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Video editing is a rewarding career both in terms of creativity and monetary compensation. Video editors find employment opportunities in film production houses, broadcasting studios, and advertising agencies. These editors have an important role to play in creating the ultimate footage or film that is produced. Job of video editors has been simplified since the use of digital cameras for shooting. This being a specialized job requires you to go through a video editing course from a recognized institute.

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A video editor is responsible for the ultimate production that we view in a cinema hall or on television screen. Long hours are spent on viewing unedited versions by an editor before the final production is made. In reality, several shots are taken for a sequence keeping allowance for mistakes that might have taken place during a shoot. Earlier when films were taken with rolls, these editors has to sit literally with scissors cutting unwanted portions. The procedure was same for feature films, documentaries, television productions, and advertisement footages.

The job of a video editor has become simplified with usage of digital cameras for shooting. With digital shots, editing is easier as it is not longer necessary to use a pair of scissors for editing. Elimination of digitised portions is done conveniently without using any cutters. An editing course has likewise made changes in its training procedures. With usage of digitised equipments and advanced techniques, a video editor’s job though has become easier, has become more technical. Inclusion of sound effects is an integral part of a video editor’s job. At every level of editing it is essential to include sound effects in perfect synchronicity to a particular scene. Background score is also included during editing process of a film or advertisement production. This is essentially the aspect taught in a composting course. As video is a combination of sight and sound its editing involves thorough understanding of both.

The Beginning

Audio and Video Editing Course Video editing courses are offered as post graduate courses of at least two years. These are conducted by both government and private institutes. Leading cinema production houses and television channels also impart training in video editing. After completing a course in editing, a candidate ideally begins his career as an apprentice or assistant in broadcasting stations, production houses, and advertisement agencies. It is necessary to work as an assistant or apprentice for a considerable length of time for gaining experience. Experience is the key to become a successful video editor. With more experience you understand the intricacies and finer points of this trade. With talent and experience you could work your way up from an assistant to senior positions.

An established video editor also has the option of working independently. This allows you in working for any production house or broadcasting studio depending on your preference and choice. Advertising houses also offer exciting careers in editing, more so because of the online advertisements being made. These test the ingenuity of video editors to the limit as the target audience is focused and knowledgeable.

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