Azam Campus Sports Academy Annual Achievements List


In the academic year of 2013-14, students of Azam Campus run by MCE society have excelled in the sports along with their academic achievements. They have shown as bright stars in the sporting horizon.
We are proud to announce that our students have excelled in all different categories in various sporting events. Taking forward the tradition of being the Sporting hub in the city of Pune, Azam Sports Academy student understand the importance of physical education along with other educational disciplines as the saying goes ‘a sound mind in a sound body.’
Here is a list of the sporting achievements:
Individual category
International Level (01)
National Level (51)
State Level (207)
Team Category
State Level (04)
Divisional Level (09)
District Level (22)
Three cheers for them and their achievements will surly bring national pride for our country.

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