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Campus Academic Facilities

VEDA College has the most magnificent infrastructure and is also a part of one of the oldest Educational Trusts in Pune, India. It has become one of the most popular and trusted destinations for learning Art, Animation and VFX, with aspirants pouring in from across the globe. The Academic Council of the college makes sure that students get the best learning environment during their stay here. Some of our facilities are as follows –

Art Institute

Being an animation college, we genuinely understand how art is essential to becoming a good animator. Hence the college has an association with MCE Society’s School of Art, which is one of the best in Pune, and whose alumni are successful artists in many states. VEDA College students can learn various art forms under the School of Art.

Dell Workstations

Animation is all about quality with high-speed rendering. Keeping this in mind, the college has created the most advanced and high-performance Dell Workstation lab for our students with the latest equipment.

Digital Library

College provides a digital library facility to all students to access excellent resources on art, sketching, animation, VFX, gaming etc. in videos, PDF and PPT format. The library also includes faculty notes, university books, question answers and previous year papers for reference.

Dedicated Mentor

Students, during their degree course in animation, get dedicated mentors in various student groups. This helps students in developing their portfolios, showreels and animation movies.

Guest Lectures

One of the most essential academic facilities is interacting with Industry mentors under our special guest lecture series called Coffee with College. We get domain experts to come and share their experiences with our students.

Student Exchange Programme

VEDA College has tie-ups with various other educational organizations so that students get a chance to learn with different mentors under our student exchange program.

Video Conferencing Classroom

This is a unique academic facility of VEDA College through which students get a chance to interact with world-class storytellers, animators and artists without traveling outside the campus.

VFX Studio

College has a dedicated VFX studio with Apple FCP Machines to learn photography, videography, Croma shoots and VFX within college only.

Other than this, all classrooms are equipped with HD Projectors, Pen Tablets, ACs in computer labs & surround sound speakers for an excellent learning experience.

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