Continuing where we left off a few days back, mentioned below are some more avenues opening up in the animation and VFX industry.

Animation and VFX is one fast-growing industry with close to 10% growth Year-on-year. It is not without reason that the demand for trained (and preferably experienced) manpower is at its all-time high.M.A. in Multimedia Animation 


You have an idea of a cartoon character but have no idea of how to go about trying to put life into it. Well, hire an Animator. These are the chaps who bring life to an idea by conceptualize the idea, drawing and illustrating relevant parts to form a narrative, creating a storyboard, designing the entire package and pretty much do everything creative to create an animated character. The main job of an animator in most cases is to put life into an image by playing around with colors, backgrounds, light and shadows and creating an image of motion.

These days with the advent of technology, most of the work is done on machines ie., computers with various kinds of software like AutoDesk, Adobe etc.

3D Modelers:

The word 3D is a short form which expresses the fact that in the real world, everything that exists are measured for space utilized using its physical dimensions which is an amalgamation of its length, width and height.
One field where the concept of 3D is fast catching-up is animation which can be for entertainment like video games, movies, TV serials or stuff you can view on a tab. Besides entertainment, 3D modeling is fast catching up in important areas like training under virtual reality through a simulator, a walk-through for architects, interior decorator and builders, graphic designing, in-silico experiment of any kind etc.3Ds Max and AutoCAD 

3D modelers being more artists than animators, they find work in myriad fields such as excavation for geological studies, civil engineers, healthcare, aviation, strategists in the armed forces and more. Even a crime scene is a potential area for modeling and understanding facts.

Character Rigger:

Ever wondered how the characters in animated movies do obviously crazy stunt but still manage to keep themselves as also the scene in one piece? They never seem to be out-of-pace despite the obvious over-the-top action!
Thank the Character Rigger for this. They are the folks who minutely study the physicality of the onscreen character including the latter’s anatomy and physiology and gel this with the environment so as to derive actions that doesn’t look loud and over-the-top! Anatomy here is of primary importance and a detailed study of the same is carried out to get the best of the character.
Coming to their assistance are some really cool software programs like Motion Builder, Maya and Python. Given their stature within a set-up, they not only assist in the production of animated characters but also assist in fine-tuning and creating software products which suffice their needs.

Usual place of employment? Well, you find them wherever animated characters are produced, be it an animation studio, a games studio, software companies or web designers.

Digital Painter

Working as a part of the production team at animation companies, film production and gaming companies which may, amongst others, include color key artists, compositors and color stylist, a Digital Painter adds colors to 2D animation whether on paper or on a computer and 3D digital images. Their profile necessitates that they have a sharp eye for details re situation and colors. Their activity may include, amongst other things, first cleaning the images which come to them and then using programs like Opus, Illustrator and Photoshop add color to the images.

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And yes, the hunt does not end only here! There is more to animation than meets the eye!

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