Main venue City Pride Kothrud, Sr No 20/2, next To Swapna Shilp Soc Near Gandhi Lawn,off Sangam Press Rd, Kothrud, Pune, Maharashtra – 411029

From 50 films from 8 countries attended by 1800 delegates, it has now come to 221 films from 58 countries attended by 9200 delegates

Organizing committee Jabbar Patel, Sabina Sanghvi, Dr Mohan Agashe

PIFF, short for Pune International Film Festival is our city’s offering to the world of Cinema in all its glory. Starting in the year 2002 with 50 films from 8 countries represented by 1800 delegates it has burgeoned to 221 films from 58 countries represented by 9200 delegates!

Held in the Maharashtrian Culture Capital of Pune, a bustling metropolis which for a change has managed to keep its past firmly in the present, it is one event not worth missing whatever be one’s occupation. Pune is aptly in a position to hold such events what with affiliates like the Film and Technical Institute of India and DSK Supinfocom being some of the institutes nurturing the not-so-nascent film Industry here. And who could possibly forget the leviathan next door……Bollywood!

PIFF has always attracted meaningful cinema both national and international. In addition, it also catered to the regional language ie Marathi- a first in India and that too on such an impressive scale. Budding, though impressive and meaningful regional aspirations which would otherwise have been steamrolled in the wake of the great Bollywood’s moves have now found a voice for themselves with the judges and jury too from the same medium thus giving form to local aspirations and ideas.

One category slowly and increasingly finding representation in PIFF (or for that matter in most Film Festivals in India) is the Graphics, Animation and VFX category. This is of special importance to India as it is now positioned itself as the power-house increasingly playing an important part in producing animation films for a world-wide audience. We encourage all our students specially B.Sc. in animation course to go and attend the event and programs. We are sure that this year’s PIFF will be an awesome experience for all.
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