to keep a positive mindset while preparing and giving the examination. Otherwise, it will have adverse effects on your results in the test. Along with studying, it  is important to have a sharp body and mind as that helps you to retain maximum knowledge in your memory for a much longer period. During the break, it is advisable for you to practice your hobby as this will rejuvenate your energy and help you to focus more on the preparation of the examination.

So, now you are aware on how to make the final preparation for the examination. While revising your subjects, what are the portions that are important and how best to cover up the difficult portions of your syllabus. You also are now aware that taking notes or writing will help you to retain the difficult portions of your subject and help them to retain in your memory for a long time. It is also important have a positive approach throughout the exam by doing exercise, eating healthy, taking adequate sleep and enjoying your hobbies during your break when studying.

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