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Clay Animation

Did you always have the hobby of making dolls or puppets and play with them. You have high interest in anything that is related to art and crafts. You always gift a hand-UG & PG Animation Degreemade card designed by yourself to your dear and loved ones for that special occasion. You ended up making beautiful castles and objects out of clay on every time you go to a beach for holiday. You never forget to switch on the television to watch the Wallace and Gromit flicks and the art and craft shows. Then, Clay Animation is your forte and it should be your right career choice.

Before you make the career choice; you should know – what clay animation is all about and what prospects it has to offer for everyone. So, let us give you a brief introduction about clay animation.

What is Clay Animation?
In simple words, clay animation is the art of animating clay models. Sometimes, it is also refereed as Claymation. Though, it is referred as Claymation; clay has been replaced by plasticine. Plasticine is modern brand of modeling clay which is used for sculpting purposes. It is soft, non-toxic and does not dry up on exposure to air. These qualities help in the sculpting process of the models. The animating process involves making sets, props and models. They are then designed and the animators use them to tell a story through action. Still photos are taken for each action and then the photo frames are run at a rate of more than 12 frames per second to create an animating illusion. Later, they are edited to add some effects to enhance the film.

Many Job Profiles:
• Art Director
• Storyboard Supervisor
• Prop Designer
• Storyboard Artist
• Set Designer
• Character Designer
• Scenic Artist
• Set Dresser
• Puppet Maker
• Set Builder

Remunerations available:
There will be a sharp increase in the wage of clay animators in the coming days. It will witness a growth of about 14% in 5 years which is 3% more than the last fiscal. Clay animators working in some big studios like Aardman earn a salary of $ 100,000 in a year. Other studios in Europe and Canada play their employers a mean salary of around $ 85,000.

The pay scale for Indian clay animators is not such high. But, recently some productions houses have shown interest and hiring skilled employers. They prefer candidates from fine arts background and with a bachelor’s degree with a few years experience in animation.

Indian animation has a great future as famous clay animator, Dhimant Vyas says, “Very optimistic!! We will have more and more films done in this medium and there will be Indian clay animation film in international market.”

Clay Animation Market:
The market for clay animation is increasing at a steady rate. It is unlike any other animation market. The market for clay animation films along with other job opportunities for artists to grow at a rate of around 11% along in the next 10 years. It has not yet reached its true potential as is evident in the words of Linda Simensky, Director of Animation for Nickelodeon “I think there is a general belief in the animation community that clay is just at the beginning as a medium.”

M.A. in Multimedia Animation The Indian scene has seen a huge boost after the success of Taare Zameen Par. Clay animation was used extensively inside the film and the credits, which garnered a positive response. It has further helped in generating interests about it among the children and youngsters. Many workshops are organized for them to learn more about this art. There is scope in mediums like films, serials and television commercials.

Now, after learning so much about the art and its bright future; you may be wondering who will guide you and where you can acquire proper training in this regard. You will happy to know to know that we provide such training. VEDA arranges workshops and classes about claymation. You can learn about the expertise needed to make a clay animation movie. We also provide software and studio facilities and all available infrastructures to bring out the clay animator hidden within you.

To enroll for it, go to our Courses page.

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