Are you a student of graphics and animation? Well, your qualification will prove to be worthy if you find a good platform to showcase your creative skills! It becomes so important for any multimedia student to exhibit their talent through such a medium that not only helps them boast their creative stints but also lets them grab ample amount of exposure, allowing them to work with the best industry professionals. On this perspective, the online medium is indeed a boon for all multimedia students worldwide in acquiring a global exhibition area where they can conveniently come up with projects done by them.
UG & PG Animation DegreeThere are innumerable online communities, forums, portals that provide professional as well as novice graphic designers, animators and web designers to showcase their projects, absolutely free of cost. Such sites are available in abundance and they are visited by members and novices of top multimedia, animation and film production houses quite often to fish out young talents and who knows, posting your work to these sites can even land you to your dream job! Today you can create animated GIF’s in no time and that too online for free! You surely cannot ask for more when you get such an effective platform that will give instant boost to your multimedia career
The very first pick that will help you put all your valuable projects online is ‘’. This website lets you put up 10 images; you can select from your own PC or consider importing them from the existing URL’s or can source directly from your webcam.  You must choose the size and speed of the GIF animation file while uploading. The next website is one of the best free online resource to showcase your work, ‘Avatar’. This website offers a wide variety of animated effects like slide shows, emotions, collages and so on. Utilize all these techniques to create a unique animated GIF file with a single image. This portal allows you to upload 5 images at a go and you can even customize your GIF files by selecting the suitable avatar size, speed, modify its text and colors. 
2D & 3D AnimationThen there is that allows you to upload up to 10 images from the computer, even from applications like, or Videos. You can also personalize the animated GIF files by selecting the desired speed and size. The OIE Animation Wizard Index gives you the chance of uploading 9 images at once. The largest of images you can upload here is 250px * 250px. This website provides a number of options to customize an animated GIF file. You can consider including transitions for the next frame while you can also modify the file by rotating, adding effects, texts, cuttings, etc. ‘Gifninja’ is another such site where you can upload up to 5 images of 320px * 240px. The main drawback of this website is that you cannot tamper with the size of the file but can surely choose the animation speed, previewing it before the final submission. However, there are numerous options for exhibiting animation and graphics projects; you can simply surf in the Internet to find the suitable one