How many of you think Winter as your favourite season? During the time of winter, in some parts, we can see this amazing thing called ice.  On that note, Disney has released its latest musical 3D animation film called “Frozen”  in this winter. Lets have a look, what this film is all about.

2D & 3D AnimationFrozen, co-directed by Jennifer Lee and Chris Buck of Surf’s Up fame is blows a cold breeze into the viewers. The amazing voices of  Idina Menzel of Brodway fame, Kristen Bell, Josh Gad, Santino Fontana and Jonathan Groff gave a new dimension to the musical musical. The songs were well written and scored by Christophe Beck bringing an innovative sound to the fore. The story which is inspired from the “The Snow Queen” by Hans Christian Andersen, was well framed by Shane Morris along with the directors.

The story runs around two princesses who are the main protagonists of the film. They are the best sisters in their childhood but get separated as it is known that the older one possesses special powers that she can turn things to ice, she was locked up in a castle. The plot revolves around them and in bringing  them together by restoring order in the kingdom. The other characters help them in the journey including the ice guy and the nice guy. There are also two funny sidekicks in the film as Olaf and Sven and their enactment add new colors in the movie and they reminds us of the best jovial characters in the history of the Disney animation. All of them get together to fight the odds and bring back happiness to the land. The plot does have the old concept of reuniting of the separated siblings but the story has many twists and turns. To free the people from this harsh spell of eternal winter, they must rescue Elsa who is falsely convicted as a witch.

The dialogues in the film like “Let the storm rage! The cold never bothered me anyway” gives an impression that they were written with a lot of thoughtfulness. There are also many funny anecdotes like “I can’t feel my legs!…But those are my legs”. There is also a big snow monster who threatens their lives. There is also a lot of mix-up between the four characters as they find their way through the castle – the hideaway of Elsa. Then, starts the roller-coaster ride , where they encounter blizzard, fight the Duke’s men and Hans who wants to get the throne.

UG & PG Animation DegreeThe ice, snow particles and blizzard shown in the film made with the help of visual effects were really breathtaking and provided never-seen-before visuals for the audience. The ice castle puts a new feather in the caps of Disney and VFX industry for such an enthralling output.  Technical Director Stella Hsin-Huei Cheng and VFX Supervisor Steve Goldberg did a commendable job with this really challenging film.

But, only one thing can solve this mystery. What is that? You have to watch the movie for that and do share your views after watching it.

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