One field which seems to be overtaking humanity itself in its speed of development is that of Animation. Look in any direction including the sky and on the earth, the way animated objects are overtaking everything else is simply mind-boggling.

It may seem as easy as joining any Animation Institute or Animation College but believe the wise ones when they say this is far from the case. Like having books don’t guarantee success in exams, an Animation College or Animation institute on its own does not guarantee the essentials to make a success in the field of Animation and graphics.

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If you want it from the horses’ mouth, the main ingredients that one should ideally look for when selecting a good Animation College or Animation Institute can be summed-up in the points below, like:

  1. The depth of the program. All that is yellow may not necessarily be gold! And at the same time, old certainly is gold! What it means is that one needs to look carefully at what is being taught in the institute of choice. Too much of old or too much of the recent without forming a base of the old are both dangerous extremes.
    An example would suffice. Most institutes these days stress on computer education before starting on any course in animation. But is that all? What about the ability to draw and sketch, without which one can never really make a good animation artist? Programs come and go but the inborn ability to do the basics should remain and ought to be taught and nurtured. Have a look of the animation courses offered by VEDA animation college.UG and PG animation courses in pune at VEDA
  2. The faculty’s level of knowledge. You can teach only what you know. And if you don’t know much……..god help the poor students! There is a catch here though. Being a very recent industry which keeps evolving at the pace of light, not all that was taught in the past may be of great use in future. As such, the faculty ought to be of people who have age, experience, attitude and drive on their side with all these attributes being indispensable.Grey hair cannot be substituted for experience and knowledge…..but they cannot be judged for lack of knowledge of the recent stuff either. This comes out best when one sees what work the faculty has done on the ground. Far too many times, Animation College or Animation institute pick-up people without real-life experience because they come cheap. A teacher in this trade is as good as his last project…..which must be fairly recent.
  3. Location of the animation college or animation institute.  Why does one take so much pain and spend such humongous sums if not for a decent employment? Most Animators and Animation companies prefer to liaise with institutes in its vicinity as it is a mutually desirable arrangement for both. If the institute is located in the back of nowhere, it is to put it bluntly, taking you nowhere. For such institutes finding employment for students as also faculty would always be a challenge. Please check VEDA academic facilities and Sports facilities of our college.image of 2d 3d animation courses in pune at VEDA
  4. The Animation Institute’s Infrastructure and environment. Let us be open about the fact that this is one field where money needs to be spent like water if the right quality is to be had. Being a field where changes take place at the blink of an eye, one needs really, really deep pockets to keep up with times. Teaching out-dated stuff on outdated systems guarantees meritocracy and frustration. Labs, Computers, Software…..the tools of the trade ought to be very recent and that too in the best of condition so as to give the students the very best and very recent of education.

The other equally important factor is the environment prevailing on the campus. This is one field which demands total, total passion and dedication which cannot by any stretch of imagination be nurtured in an environment which does not respect hard work or impedes the same. Student politics, strife, waywardness, lumpenization etc are not the environment which can nurture a healthy respect for such a profession.

Placement records: An institute putting its students through their paces on the kind of systems which guarantee instant result never really has to worry about placements. This is a major problem with those on shaky grounds as far as education goes. The placement department ought to also look beyond mundane into areas likely to develop in the near future and this is the stuff of visionary institutes.

A place like Pune is blessed with all the right kinds of attributes like a good social, environmental and physical infrastructure. To top it, the animation industry is growing by leaps and bounds with practically every street and every house sprouting some or the other employers doing cutting-edge work. Check out our Study@pune page.

And feeding the void created by insufficient number of trained Animators is VEDA Animation College! Based on an expanse of 25 acres of green, it is one institute whose work speaks for itself what with Neuker Award winners crawling on its campus. Infrastructure, faculty, systems, labs…….everything and more….in abundance!

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