Graphic Designing as a field is the representation of a written idea or simply an idea using letters, visuals (both pictures and illustrations) and space which could be a sheet of paper, a wall or even a computer screen.

What sets it apart from plain writing is the liberal usage of visuals.

Probably the first and most telling graphic designs were made by painter, inventor, scientist and philosopher Leornado Da Vinci. He even designed an army formation resembling a tank complete with typography which could be understood by most along with illustrations!

Coming to the idea of typography in graphic designers, it means setting the letters in such a form so as to be understood by all in the correct context. They include usage of the correct font, its size, color, spacing, layout, grid and other similar characteristics which aid in making the overall presentation on an idea as correct as possible. Typography can make the difference between a good, bad and great graphic design.

With the advent of computers, things are a lot easier. Choosing between fonts, their sizes, colors etc are a lot easier now. Even fitting the whole thing into a central theme is not as tedious as before when a graphic designer has to consider each and every aspect separately which could at times be opposing ideas!

The best example coming to mind of a graphic design replete with typography are advertisements with a logo, artwork, text and elements of design which in composition, bring out an idea.

Pune, with its liberal spread of graphic designing courses and graphic designing colleges seem to have their hands full with work increasing tremendously and which is expected to stay so for some time.

image of graphics designing courses in pune at VEDA

Common uses of graphic design include logos and brand building), printing and publication of newspapers, books and magazines and advertisements, posters, billboards, website graphics and elements, signs and product packaging.

There was a time when everything to do with advertising, graphic designing and brand building found its way to Mumbai. Not anymore. Graphic design courses in Pune too have come of age with the latest in terms of talent and hardware being available locally. This is seeing to it that work now gets done here itself which saves a lot of time, money and hassles and in addition guarantees employment to the locals.

So, the next time you need to get any graphics designed, you very well know where to go!

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