The festival, with a unique name was started by Shawn Wickens, Starr Kendall and Michael McFarland as a celebration of art for the creation of the art. The name was so decided to remove the burden of filmmakers to be perfect their art.

It is presented as an extension of the Bad Theatre Fest, the Bad Film Fest seeks work from filmmakers with various experience and skill levels. The UK Telegraph called the festival “a liberating experience … there’s something inherently joyous about the randomness of the festival’s assortment of shows.”Video-Editing-Course

” Bad Film Fest Co-Founder Starr Kendall says . “”It’s not that we have low standards,” he adds, We have different standards. We want to curate the most diverse festival possible. Part of the motivation behind starting a festival openly searching for bad short films is to make a venue available to people who are prevented from showing their work by the fear of how it will be received by the audience. Plus it’s fun to watch a bunch of bad films in a crowded theatre.”

More information:

Web: www.visitBadFilmFest.com

Facebook: Bad Film Fest

Phone: 765-351-5375



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