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notice to the students Date: 24th March 2013


To, Respected Parents We are pleased to inform you that, as per the request letter submitted and signed by your ward dated 25th October 2012 regarding transfer of M.A. in Multimedia Animation university from Jamia Hamdard University to Punjab Technical University for B.Sc.MM & DMM course. The following has been sanctioned by Punjab Technical University. The reason of this transfer given by the students is to obtain Semester wise Exam facilities for their course. Punjab Technical University is an approved university for Open and Distance Learning Courses and successfully imparting these courses through many study centers all over India. The fees, mode of study and other facilities by the college are going to be same as previous. We have communicated to all the students to inform the same to their parents. However kindly treat this notice as a full and final notice by the Institute management in this regard and revert back to us by personally visiting the college in case of any query/problem in next 7 days from the date of this letter. Not reverting back within the given time will be considered as a proof of acceptance and no further request will be entertained by the college authorities. Due to this transfer, now onwards all the rules and regulation related to course, exams, certification and degree will be applicable to the students taken transfer under this scheme. Our last year’s passing record of Punjab Technical University was above 70% which is expected to increase in this academic year also. For any queries, please feel free to contact the below given details. Yours Sincerely, Ketaki Pole Human Resource Manager, PAI International Learning Solutions Hotel Management Building, Ground Floor Azam Campus, Camp , Pune. Tele : 020 640 13441 / 44 www.pai-ils.com www.veda-edu.com hr@pai-ils.com

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