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hunaman wins the award

Delhi is high with the Hanuman fever.. With Maha Shivaratri celebrations still going on, animation-based feature film “Hanuman – The Immortal-2”, an animated feature film has won the Infocom-Assocham EME Award. The Excellence in Media and Entertainment (EME) Awards, an International Competition, recognises the highest talent in animation and VFX (Visual Effects).

Nuke The award has given a huge boost to its creators who are aiming big now. The award is also an appreciation for the companies who make original Indian based content in India. Roadside Romeo, Delhi Safari, Chota Bheem etc are some of the recent movies which made good name in the recent times & also won some awards.

The director of the film-Hanuman, U.K. Prakashan received the award in the Best Indian Animated Feature Film category organised in the Indian Habitat Centre in the capital on Saturday.

“These recognitions and awards will also help us to promote our Indian superhero Hanuman in the global animation arena and place him alongside the world’s loved superheroes like Spider-Man, Superman, Batman, He-Man,” said the one of the directors of the movie.

Kudos to the Indian animation companies & animators, who have given a new life to history, culture of India in this fast moving world.

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