Walt Disney, ILS and Pixar. Oft heard names in the field of animation and with good reasons too. All these are ultimately foreign organizations.

And in India? Well, things are not as bleak as you may think. In fact it is pretty good given our talent and the price advantage we offer!

Mentioned below are some names which have done us proud in the world of animation and VFX. These by no means are the only ones. The field being such, there is always room for newer players which we hope comes in fair numbers to increase our output and employment

  1. Pentamedia Graphics

With a staff strength close to 2000 at a time not far back, Pentamedia Graphics is well represented the world over with offices located in Singapore and in Manila. Its Indian operations take place from Chennai from where they do stuff in the field of post production, 2D and 3D Animation, VFX and such movie making services. If you have seen the Academy Awards nominated Gulliver’s travels and Pandavas, you would very well know what is being spoken about. Their motion-capture activity in the movie “Sindbadh” simply takes the cake!

  1. Toonz Animation India

Thiruvananthapuram in Kerela is famous for its beaches, gold (INR 10 lac crores at last count) and…..Toonz Animation; so famous that the Capital of Kerala is now synonymous with toonz worldwide!

And not without reasons! With a staff strength in excess of 500 artists under its employment, it works for names like Disney, Hallmark and Paramount Studios quite regularly. Due to its work, its volumes and clientele, it has a standing of repute in South Asia as a Toonz Specialist.

In India, two of its products, “The return of Hanuman” and “Adventures of Tenali Raman” have brought it accolades. They handle both 2D and 3D movies solo or in conjunction with normal movies. Last heard, orders from all corners of the world are raining down on them!

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  1. Heart Entertainment

The south of India does seems to be upping the ante as far as animation and special effects go. Our next contender on this list is a Hyderabad-based organization which goes by the name, Heart Entertainment. Animation. VFX being big business which is anything but everybody’s cup of tea, they sure had their heart in place to have taken up the herculean task of producing a 90 minutes cartoon strip aptly called “The Hercules”.

Heart Entertainment does have more than its heart in place. They have started a parallel training organization called Heart Animation Academy and do a lot of work for animation and film studios in the west as was the case with Warner Brothers’ “Hysteria”

  1. UTV Toonz

UTV doesn’t require an introduction in the world of entertainment. This Mumbai based entertainment behemoth is quite agile despite its size almost akin to the cartoon characters it hosts through its subsidiary UTV Toonz the latter coming into being in year 2000. Like its parent movie company, UTV Toonz has made its presence felt all across the world especially in the mature markets of North America and Europe. In the former, it has recently bagged a USD 10 billion order. Their hands are full with orders it seems. In the US, they have Kong: The Next Generation and in Canada, they work for Cinegroup’s Clootie and Dunpling. Even places like Luxembourg is registering their presence with a feature called “Snow Queen”!

They do seem to be going places with some very, very good work.

  1. Maya Entertainment

Mumbai has always had its fair share of cartoons and it seems to have led to a deluge of companies here which product world-class animated stuff. Maya Nagari, as it is also called, does have an Animator by the name, Maya Entertainment which is doing wonders in the world of Animation. Founded in the year 1996, it has been growing by leaps and bounds in terms of work. In addition to animation work, it also has training centers in the Middle East and Asia. Employing close to 500 people, it works for Giants like Sony, Google and Rainbow with an annual billing close to USD 1 billion!

Its body of work include animation for movies like “The Mummy” and “Stuart Little” besides a very special character called “Wabo” developed for the United Nation’s water conservation efforts which helps educates its viewers worldwide on the importance of potable water and its conservation.

This by no means is an exhaustive list and we shall from time to time tell you about organizations in India which produce world-class stuff at our kind of prices!

Watch this space for more..…..

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