Pune seems to have become the centre for animation and graphics — from Hollywood movies to cartoons — it’s all made here. PT gets graphic…
So if you have been on the edge of your seat while watching the American supernatural superhero Ghostrider or have been enthralled by the vi fil.
John Carter, don’t go wide eyed if we tell you that the new age animation has a desi tadka to it — they were made in Pune.

The city is becoming a hub of animation and visual effects for international brands. Nishith Takia, co founder and director of a well known animation company says, “There is a lot of local talent here which is an important factor. The artistic talent of the city is booming. With so many instit u t i o n s mushrooming, there is a lot of scope for students to explore their talent here.” Explaining further, Shambhoo Phalke, executive producer of another animation company adds, “Pune’s proximity to Mumbai helps us to get more business. Mumbai is becoming an increasingly expensive city to rent or buy a studio. Pune works as the second best option as the overhead costs are not much. Apart from that, the artists find Pune a very comfortable yet centrally located city to work in.”

And the work is not restricted to a limited genre.From Hollywood movies to cartoons — Pune is in demand everywhere.Phalke reveals, “We are working as p ro d u c t i o n partners for the new episodes of the animation seri al Ninja Hatori.” And animation movies from the city are also receiving tion at international film festivals as well. Takia says, “We have completed our first 3D stereoscopic animated full length feature, Delhi Safari. The film has been marketed and screened in global film markets like Cannes, Berlin Festival and American Film Market.”

One of the major deciding factors while watching a movie on big screen is its special effects. Jesh Krishna Murthy, CEO of a visual effects company says, “We have worked with more than 70 international movies and the latest ones are Ghostrider, Harry Potter, Resident Evil Afterlife, Red Cliff and Death Race. Not all movies have a big budget. There are some small budget movies too.” With the demand for 3D increasing, there have been people like Prafull Gade who has worked on converting 2D to 3D. Gade who is the director of an animation company adds, “We have worked on John Carter from 2D to 3D stereoscopic which is being screened globally. We have done all the visual aspects, special effects and fine detailing that you will see in the movie.”
So next time you sport the 3D glasses, pause and think… maybe the visuals have been done in your city.

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