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There is not a person in the world who does not like to like films and the person who is responsible for bringing the visuals of the director into real effect for the audience is the film editor. He is the real architect of the film who defines the real flow of the story and corrects the flaws that was committed in the production process. He is also the person that the director trusts for giving the life to his idea of the film. Cut, continuity editing, dissolve, fade, establishing shot, crane Shot, dolly Shot, final cut and many more are the terms that every film editor is synonymous with.

image of bsc animation courses in pune at VEDANow, Let us hear what the great editor Walter Murch has to say about the art; “Film editing is now something almost everyone can do at a simple level and enjoy it, but to take it to a higher level requires the same dedication and persistence that any art form does.”

Here is the list of the top 10 film editors in the contemporary world. You can choose your favorites.

dede allen

Dede Allen: One of the most famous woman film editors in Hollywood. Allen is credited in some classic films like The Hustler (1961), Bonnie and Clyde (1967), Dog Day Afternoon (1975), Reds (1982) and The Breakfast Club (1985). She was a member of the Board of Governors of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.


Thelma Schoonmaker: Thelma is considered one of Martin Scorsese favorites and has worked in over 40 films with him. She had been nominated for the Oscars 7 nominations and has won in 3 occasions in the films Raging Bull (1980), The Aviator (2004) and The Departed (2006).


Michael Kahn: He is one who has who has worked in both the medium of television and film with equal success. He has collaborated with the great Steven Spielberg many times and has won the most Oscars that are 3 in best film editing category.


Arthur Schmidt: The son of an also eminent film editor, Arthur has worked in over 27 films but most with Robert Zemeckis of Back to the Future fame. His filmography includes films like Coal Miner’s Daughter (1980), Back to the Future (1985), Who Framed Roger Rabbit (1988), Forrest Gump (1994), Last of the Mohicans (1992) and Cast Away (2000).


Dylan Tichenor: One of the new age film editors, Dylan Tichenor is worked in some famous films such as The Player (1992), Jazz ’34 (1996), Boogie Nights (1997), Brokeback Mountain (2005) and There Will Be Blood (2007).


Pietro Scalia: An Italian-American Nuke Pietro who learned direction at ULCA, later became on e of the well known film editor in Hollywood. He has edited films like Little Buddha (1993), The Quick and the Dead (1995), Stealing Beauty (1996), Good Will Hunting (1997) and Gladiator (2000). He also won the Oscar for Black Hawk Down by director Ridley Scott in 2001.


Curtiss Clayton: An editor who has also donned the hat of a director; Curtiss Clayton has worked on films Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers (1988), Rick (2003) and The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford (2007).


Richard Francis-Bruce: Another father-son duo who had followed the same profession. Australian Richard has worked with Miller in many of his films including The Dismissal (1983), Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome (1985), The Witches of Eastwick (1987) and Lorenzo’s Oil (1992).


James Haygood: James entered in the business first by working in various television commercials and music videos. He later edited some famous films like The Game (1997), Panic Room (2002), Where the Wild Things Are (2009) and TRON: Legacy (2010).

Walter Murch

Walter Murch: One of the most celebrated and recognized film editor and sound designer, Walter Murch is credited to have taken the art of film editing to a new level. The only film editor who have been nominated for the Oscars in four different systems; he has worked in cult movies like Julia (1977), The Godfather (1972), Apocalypse Now (1979), Ghost (1990), The English Patient (1996) and Cold Mountain (2003).

After knowing about the craft and the real masters in the field, you must be thinking of taking the plunge of becoming a film editor. Now, let me tell you that one should only take the task if the person about it and would love to make and edit films. You need patience and persistence to excel in the field as it takes time for results to take shape.

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