Designing a Professional Visiting Card

Professional visiting card designs

For any working individual- one who runs his own company or a paid working professional; a professional visiting card is the first step at work. Any kind of business or job needs networking and visiting card is the oldest and most powerful medium. The advantages of having a professional visiting card are many. It will initially create a positive image of your firm and later help in connections with clients which ultimately results in more business. Making a perfect design and putting proper information in the Graphic Designing visiting card is necessary to provide an impact through it.

The rules to be followed while developing a professional visiting card are:

Doing proper homework
First decide about the outcome of the card and why you want to make it. This will work as your marketing tool, so preparations are a must. Many factors to be kept in mind while designing a visiting card like the quality of paper, the adequate size, making a proper layout, deciding on the color and text, putting a brand logo, using many suitable templates, giving out necessary information, some features to make it stand out and finally proofreading before sending them to the print. You should plan these steps properly and never compromise on the money as it will affect your business prospects.

Deciding on the paper
Different types of business cards are available on the market but you should choose the one that suites your purpose. One can choose among glossy-this is the most expensive and gives you a glossy effect. They are commonly used by designers and photographers. Next comes the matte paper finish which gives a silky and smooth surface. These are much in demand for their refined looks. Engraved visiting cards are the most beautiful but some also prefer embossed ones. The latest trends are the ones with textured effect which gives your visiting card, a complete new look. You can also go for the regular stock which are used in bulk and are readily available.

Taking the right measurements
It is important to decide on the correct size of the visiting card. Various sizes are present in the market and you can also have them custom-made to suit your requirements. The general measurements are done in inches and millimeters. Some standard sizes are slim which is 3.5” x 1.75”, then extra slim which is 3.5” x 1.5”. The square sizes are 2” x 2” and 2.5” x 2.5” and another size of 2” x 3” is also available. All countries have their standards for visiting cards. You can classify them as landscape, portrait, square and special cuts.

Designing the perfect layout
Layout of the visiting card should be made keeping in mind; the clarity and lucidity of the text and the design. You should remember than the main purpose of the visiting card is to have your primary information. It must be easy-on-the–eye and the clients should gram the information in just one glance. One should initially work on two or three layouts and then finalize the one that looks best. Another important factor is spacing and you should decide on the distance between the logo and the text.

Selecting the appropriate colors
The thing that catches the human eye first is the color. You should be careful and it should comply with text and design of the visiting card. The most common colors used are pink, gray, green, blue and purple. One can use different shades of them and more to suit the purpose. It is appropriate to use color that matches your logo to give a complete look to the visiting card. Colors used is finally viewed in through printing-the different sets that are generally used are one-color, two-color and four-color.

Graphic Designing Making an eye-catching logo
For any company or organization- having an appropriate logo is mandatory. The logo works as a symbol or brand for the firm. You should work on the logo to make it as effective as possible. The logo should combine pictorial and tagline that defines the company. The designs should be intricate and clear and can be easily understood with the naked eye. Different color combinations can be used to make it colorful such as single, double or many colors. Lucid fonts should be used that compliments the logo.

Using available templates
To make your work easy- various kinds of visiting card templates that represent specific industries and are made to cater to the target audience are available. You can get some for free and many high-end templates can be bought online. You can get a huge bunch of them just by searching them on the internet. The popular ones are custom-made for the corporate, health, media, sports, entertainment, art and design. They are made in different color schemes that should the nature of their work. There are many design firms that make professional visiting card according to your needs.

Some value additions
Your visiting card should have something to give it a different look and some additional features to make it stand out among other cards. One could think of many options that can be added like getting a perfect tagline to represent you work, a photo that goes with the logo, using the back side of the card, getting your social networking links. You can also add some value to it by adding some information needed for your clients and make the visiting card in various shapes of key-holder, pen-stand and scale to make it more purposeful. The shape of your visiting card should define the brand it represents.

Checking for mistakes
This is the step that most people ignore and pay the price for that. Before sending you business card for print- one should check the list. Thorough proofreading for any grammatical and spelling errors; checking the correct logo, text and other images are included and finally the all the printed portion are well within the designated area. Wrong printing will result in financial loss and the purpose for visiting card of reaching the right client though networking will not be served as wrong information is printed on the visiting card.

Giving it a professional look
The easiest way to give your visiting card a professional look is to get it done by experts. They will charge a minimal fee for a top class output. You can see other visiting cards to get an idea about the same. One should never try to get the visiting cards in cheap as it will not serve the purpose of helping your business grow in the long-run. Foundation of art You should also remember to distribute you visiting card through proper marketing and professional meeting and not give it to just anyone.

After knowing so much about visiting card, you must have thought of making a professional visiting card for yourself. But the different formats for visiting card and the designs used for creating the best business cards should be learned. There are various techniques and programs available to help you make the best business card. We at VEDA can teach you all the styles and tools necessary for them and tell you about graphics and different design principles needed to make a logo, brochure, letterhead along with the visiting card.

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