It is said that ‘A sketch is an outline of something, the groundwork of a picture.’ Whether it is a live sketch or a basic design, it is essentially the foundation of the whole picture. Just as painting would be lifeless without any colour, similarly, the world of animation will have a loose foundation without sketching.

Animation is the display of a sequence of images of 2-D or 3-D artwork that create an illusion of movement.  The most common method of presenting animation is as a motion picture or video program, although there are other methods.

Current tools for creating animation are extremely complex. This makes it difficult for designers to create animations Simple animation systems exist but severely restrict the types of motion that can be represented. Animation is a popular medium for entertainment, education, and communication.UG & PG Animation Degree

Sketching is an interesting, yet a powerful element of the entire designing process. Sketching is like a road-map for your journey towards a good design or basic frame on which your great design has to stand. Any creative process requires a lot of thinking and re-takes. Though we have discarded pen and paper for digital technology, the former is still the first step towards starting any creative process. Sketching as a function has slowly shifted to becoming a polishing tool. It gives the animator enough space for re-doing, altering and creating a rough product on paper. The final touches can be then worked on with the help of our latest technology.

VEDA  is an institute which provides us with the Fine arts knowledge , with the help of our very talented Ratan Gaikwad Sir. These lectures are held 5 days in a week for about an hour. It helps us to improve our sketching techniques and skills.

The sole purpose of the sketch is to guide our creative thinking towards our goal and don’t let it slip around in different (unwanted) directions. Sketch after sketch, the animator  improves and reaches  the final and the best layout for its design. This is an essential step in the design process. Although, you can create concepts on the computer as well, but sketching on paper is more effective and less complicated and manually it is faster too. Sketching lets one get all the obvious ideas out of the way and helps deliver more innovative concepts. There is no quicker method for exploring multiple visual solutions than manual sketching. Hand-drawn sketches play an important role in the field of digital arts. The larger a project is, and the more concepts a client will need to see, and so sketching will eventually end up even in the commercial process of animation  What one imagines is also put up on a paper.

An animator is required to have a keen eye for colour  sense , size, proportion ,perspective and visuals and regular sketching practice is the key to acquiring these skills. Whether one can sketch well or not need not matter. However, any designing process  whether fashion, architecture, graphics, interiors or moving on to 2D- 3D animation,  the pencil and paper are still the most powerful tools today. Hence I conclude by saying that sketching plays an important  and powerful medium in animation.Foundation of art 

Saniya  Motiwala
{B.Sc (MA) }

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