Industrial Light and Magic.

Four words which are the last words in VFX (Visual Effects)…….and just about anything to do with it!

Part of the Lucas Films, it all started in the year 1975 when its owner George Lucas was making “Star Wars” the movie which established him as the ultimate VFX Czar. Scouting for a team to do the VFX, he came across the then defunct VFX department of 20th Century Fox. Things happened and a small team was formed from the ex-employees at 20th Century Fox who would in three years’ time morph into the entity we all know i.e. ILM. From then on ILM has only gone from strength to strength to strength to………..STRENGTH!VFX

ILM has done the VFX for practically all the top-grosser of Hollywood, be it the Indiana Jones series, the Harry Potter series, the Jurassic Park series, the Star Trek films, the Pirates of the Caribbean series, the Terminator series, Men in Black series besides doing some part of the movie, Avatar.

If you thought ILM only did mind-boggling stuff, think again. In movies like James Cameron’s Schindler’s List, extras, things and places were apparently placed into the film, AFTER it was completed! Roads widened, buildings coming up……the list is endless.

It goes to ILM’s credit that they created technologies like Image Based Motion Capture Technology and “OpenEXR format” for High Dynamic Range Imaging. The latter being its proprietary software which can be downloaded for free.

George Lucas, besides being a Producer and prolific writer of films like Star Wars and the Indiana Jones series, also is a great business man! He sold the computer-generated graphics part of ILM to Late Steve Jobs for a hefty sum. And in 2012, the entire remaining ILM was hived off to the Walt Disney Company.

In terms of awards that it has garnered, the year 2009 was especially rich. It received 15 Best Visual Effects Oscars and 23 additional nominations. Additionally, it also received 24 Scientific and Technical Awards from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

Truly the last word in VFX….Industrial Light and Magic!Nuke 

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