Graphic designing is an innovative art with a lucrative career. It combines your creativity with market requirements generating an output that is visually attractive and commercially viable. Graphic designing is an art form that merges words, images to express ideas and convey information to a selected audience.
Graphic Designing This art form is software based and developed using graphic programs like Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and Corel Draw. Graphic designs are observed in book covers, product packages, greeting cards, magazine layout, advertisement hoardings, logos, and websites. Opportunities in graphic design are abundant and it is up to your preference for selecting a specialized discipline. VEDA helps you selecting the ideal graphic designing career for you.
From the range of graphic designing possibilities, selecting a specialized line is an easy proposition. In addition to the usual forms of graphic designing already mentioned, unconventional media like ticket stubs, credit cards, skateboards, and hot air balloons could be used for reaching out to target audience.
Prerequisites to become a Graphic Designer
To become a successful graphic designer you need to be creative, with a problem solving attitude and effective communication skills. A thorough knowledge in design software and computer graphics is mandatory to become a designer. VEDA offers short term course in Graphic Designing to provide the necessary formal training. These classroom sessions coupled with sufficient exercises help in proper understanding and execution of different software graphic tools.
Academically qualified graphic designers with experience in business management or marketing might opt for careers in communication strategies.
Opportunities as a Graphic Designer
image of web desiging courses in pune at VEDAWeb Designing – This is among the most innovative and challenging assignments as a graphic designer. A web site is designed to attract viewers and create a worldwide base of prospective customers. A properly designed website or web page with images, texts, and figures would not only help in attracting more number of viewers but also increase business possibilities. With increasing number of goods and services providers having or planning to have dedicated websites the opportunities are plenty for budding and experienced web designers.  
Advertising - Advertising is a vast segment that has sufficient opportunities for graphic designers. This segment covers advertising in printed media, electronic media, digital media, and outdoor media. Each is a specialized field and needs specific knowledge about a medium.
Branding – Branding most visible in packaging and promotional events is another specified graphics designing application. A fair idea of marketing is vital in specialising in this category of graphics designing.
College of Visual Effects,Design & Art as best Graphic Designing Studio
VEDA in its effort to offer career oriented graphic designing course has blended knowledge and practice effectively. Finest graphic design tools are used to teach and train students in innovative logo designs, printing and publishing, broadcasting, and corporate identities. Training methods help in honing particular skills a learner might be having. Creativity and aestheticism are hidden skills that are exposed while going through a structured training schedule.
A trained graphic designer is qualified to create designs that are visually soothing and textually informative. The distinction a graphic designer has over a web designer is in the aesthetic appeal of his output.