Pune was called as “The Oxford of the east” by Jawaharlal Nehru, India’s first Prime Minister due to the well-known academic and research institutions in the city and its popularity amongst students. Pune attracts students from all over the world. The city is home to some world class colleges & universities. Pune has a huge chunk of students studying different courses in these good colleges.

Speaking about Animation & Multimedia, Pune has been a pioneer since last some decades. In India, Pune is ranked the top city for Animation studies & there are a number of good institutes which have left a mark in the minds of Animation Gurus & Animation producing companies. Pune has always left the pioneer’s stamp in the animation industry.

Very recently, the stunning visual effects in the movie ‘Life of Pi’, which recently won an Oscar in the VFX category, have a Pune stamp on them. Five Puneites contributed in the making of those cutting edge storm sequences, the lifelike animals, and the backbone of the film – the lifeboat, among other animations.

image of bsc animation courses in pune at VEDATill today, as Punekars and more importantly animation enthusiastic in Pune, we may have only enjoyed those stunning visual effects in ‘Life of Pi’ which just won an Oscar in the VFX category, but now, take pride in them too. These five artists represent the fast-growing hub of animation and gaming that Pune is. This is not only it, remember recently Krayon Pictures launching the movie ‘Delhi Safari’ and thousands other Bollywood/ Hollywood movies in which VFX and other animation techniques were used and were produced by the professionals or companies based in Pune or from Pune.

Times of India & other animation forums like Animation Society of India have always considered Pune as the preferred location for animation studies and for producing animation content.

In nutshell, if you have anything about Animation, VFX or Gaming in your mind, PUNE is the home for you. Pune – home to the animation colleges & animation companies in India.

So what has changed market dynamics, making India, and especially Pune, the preferred destination for creation of animation, visual effects & gaming??

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