VEDA visits Old Age Home_image


The students of VEDA visited an Old Age Home named “Sandhya Home” at Nana Peth in Camp Pune on 9th December 2013. The Home had 35 inmates including men and women. The inmates lived their remaining days in peace and religious bliss and enjoyed each others company. The Home is funded by Bishop’s Diocesean Society.

The students interacted with the inmates and gifted them a big greetings card on the behalf of VEDA. They also distributed snacks among them which they enjoyed a lot. The VEDA students presented a small cultural program including Christmas carols and old songs. The inmates were very happy and equally participated. The students had a really unique experience as Rukaiya Naaz, a student, “It was first visit to any old age home but I will never forget this visit as it it will be etched in my heart forever” puts it.


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