Society is mirrored in the cinemas they see. And what exactly is society? Us, us and us….

Video-Editing-CourseFrom the time man first began to roam the lands to the present, one thing which remains unchanged is the desire to represent pictorially events happening around us. It started with cave paintings to murals to stone carvings… digitized cinema. The medium change….but not the theme!

Mentioned below are some of the known, accepted and celebrated film festivals of India.


Dharamshala International Film Festival 


We started our search for Indian Film Festivals from the extreme north. Perched on the lap of the Himalayas in a place with a quaint name and feeling called McLeodganj, this is the most recent edition to the list. It all started in November 2013 with a repeat in June of 2014. And what do cinephiles get to see here? Plenty they say with the best indie films, shorts and documentaries from across the world.

So the next time you feel the urge to discover cinema, keep yourself abreast with the lastest film news and come down to McLeodganj. Here, you get the best shot, of the mountains and the movies!


National Science Film Festival and Competition


The name itself sends off snores! Boringly bureaucratic you may think….but it is not. In fact, it should not. For, a nation more so of the size of India, promoting science of all kinds is a must if we are to develop independently instead of remaining slaves to a colonial hangover. In the face of this fact, this initiative by the Central Govt. is worth applauding. This Indian Film Festival is an important milestone in the list of achievements of Govt of India’s Department of Science and Technology. The first such Indian Film festival was held in the year 2010 with categories ranging from popular science programs, short film to animation/graphic films. The last was held at Kolkata with a special section included therein for students and children.



ViBGYOR Film Festival

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From the laps of the Himalayas, it is now down to the backwaters in God’s own country, Kerala.

With a high literacy level and a strong bent towards the arts, it is but natural that the locals here too relish movies, of every kind. It is this very reason that Thrissur City is the venue for this very vibrant and throbbing Indian film festival which hosts all kinds of movies including international short and documentary.

A coalition of various film societies and media institutes and the likes started this important film festival in the year 2006 which today has blossomed into one of the most important film events in India.

Keralites do seem to have a lot of time on hand. Five days! Yes, five days is the duration of this film festival with topics including a lot of socio-cultural grounding in real-life themes like identities, rights, gender and sexuality.


Bring Your Own Film Festival

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 If you dislike order and that too in film making, its presentation and distribution, you would love this!

Completely shorn of the usual bells and whistles like venues, judges and juries, awards and structures, this is then an open, open platform where the only reason people come to is for the sheer love of meaningful cinema sans any other motives. You get recognition if your work is good and even if it is not, no one really judges you, cause’ there are no judges….and the juries are out…at home!

2004 is the year when the sands of Puri in Odisha (yes, Orissa) beckoned the die-hard film fanatics to bring their stuff…. their sleeping bags….and tents! By day time, it is the tent…by evening it is the open sky. Yes, the whole activity happens in a venue full of tents which transforms itself into an open-air, open-to-all theater where everyone who wants his/ her stuff to be screen gets a screen!

Given its sheer informality, this Indian film festival has developed into other area just as interesting like photography, music and sculpture.

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