For any creative person, the portfolio is his creative self. Without it, they do not exist. So it mandatory for any creative individual to create an unique portfolio including their best work; to help them get a job or to reach the clients. The portfolio should be attached with a nice resume to give a complete outlook about yourself.

image of bsc animation courses in pune at VEDANow you can create your own website to display your portfolio but can also opt for cost effective online sites which are specially designed for displaying portfolio. They also give you the opportunity to network your job among your colleagues and get the required net traffic which would otherwise never reached your personal website. Some also help you to host your websites on their portals.

So, here is list of the top 10 online animation and design portfolios on the net:

Top animation Portfolio sites

CG Hub is the most popular portal for computer graphics artists. It is an online place to share creative work that ranges from animation, concept art, games, illustration, games, 3d graphics, etc. Numerous tutorials and tips are also shared among its community members to help them build a better portfolio needed to be part of this entertainment industry.

Portfolio Websites

CG Tantra is the biggest online forum for animation and graphics artists in India and the subcontinent. Topics like visual effects, gaming, digital art and animation is discussed in its forums. Portfolios are shared with the industry experts and they organize regular seminars to discuss about the future of the animation and visual effects in entertainment.

Animation Portfolio websites

CG Society is the online platform for digital artists from around the world. Online contests and jobs are posted regularly to help the community. Members also share their upload portfolios to get it evaluated. Though it is popular among digital artist, it has valuable resources for animators, gamers and special effects artists.

Animation Portfolio websites

ZBrush Central is a computer graphics modeling and sculpting community online. It is supported by Zbrush, which along with Mudbox are the most popular 3d sculpting and modeling programs available. Members share their work done in the Zbrush software and share tips and tutorials to help them get better in the art.

Animation portfolio websites

Deviantart is the largest online community for art enthusiasts. Artists exhibit their works in many categories like photography, traditional art, digital art, literature, flash, filmmaking, animation and many more. Additional features like resources, tutorials, journals, portfolio, polls and groups are also provided in the portal.

Animation Portfolio websites

Behance specializes in providing online portfolios to different users to suit their requirements. It is mainly used by creative professional s to share their work and display them for their clients to see. It has also collaborated with some art and design schools to create online galleries for the work of their students.

Animation Portfolio websites

Krop is one of the largest online platforms for animation artist and design professional. They can upload their portfolios and resumes. It also has a dedicated job portal and blog to help the community members in networking their work and reach to the clients in an effective manner. It caters to fields like photography, animation and motion graphics, etc.

Animation Portfolio websites

Carbonmade is the largest online design portfolio platform where users can upload their portfolio and resume. Though it was initially aimed at graphic designers, it has become popular among illustrators, web designers, products designers and photography professionals. Users can get custom-made portfolios to suit their choice of work.

Animation Portfolio websites

Cargocollective was created with the aim of providing a platform for creative professionals to display their work. It helps to create an online portfolio and resume matching the clients’ requirements. You can also host your personal website and get the requisite networking with other professionals and get their valuable feedbacks to improve your work.

Animation Portfolio websites

Youtube is the largest video-sharing website in the internet. An user can register and create a profile where they can upload their work. It is used by everyone from students to entertainment companies to display their work. All creative professionals use the medium to reach their audience like animators, graphic s and visual effects artists.

Now, you can choose which will suit your requirements and post it there. But, before you upload your portfolio, you need to create an appropriate portfolio to catch the viewers’ eye. For that you need guidance.

We at VEDA will guide you in creating an animation portfolio. As a top multimedia and visual effects institute; our students create portfolios in graphic design, website design and visual effects also. We will guide you through the entire process of planning, creating and displaying your creative content in an easy and effective manner.

So, don’t think much and enroll in many of our Courses to walk out with the best portfolio.

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