Ice Age: Continental Drift 2012

2D & 3D AnimationThis is the fourth in this series of prehistoric fantasy delving in much improved visuals but failing on the story telling part. In this part, Scrat, the squirrel with sabre tooth gets a well deserved promotion to plotting catalyst from just a series mascot. With raising of Scrat’s star the momentum of the cinema falls. Scriptwriters Michael Berg and Jason Fuchs failed to deliver anything new and followed earlier patterns and just managed to substitute the kid-friendly dinosaurs such as woolly mammoth Manny in ‘2009 Ice Age: Dawn of Dinosaurs’ with pirates in Continental Drift 2012.

The exploits of Manny and his epic journey could be missing if you have seen Dawn of Dinosaurs, but that would not mater to those viewing Ice Age series for the first time. The funny action sequences coupled with brilliant visuals and fascinating backdrops could make children and young audience laugh throughout the film. This is the third production from the Fox’s in this summer after Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted from Dream Works’ and Brave form Pixar. Ice Age 4 together with the other two could surely collect all the kudos for exceptional 3d animation which by itself is enough to keep the cash registers ticking high.

Manny the mammoth, Diego the tiger, and Sid the sloth forming the core trio group, are joined by other newcomers to engage in numerous subplots and deviate from the main story line from time to time. In the rigmarole that follows the earth falls apart literally when Scrat’s chase of his acorn results in a continental drift and gives rise to Pangea. Here the filmmakers cared little about the geological past.

The trio go adrift on an ice block with Manny detached from Ellie his mate and Peaches their teenaged daughter. On this journey they managed to pick up Sid’s Beverly Hillbillies a problematic stowaway. Meanwhile Peaches (Keke Palmer, also sang ‘We are’ as the end credits), has found company in kid mammoths (Glee cheerleader Heather Morris, rapper Nicki Minaj, and hip hop artist Drake). In the process she manages to get separated from mole hog Louis, her best friend.

UG & PG Animation DegreePeter Dinklage offers the voice of pirate king Captain Gutt. Among his disorganised crew is Diego who finds a lover in white tiger Shira (Jennifer Lopez). There also is Mother Nature trying to prevent Manny and his friend from returning home.

Ray Romano lend voice for Manny, John Leguizamo for goofy sloth Sid, and Denis Leary for Diego the tiger. Scrat’s voice over is done by Chris Wedge, and Queen Latifah voices over for Mammy’s mate Ellie.

Though Ice Age 4 lacks the subtlety and humour of Ice Age 1, the best in the series so far, the visual experience in thrilling. This film would generate small patches of delights instead of a broad masterpiece canvas.