A classic case of kid brother coming of age!2D & 3D Animation

Animation which till a while back was the stuff for cartoon and humor is now serious business and no longer a laughing matter. Its’ equally famous and dexterous cousin, VFX is in fact the all-time darling of most movies. There just may be a time in the near future where VFX and Animation simply edges out the real-life action from most movies. And speaking of movies, why are we speaking only of movies? Animation has gone far beyond in its scope to include fields as diverse as medicines, automation, aviation, space exploration…………

Communication in fact now has a new name. Animation. And jazzing up animation (and movies too!) is VFX. Given its sheer volume and importance today, it does not do any justice to lump it with the usual flesh and blood stuff. This goes for its exhibition too.

Film festivals. The be-all and end-all of most creative movie-related endeavors now has a section if not the entire thing dedicated to animation and VFX. We bring to you some of the world’s finest and most known Animation film festivals. If you make it here, you have arrived….bigtime!


brussels-cartoon-and-animated-film-festival-anima-2014The Belgian city of Brussels has been the venue of this animation particular film festival ever since it began in the year 1982 with the idea of inculcating interaction between filmmakers and moviegoers+ raise the quality of animation films. For the 3+ decades of its existence, it has been showcasing animated features like films from all across the globe besides Belgium. The categories are split between national and international with no particular distinction between formats and techniques

Categories: Full length films, Short films
Website: www.animatv.be
Facebook: /Festival-Anima





Holland Animation Film Festival

images (7)Belgium’s neighbor, The Netherlands too has been at it from 1985. It’s one and only called the HAFF and as an event is not restricted to a single location though most of it is held in the town of Ulrecht.

Sharing vintage with the likes of Annecy, Hiroshima and Ottawa, the HAFF is one of the oldest festivals of its kind in the world of animation featuring animation full length and short films as also those for the digital media like the internet. An interesting off-shoot is that of applied animation. The festival offers glimpses of the emerging trends and celebrates emerging talents.

Website: www.haff.nl
Facebook: /HAFFnl


Stuttgart Festival of Animated Film

stuttgartThe film festival in existence since 1982 validates the fact that the Germans are not as stiff and aloof as they portray! One of the largest and most important of its kinds ie for animated features, given its reach and depth, is considered the best Animation Film Festival worldwide.

SFAF as it is acronymed focuses more on the artistics side and supports talent likewise.

One lesser known fact! Short films nominated here get an automatic entry into the Oscars!

Categories: Full length films, Short films
Website: www.itfs.de
Facebook: /stuttgartfestivalofanimatedfilm


Annecy International Animated Film Festival 

images (8)In this medley of animated madness, trust the French to put in their might which they do starting way back in 1960 as a biennial event which ever since 1998 has been an annual affair.

In its own right,the AIAFF is known worldwide as the best international animation film festival with its proceedings unfolding over a week which sees the screening of world’s finest animation features. It is not only the screening and related competition but another feature which gives this place its name. Activities related to animation such as financing ie co-producing, financing sale/ purchse of features and matters related to its distribution too are taken up with a great deal of zeal and emphasis,

In short, an Animated Film Festival which caters not just to the arty side but also the seamier, practical side in Animated Film making!

Categories: Full length films, Short films
Website: www.annecy.org
Facebook: /annecyfestival


London International Animation Festival

LIAF_corporate_logo_10cm_w_72dpiA fairly recent event when compared to other Animation Film festivals in Europe, starting as it was in the year 2003. But then it has the distinction of being the biggest Animation Film Festival ever and one which is more of a showcase for talent than one which ranks others work. A non-competitive animation film festival, it includes within its already large scope the latest in terms of language, style, technique and technology. Here Animation is no kiddy monkey business but one which is meant to address a need, tickle the grey cells of the intelligent and stoke one’s imagination in various directions!

Categories: Full length films, Mid-length films, Short films
Website: www.liaf.org.uk
Facebook: /LIAFanimation


These by no means are the only Animation Film festivals of repute but are some of the biggest. With Animation gaining grounds as a medium of choice for all types of communication, it is only a rightful that more such events sprout the world over.

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