Animation, the art of making movies out of pictures either hand-drawn or created on a computer is a very different and varied experience when compared to making movies the normal way ie with moving images of live objects (as also inanimate ones). Though it may sound very easy in addition to sounding interesting, it is the latter though not the former. In fact, given the technicalities involved, it is certainly more tedious an activity than making normal movies. In terms of its sheer spread, Animation has gone way past normal movie making with the latter taking the help of the former to add zing to its scenes.

Given that it is very, very technical requiring the assistance of computerized systems and software, unlike normal movie making which includes aspects like cinematography and direction which is more of managing real life action, the field of Animation requires the dedicated and rigorous study of systems and software. These are best taught in an institutional environment rather than on the job making courses like B.Sc. Animation a very coveted and highly regarded qualification.

India, holding out its promise of being a world super-power in animation which it is proving to be these days with releases such as little Krishna and Chota Bheem, has in its fold places such as the Mangalore University which has a course titled “B.Sc. (Animation and Visual Effects)” on the lines of similar B.Sc. Animation in Pune like the ones being held at College of Visual Effects,Design & Art (VEDA

UG and PG animation courses in pune at VEDA

Mangalore, the culture capital of the state of Karnataka in southern India like Pune, is a lively place to be. Situated on the Konkan sea cost along the Arabian Sea, it has everything going in its favour, be it place, culture, cuisines or beautiful places worth a look. It is the fountain-head of a language which though spoken in abundance, does not have a script called Tulu. Being almost on the border of Kerala, Mallus infest most of Mangalore and add to the spice (if you may add).

In terms of education too Mangalore has a lot to offer. Besides the Mangalore University, the TA Pai Institute at Manipal close by adds to its name as a Mecca of Education in India.

image of bsc animation courses in pune at VEDA

About the Mangalore University too it is said that its location inspires learning! From the main Mangalore city, it is situated 18 kms towards south on a hillock. It is big! With 25 PG deptts on its campus and 208 affiliate colleges and so many colleges! The pride of place still is the B.Sc. Animation which among others teaches

–          History of animation, foundation of arts, multimedia

–          Scripting for animation & Post production techniques

–          Project management and video production and editing

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