It all started with this one man. Walt Disney. He gave birth to an art which otherwise may have remained static as paintings on any wall. His artistry and foresight put life into hand-sketched forms and created something the world never saw before and has not forgotten ever since. In fact, it has only grown over the years to become an industry which boasts of multi billion USDs worth of business. Supporting this art form in no small measure now are computers, machines, software and mechanization of unthinkable kinds.

2D & 3D AnimationWhen it started off, animation had only a graphic artist making the sketches and someone to roll it together to bring out the effect of movement. All that is now as old as the long-dead-and-gone dinosaurs. Today, with technology, money and manpower, animation rivals (if not dwarfs!) real-life movies with its sheer variety. In fact, it is the normal movies which look-up to animation to help out with difficult-to-do scenes!
Animation was earlier synonymous with entertainment and nothing beyond. Imagine a mickey mouse showing you how to use industrial safety shoes or for that matter, how to correctly fly an aeroplane!

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In the first of a series, we present the varied employment opportunities that this amazing industry is bringing fore.
Color Key Artist: Imagine doing an animation on the Taj Mahal where the Taj itself is anything but white! Or doing an underwater scene where the color of the sea is anything but watery! Well, here is where the color key artist comes in. Called variedly as the background painter or look development arstist, the specialize in preparing schemes which go with various light patterns. They also do light rigging.
Compositing Artists: They are the internal vigilance of any animation studio. Also called fault finder, they primarily add the finishing touches to any animation work after carefully looking to find, yes, faults and slip-ups. It is not as simple as it sounds. Picking out finely ingrained faults need an eye for details + knowledge of some complex softwares like Adobe After Effects, Nuke, Shake, Clipgenerator, IFF, Motion. They work in tandem with practically the entire production department like lighting, fx, illustration etc. to get a product that is error free.

Concept artists: Next to the originator of the ideas based on which an animated series is produced, this one tries to keep the whole flow of the idea as close to the original script and idea as possible. They are the arty kind who work with anything from charcoal to pencils and paper to very advanced software. From stuff meant for the military to environment to movies, you find them in any efforts to make animations whether in ad agencies, graphic designers, animation and gaming studios and even printers and publication companies. And yes, with animation growing they way it is, they even work with architects and interior designiers!

Like we mentioned before, these constitute only the tip of the iceberg which comprises the employability in the animation industry.
Watch this space….

Animators: create 2D and 3D images in motion for animated films
3D Modellers: 3D modelers create models for video games