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Animation……and the art of living!

Yes, it has come to that.  See in any direction, at any time anywhere in the world and the one thing which becomes increasingly clear is that the future of communication, entertainment and information is animation.

There would be a time in the foreseeable future where movies would not require any established stars.

For those of you who want to join this established and upcoming field, the one qualification most sought after would be the B.Sc. Animation. If you are from the south of India, B.Sc. animation from Bharathiar University in the city of Coimbatore would be ideal.

Named after the famed Tamil poet and Freedom Fighter Subramania Bharathiar, the institution was established in February 1982. Located at the foothills of the western ghats which surrounds it from three sides, Coimbatore is quite a beautiful place to be. With average temperatures in the range of 30-34 degrees celcius, it is pleasant through-out the year. In terms of industries here, it is best known for textiles, light engineering, IT&BPO and livestock. IT & BPO now have an off-shoot which seems to be surpassing them with each passing day, Animation.


The Bharathiar University has 104 affiliated institutions (80 arts and science colleges, 29 colleges of education, eight management institutions, one Air Force administration college and one college of physical education) of which the B.Sc. Animation holds an important place.

image of bsc animation courses in pune at VEDA

The B.Sc. Animation is a 3 years Degree course recognized by the UGC and consists of the following subjects year-wise, namely:


1   English in Animation

2   Language II- French

3   Animation Art

4   History of art and Color Theory

5   Digital Image Compositing

6   Modeling

7   Texturing

8   Lighting

9   Rigging

10 Animation

12 Compositing

13 3D Fx

14 3D Project & Viva voce

These programs are conducted at Amaze Multimedia Centre recognized by Bharathiar University under the CCII Collaborative Program.In Coimbatore which is an upcoming (the fastest Tier II city in Southern India) city as regards IT and Animation, you could not find a better place to do a B.Sc in Animation course! The quality here is just too good.

But if you are anywhere in Maharashtra, more so in Pune or Mumbai, the place to get a B.Sc. Animation degree is VEDA, short for College of Visual Effects,Design & Art. Located over 24 acres of greens in the heart of the city and very near to the most happening places where animation is developed, it has a name for itself in all the top Animation employers in Pune with Alumni Gracing top positions in most Animation Companies in Pune. To know more, do visit us at http://www.veda-edu.com/