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There is a lot of buzz around the internet these days. Every 60 seconds, nearly 50 blogs are created, 70 domains are registered, 600 videos are uploaded on Youtube and 13,000 iPhone apps are downloaded. This buzz gave birth to a lot of budding career opportunities for Management Graduates in Digital Marketing. Businesses have also image of internet digital marketing courses in pune at VEDArealized that the activity around the web and mobile technology is just going to increase day by day. Hence, they are investing heavily in New Media which consists of the Web & Mobile domain.
Further, you can discover which opportunities have blossomed for management candidates in Digital marketing. We’ll also talk about some freelance opportunities in Digital marketing for MBAs.
Job Opportunities in Digital Marketing for Management Graduates
Digital marketing requires potential candidates who are good with management skills. Hence, there’s a wide scope for Management candidates or any post graduate marketing candidates who are looking for a bright career in Digital marketing.

Here are few job opportunities for MBA Marketing Candidates.

Product Manager in E-commerce:

As a Product Manager you would be responsible for the profitability of a particular product line in an Ecommerce company. There are Indian companies like Shaadi.com & Makemytrip.com that have product managers who build and maintain various products for the company.

Campaign Manager in Digital Marketing:

As a Campaign Manager you are responsible for volunteering the overall activity around a brand’s campaign. You will also be responsible for managing the online advertising, SEO and strategizing part.

Web Analytics Manager:

As a Web Analytics Manager you’re responsible for the measurement, collection, analysis and reporting of internet data for purposes of understanding and optimizing web usage around a particular brand, product or service. KPO giants like Eclerx have Web Analytics Managers who specifically monitor the activity around client’s brands.

Client Servicing Manager:

As a Client Servicing Manager you are responsible to understand the client’s expectations and communicate the same to your agency or organisation.

Business Development Manager:

As a Business development Manager you are heavily into business planning. You are also responsible for lead generation and follow up activities. Strategizing with the sales team is also a part of Business Development.

There are various ways to reach out to these Job opportunities but you need an expert to connect you with the best organisations that have these opportunities. Learning Catalyst is one of the very few organisations which help you to get placed in the top companies. You can log on the website if you are an MBA marketing candidate and if you’re looking to build a career with the growing trend.

As we saw some of the full time job opportunities in New Media, let’s also know about some freelance Opportunities in New Media.

Freelance Opportunities for Marketing Management:

image of internet digital marketing courses in pune at VEDAThere are also a lot of freelance opportunities in New Media. Being an MBA you won’t be able to do freelance work in a traditional organisation. In this case, Learning Catalyst can help you to get freelance projects in the following domains:

Content Writing:

There are various projects in social media, copywriting and overall web content writing which Learning Catalyst can assist you with. This will help you to generate a good source of part-time income.


Along with content, designing is also the core of New Media. Learning Catalyst can help you to get modern web designing and modern graphic designing projects.

Web Marketing:

There are also a lot of projects in web marketing on social media, SEO and online marketing. Usually, web marketing requires you to have knowledge on a lot of things like online marketing strategies, social media tool knowledge, SEO and a little bit of content writing.

So now you have a fair idea about the wide array of opportunities the Digital Marketing industry offers. With systematic training and proper guidance you can achieve echelons of success in this field.

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