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Do you want to make a career in animation and multimedia? Animation and multimedia has already entered into the mainstream field of study. With the advancement of technology and the entertainment industry getting bigger day by day, animation and its associated industries like 2D Animation, 3D Animation, VFX professionals are gradually becoming the most sought-after in the market. With the market share in trillions for this industry, the future is secure for any industry professional from this field. Now, that you know about the industry, you might be thinking where to do degree courses in Animation and Multimedia. Here is  list of the best graduate and post-graduate Animation and Multimedia courses.

Master of Multimedia

image of bsc animation courses in pune at VEDAThis post-graduate degree course in Multimedia is available at full time mode in 1.5 years and part time mode in 3 years. This course will enable you to enhance your graphic designing skills along with teaching some specialisation. You will learn about multimedia in a more detailed way. Students having no prior knowledge of IT can also apply for this post-graduate degree course. It is an exciting career option for those who are interested and want to enter the exciting world of Multimedia. This field has huge career prospects in the future.

M.A. in Multimedia

This masters degree course in Multimedia is a 2 years program. It is recognized by Karnataka State University. Through this curriculum, you will learn writing for animation, desktop publishing, 2D Animation, 3D Animation, Audio & Video editing, Digital Animation and Special Effects. You also have the choice to take specialization in any subject in the curriculum. You have to submit your portfolio and show reel at the end of the course. There is a huge demand for Multimedia and Animation post-graduate degree holders in the market.

Bachelor of Animation

This bachelors degree course abbreviated as BAnim is a 3 years full time program. The program will cover script to screen writing, traditional to computer animation, clay animation and different media. After completion of the curriculum, students need to submit their final portfolio and show reel. This degree course will help you to secure your future in the field of Animation. This course has huge prospects for students who want to work as animator but also for working professionals.

B.Sc. in Media Graphics and Animation


This degree course in Animation and media graphics is a 3 years bachelors program. The curriculum in this course will cover computer and internet basics, sketching and drawing, computer graphics, multimedia introduction, learning design principles, web designing, digital animation, Audio and video production and special effects, script writing, 3D Animation from basics to advanced and more. Final portfolio and show reel need to be submitted at the end of the course. Opportunities are plenty for animation degree holders.

Bachelor of Animation (BS)

This program is a bachelor of science in Animation. This degree course is for students and professionals who want to make a career in Animation. The main topics covered in the curriculum are drawing for Animation, digital production, 2D Animation techniques, sound design in Animation, writing screenplay, 3D animation and post-production. A research project on Animation need to submitted after completion of the entire syllabus. Animation professionals and freelancers are in huge demand in the market.

After you know about the colleges which are offering bachelors and masters degree programs in Animation and Multimedia, you have to decide on the course which is best suitable to you according to the location, timing and fees for the program. There are numerous opportunities for students as well as professionals after completing the graduate and post-graduate degree course. They can work in Animation and VFX studio as animator, dratsman, 3D modelor, 3D Animator, BG Artist,VFX Artist, Ink and Paint Artist, 3D visualizer, Art director, Animation filmmaker and many more options. The present Animation market is booming and has a shortage of quality Animation professionals.

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