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Motus technology

We the animators know how tedious process is to animate or draw out something & how time consuming is the same. But this year, Motus Digital has come up with a system that will rescue the life of an animator, making his work little bit simple, easy but more instant. Being shown off at an event, is a system by Motus Digital that animates actors in real time, cutting the process from months of effort down to hours & with instant action & more interactive.

Check out a small demo which was shown in the event:

2D-AnimationThis real-time system has the potential to create some interesting new uses for animation. How for a change to have live, and even improvised cartoons which can be made in real time & can interact with us rather than just drawing an animation to match a recorded audio track. This system sure is going to rock the animation world & surely can transform the animation world.

Check out this cool video to see how it is done:

The process of animating the actor behind the character may be instantaneous, but it still requires a lengthy preparation to attach all the required sensors to the actor’s skin. The sensors are the same kind used in traditional motion capture, and they allow the animated character to have the same points of articulation and expression as the actor.

This technology will soon be licensed by companies to make new, funny, more interactive characters. Imagine a live interview with the characters from the next big animated movie, or the chance to talk to your favorite characters at a theme park. This could be an interesting new use for motion capture technology, or maybe it’s just a passing fad.

What do you think? Is real-time animation going to rock the Animation World?

Video, Image Courtesy : Google & Youtube

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