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After doing graduation in general field, students are keen to enter into professionals courses which guarantees job. There are many career-oriented courses available which gives placement after the completion of the course. This courses are open to students from all streams in graduation like  arts, science , commerce, engineering, doctor, mass-communication and many more. Marks is not a factor for entering this courses and students with any graduation degree can enroll for these master programs. This is a practical-oriented course which ensures student learn by doing things practically in computer or by hand rather than learning from fat textbooks. This always add to the excitement of the student as there is always a challenge to excel in the exciting tasks that they are given to complete. They have the opportunity to prepare a portfolio or showreel as part of their program in masters degree in Animation.  Animation career can open new avenues for the learner in the animation and entertainment industry.

M.A. in Multimedia AnimationNowadays, most students interested in Fine Arts wants to do a degree course in Animation. Some years back, only private colleges and institutions used to provide animation courses. But, as the need for degree courses in Animation arrived in both bachelors and masters degree, many universities came forward to offer these graduate and post graduate programs in Animation, Multimedia, VFX, Gaming and many more. One of the top Indian universities offering degree course in Animation is Karnataka State University.

Here is the details of the course.


The students will get a through knowledge of Animation and its various peripherals. They also have the opportunity to do a 2D Annimation as well as 3D Animation movie during this course. Along with the curriculum, there is also a requirement to prepare a portfolio or show-reel which will help in getting jobs for the students in studios and companies.


  • One of the top Universities in India offering Masters in Animation and Multimedia
  • Offering need – based academic Programmes by giving professional and vocational orientation to the programme
  • Having unmatched placement opportunities


  • The name of the degree is M.A. in Animation Multimedia ( Post Graduate Program )
  • Students who have  graduated in the field of  Arts / Commerce / Science /Engineering / Doctor/ Mass-Communication (any) are eligible
  • The duration of the program is 2 years / 24 Months


The entire curriculum of 2 years is divided into 4 semesters of 6 months each. The curriculum for each semester is given below.

Semester 1-UG & PG Animation Degree

Multimedia & Computer Graphics (Theory)
Graphic Design & Visual Arts (Theory)
Digital Image Processing (Theory)
Digital Image Processing (Practical)
Drawing & Sketching (Practical)
Graphic Design & Visual Arts (Practical)

Semester 2-

Advance 3D Animation (Modeling & Animation) (Theory)
Multimedia Programming (Theory)
Virtual Reality (Theory)
Multimedia Programming (Practical)
Advance 3D Animation (Modeling & Animation) (Practical)
Virtual reality (Practical)

Semester 3-

Game Programming (Theory)
Cinematography (Theory)
Digital Video & Sound Editing (Theory)
Game Programming (Practical)
Digital Video & Sound Editing (Practical)
Cinematography (Practical)

Semester 4-

Cartoon Animation & Special Effects (Project)
Short Film Educational/Instructional (Project)
Animation Graphic Novel (Project)

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